Homestuck comes to earth?

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  1. Welcome to my humble rp i have so many rps made but none seem to catch anyones inrerest as the idea does to me. So I thought here my love for homestuck and heres my live for rping why not clash them. But i was like WOAH what could happen if I did? Like would smuppets rain from the heavens? Or could casey come crashing down onto our world? Or maybe we could all just do this together and fight whatever awesome and ironic villan we come up with. But alas there must be swearing of course. Ok first now i will let there be cannon characters (GHB, sullox, gamzee, kurloz, mituna, etc.) Im thinking of making this either homestuck comes to the real world and it focuses on 4 main love interests and than we need a bunch of trolls of course please please make them cannon lord i would die on the spot if that happened cause id be so god damn happy. So just tell me what you think and different ideas before i start this.

    Also i will be a main love interest so only 3 more will be accepted. Now be as many cannon characters as ya want and ooc is fine as long as its minimum.
  2. Ugh finally a Homestuck RP!!! I've been dying to do one and will happily do cannon!
  3. [Yayyyy since someones interested ima make my charachter quick. Do you have any friends that would wanna join]
    download (22).jpg
    Age: 18
    Personality: Delinquint, Hot headed, Childish, Competitive, Violent, Tomboyish, and swear happy
  4. Not really it's so hard to find Homestucks here :/
  5. Its true but hopefully more people will find this.
  6. Hmm maybe we could make an ad or interest check?
  7. Maybe but it seems everytime i try it fails ;_;]
  8. Aw well let me try I've never done one before so I'll try my luck. If not would you still be up for a 1x1? I have no issue doubling of you wanted specific people
  9. Ok. Sollux, gamzee, and karkat?
  10. Yeah i fine with that :3 my Gamzee isn't the best but i can mange
  11. If youd like you could switch gamz out?]
  12. Would it matter who? Did you just want to use boy trolls or it doesn't matter?
  13. I was thinking more male gender not into le girl x girl stuff.]
  14. Ok that's fine with me. MxF right or also MxM?
  15. >wanna start <
  16. Ok in a thread or PM?
  17. Ok who starts?
  18. Ill make it quick
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