Homestuck Bloodswap RP (Still accepting!)

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  1. OOC thread is up!​

    I always loved thinking about what the trolls would be like in different roles, and how that would impact their story. Crazy pairings that could happen, ancestor stories, everything could change! So, I'd like to set up our very own bloodswap rp. All the trolls, all the madness. All of it. From wigglerhood to whatever grisly deaths await them and beyond. From quadrants to conscription, I want to make an rp that will grow and last!

    So what exactly is a bloodswap?

    Most homestuck fans are familiar with the term, but for those who are not, a bloodswap is when you rearrange and reimagine the trolls as belonging to a different caste. Of course, this may often mean different powers and personalities that really contrast with the originals! Perhaps a mellow(er) Teal Eridan could actually fill some quadrants without being a douche, or highblood rages would lead Aradia to take her fascination with death a little too far. With a bloodswap anything is possible!

    Some notable examples are Derpbent by Luzerna , the fanadventure Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood(a hierarchy flip rather than a bloodswap), and Red Dead Virgo.

    Some general things to keep in mind:
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    - Belonging to a certain caste will NOT make your troll act exactly like the one that originally had that color. For example, a yellowblood will not have an obsession for bifurcation, and an olive will NOT be a shipper cat-troll. Teals will not suddenly be blind for no reason or love eating red chalk.
    - To go along with the above, try to keep the base of your chosen troll true to some of their original interests. Interesting things CAN be done by tweaking these to fit caste! For example, a Violet Nepeta is still a romance junkie, and often catfishes (ah, puns) other trolls on the internet. A lowblood Feferi still loves taking care of animals, and their gratitude keeps her from getting eaten even though she is mostly defenseless. Here is another nice example with the dancestors- note how their base traits (Japanese Damara, stylish Porrim, etc) is still present even though they are in different castes!
    - Low bloods generally have some sort of psionics, but they don't necessarily have to be the same as the original troll's, you can be creative to a certain degree if you want. Yellows may still be psionics and Jades may become rainbowdrinkers since that is something every troll in their caste can do.
    -We won't be getting into cherubs/Lord English type stuff in this rp, or anything too deep into Act 6 plot things. Possibly not even game stuff, we'll see when we get to that point.

    If you would like to reserve a character, color, or combination of the two, let me know:

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    Jade Aradia- @carcinoGeneticist
    Teal Tavros- @Mad Magus
    Sollux- @catastrophicDaydreamer
    [BCOLOR=#808080]Cerulean Karkat[/BCOLOR]- @Cephalo
    [BCOLOR=#808080]Indigo Nepeta[/BCOLOR]- @Rin Mico
    Tyrian Kanaya- @Cephalo
    [BCOLOR=#808080]Rust Terezi[/BCOLOR]- @SpadesSpook
    Yellow Vriska- @Indabayou
    Equius- @Rin Mico
    Gamzee- @Rin Mico
    [BCOLOR=#808080]Olive Eridan[/BCOLOR]- @Indabayou
    [BCOLOR=#808080]Mutant Feferi[/BCOLOR]- @catastrophicDaydreamer


    Indigo (blue)

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  2. This sounds so cool!
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  3. I realize that this may all seem really nitpicky with all the rules and stuff, but I promise I have plans to make this a great rp! I also realize that there are not many homestucks here, so most of this probably looks like gibberish to everyone else.
  4. Absolutely loving it!~
    Would it be alright for me to hop on in on this?(:
  5. Thanks, of course! If you know of anyone else who might like to get in on this, don't hesitate to let them know too!
  6. Can i reserve Nepeta? I'm still deciding what blood color to use
  7. Sure! I'll put your name down for her :)
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  8. Aw yissss this is going to be fun. >: D
  9. I'm wondering if I should go the normal thread route or make an entire group for this thing?
  10. If we get more than five or six people then perhaps it'd be a good idea.
  11. I've finally decided! Indigo for Nepeta please!
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  12. Done!

    Yeah. I think I can get a little overambitious with this, I was already thinking of ancestor info and stuff like that :P I will try and calm myself til we get some more people interested.
  13. Ill be Jade Aradia
  14. Awesome! (I was secretly hoping someone would choose that)
  15. Hopefully we'll find a 6th person soon, so while we wait, everyone can start thinking of a second character they'd like to do (if you want one). We don't need all the spaces filled, since some characters can be met later on in the rp if we get more people after we start.

    I'll be making up my mind who I want for my other character and decide monday/tuesday-ish perhaps? Or you guys can tell me which characters you definitely DON'T want to play and I can take one of those as my 2nd.
  16. Still looking for players!
  17. Is it possible for me to be a mutant blooded Fef..?
  18. Of course! I'll put your choice up in the intro :)
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