Homestuck Roleplaying Forum [Rolestuck]

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    Homestuck is an obscure web-comic on the internet starring four kids who play a game which triggers the apocalypse destroying the world as they know it. They must then win the game in order to create a new universe to replace the one they lost. Along the way they come into contact with an alien species called "trolls" who are responsible for the creation of the human's universe; essentially making them the god of all humans. They themselves hail from the planet "Alternia", which has inhabitants that are incredibly violent as a result of the violent society they live in. However, something went amiss with the troll's session rendering them unable to enter their new universe, and also causing the newly created universe to be infected with "cancer". The humans and the trolls must work together in order to eradicate the cancer and assist the humans with creating their own universe and win the game once and for all.

    Rolestuck is a forum made for roleplaying sessions for the web-comic "Homestuck", here you will be able to create your own fan-characters/trolls and use them to play sessions of the game "Sburb" or "Sgrub" for the trolls. If you are not very interested in playing in sessions however, you can also use your characters in many other ways that have nothing to do with the aforementioned game, such as alternate universes based off of other media worlds, or something else entirely if you wish! We are still quite very active and are very willing to help you out with any problems you might have whilst roleplaying here, so please, join Rolestuck today!