INTEREST CHECK Homestuck RP Ayone?

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  1. First off, I would like to say that I would prefer to do this in a way that the canon characters are not there really, of course they can be mentioned and referenced, I wouldn't have it any other way. I want this to be all OCs, but maybe a few appearances and character connections to the canons. This would obviously be in somewhat of a different universe, but that's something that I will have to figure out in detail after I find some interest.

    (Nothing is better than a fresh story and characters, so this will be fanbased in only the fact that it is Hussie's idea, canon characters (when mentioned), and copyright things)

    Mostly, I would prefer people who understand at least the basic anatomy of the trolls and a bit about their world and lives, just a bit. Of course, if you don't know much, you can always read it and/or ask me or anyone else that has enough knowledge on the subject.

    I would also love input on this idea if you have any, and if you read this far, I applaud you at not being lazy about having to read more than a paragraph of this.
  2. Perhaps several characters from alternate unvierse sessions are thrown into one singular universe to meet and perform some great task?

  3. Sounds like an interesting idea, and it would fit with my characters as they are as well. I tend to have overly complicated ideas, so this one seems easy to understand and explain, I love it. This would also fit with the fact that I want some mention of the canon characters and events.
  4. I've been wanting to put a massive crossover-ish epic together in some way. So count me in to help you figure this thing out.
  5. Yay! Now, if we can only get a couple more people...then the fun can really begin hehe. So, once the story gets planned out, then I can actually decide to post some stuff, but that's after I see enough interest of course.
  6. Right! Things ought to be interesting once there are more players, and we can all work out how this big adventure is gonna go down.
  7. Of course, it would be kinda mean to not include everyone in this plot, the only ones who can't know are those who read the craziness afterwards. And I just realized that the typing quirks are going to be so fun.
  8. Yeah, I sure hope we get some good Fantrolls/Fankids put together, get that chemistry going.
  9. Well, I now for a fact we'll have two Fantrolls, mine of course. There's also the Quadrants to figure out once we do get the people and Fantrolls/Fankids.
  10. You've got a fankid from me. I think I'll just write off his friends as being stuck in his native universe unless we need them.

    Ooh. Quadrants.
  11. Both of my characters have each other in a Quadrant, I don't have their sheets in front of me and I'm too lazy to get them, but I believe they are Matesprits. Also, if truly necessary I can make a Fankid, but I doubt that will be necessary if we have enough interest from people.