Homestuck Fansession (For those who need post-finale therapy)

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  1. NOT AT ALL expecting this to actually come around full circle but I need artistic therapy in order to console myself through the semi-death of a powerfully influential internet fandom sooooooooooo

    Hello, I'm Wayward Killjoy, currently going by Where's Tavros until MY QUESTION IS ANSWERED IN THE EPILOGUE. I'm an avid Homestuck fan who is, much like all of us, in the stages of grief. Therefore, as therapy, I'm going to attempt to run a fansession of this bullshit one LAST TIME ;-; CAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

    Unlike most fansessions, I'm going to start out simple. We're going to get 4 assholes, me being one of them, we're going to do a bunch of bullshit, we're going to attempt a fucking fan-session, and we're going to love it. >:U

    Planning on getting people in or around the U.S. Eastern Standard Time in a fairly adept roleplaying ability willing to give quite a bit of time into it >:3

    Please, I'm begging you, help me grieve via roleplay.
  2. Sure, I'll be up for it. Homestuck had a cool world that was way hurt for me when I realized how much Nothing the plot contained. The last ~300 pages of dialogues were skipable with no effect on the plot, everything after vriska splitting people into raid groups.

    Now that my pseudo-review of 666-7 is done, what were you thinking of for the RP?
  3. .-.

    How the fuck were those pages not worth reading? Major character development ;-;

    Just cause we didn't all get the ending we wanted doesn't mean that the comic showed "nothing"

    Plus the comic legitimately changed my life irrevocably with the topics brought up in it and I'm just...????
  4. No, no, the flashes had stuff happening. But the plot moved forward basically none in those last pages until it moved all at once in the flashes. There were only a handful of things that played into the ending, and very, very few of those were in the dialogues.
    Also, pre Act 6/6/X, homestuck was still amazing, and even considering 6/6/X, probably still ranks as one of my absolute favorite webcomics.
    Dont get me wrong. I liked it a lot, but I can enioy something and still criticize it.
  5. I see, that's a bit better of an explanation.

    I still feel like things come full circle in the epilogue
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