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  1. I'm sitting here using my schools interwebs to make myslf happy on the inside because on the outside I am having to write a paper about 5 different countries with about 9 different items that I have to look up for this paper and I AM SAD. >:(

    I just wanna sleep. Or roleplay. Or watch;


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  2. I love my homework for business computing. :3 I'm a nerd for dat shit.

    My health and fitness class, however... I want to destroy all my homework for that. Writing about my goals for good health and being tasked to do exercise aren't very fun... I WANT TO BE LAAAAZY, NOT WRITE UP CHARTS FOR FITNESS BULLSHIT. If I have to check my pulse for my resting heart rate one more time, I will drop kick a wolf pup. >:[
  3. Oh... poor wolf cub. :(

    My homework is for Personal Finance which is just a fancy way of saying ECONOMOICS. Economics is a way to kill students and they do not even realize it until it is to late. I have never been so close to the edge of life and death. >.>

    For my other classes; unless we count Chemistry because the teacher is stupid and should not be teaching it is not that bad. I like my Hummanities homework although reading Dantes Inferno is very... strange. o.o
  4. I still need to crack down and do work on my Soils and Petroleum Geology class projects. That'll be fun.
  5. [MENTION=45]Spammy[/MENTION]; SPA-AM you were already supposed to have done that. Tsk-tsk. Now you're going to be in agnoizing pain like I am because this report is due in about 10 days and I am working on my third out of 5 countries. :( Hopefully I can get 3 and 4 done today.

    NOW BEGONE. Work, slave.

    :err: JK.
  6. soeaking of hw ..I cant do my algebra 2 hw..I need to find my book..otherwise,I'm just procrastinating o3ob
  7. >.> I haven't done any of my homework.
    Writing is why I have D's in my classes. CURSE YOU WRITING!!! Shhhh! Shhh, darling, i didn't mean that. I love you, writing.
  8. UGGGH. My Biology teacher is being a huge ass with homework...
  9. I don't understand integration!!!! (T-T) I'm taking an important exam this year! And I don't feel prepared. AT ALL. /sighs/
  10. I don't have to deal with homework anymore thanks to some clever word usage. Though, I still hate regular work. I too have to make charts for fitness and a healthy menu and all that BS. Not too cool man. XD
  11. [MENTION=4497]KittyFoxx[/MENTION]: Haha. You should find that. Because that is important. I understand why you avoid it though. I avoided my math homework like it was a plague. Probably still is.
    [MENTION=2000]LovableChaos[/MENTION]: Aw. I like writing. That is my strong suit. I tested into the college with only needing two English classes before I was done. :D
    [MENTION=4063]Lucy[/MENTION]: I feel you. I'm not kidding my Chem homework is about 50 pages each quiz and homework with minimum one question each and some have 4-5. It takes hours to do one Homework or one Exam. >______>
    [MENTION=3850]Nekolicious[/MENTION]: I don't understand it either. Is it math related? o.O
    [MENTION=4543]JeriKane1998[/MENTION]: ._. I am quite envious of you. :(
  12. Yeah. And my Bio teacher doesn't even teach. She just hands you a packet and says "do it"...
  13. For SOME reason which I assure myself must've been good I decided to write my term paper on the women of the Italian Medici family and their influences. So I have to read FOUR books about them and START my 8 PAGE paper soon.....like anytime now.....while also doing my painting homework which I adore and my art history essays and reading. Oh, I also have an EXAM on Friday. Joys. I love school, I really do, but it is still work :)
  14. I sometimes think I shouldn't have joined this site during one of the busiest times of the semester, considering I have an introduction for an in-class English essay, two papers due the same week, and then exam time.
  15. @Lucy: OHMYGOSH. Do we have the same teacher? At least she hands you something. I have to teach myself from the book that he doesn't really follow along with so that makes it difficult to know if I am doing the right thing. :(

    @Angel: Dang. That sounds like me. I have to finish this Key Terms (about 150 words to go), a Unit Exam due tomorrow, a paper I need to start for my BioPsych class to get rid of my D on one of my tests and finish my BUS research paper to which I need to start the actual writing because I am done looking up the countries. ._.

    @Irysse: I had that last week. I had two exams last Wednesday and I worked early that morning (early meaning I was up at 4 to work from 5-9:30am) and then that Friday I had a Lab Practical on the sheep brain for which I had barely studied due to the other two being in the same week. I got a C on one, pretty sure a B on the other and no idea about the Practical. I will find out Friday. I'm scared. @_@
  16. Unless my teacher is your teacher cross-dressing, I doubt it. She doesn't even use the textbook.
  17. I pretty much ignore all my assignments, which keeps me in good mental health. Sure, it affects my grades in not very pleasant way, but I usually have straight A's from exams, so that doesn't really bother me. Sweet, sweet procrastination :3
  18. I don't think I have homework really. I have papers to write and presentations to put together regularly, but beyond that not much else. I do have math work I do, but I usually just do problems until I understand them and then I stop. I only show up on test days anyways and the professor knows I get above 90% each time so he leaves me be. This coming fall semester I will be doing more homework, not because I need to but because I want to be better in the classes I am taking.
  19. Well for those people that are not busy... Do mine for me? :D I just want to take a nap because I feel ill but I do not have time to take a nap because then not all of the work I need to get done will be done.
  20. I absolutely hated doing my Signals and Systems homework, which I had to recalculate about four or five times before I got an even remotely correct answer for it, but even then, it turned out to be wrong. I literally spent days with it and all that time was basically wasted... Well, I did manage to squeeze some points out of it, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.