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    As one door closes, another opens.

    The quest of the beta's have ended. A new land has been created. Earth is restored. They have won sburb. However, things aren't always what they seem.

    Several years have passed since then the completion of Sburb. A new luscious Earth has prospered allowing lively and happy universe to be born. All is well.

    There is no troubles.

    Or so it seems.

    Did they truly believe they were free?

    Within the shadows, a new threat begins to develop. One that seems to be beyond this universe. No, beyond this galaxy. Humans and trolls may be able to live together on this new Earth, but for how long?

    It had been prophesied for quite a long time. The true question was, when would it occur? The beta's are no longer here to protect us. We must act for ourselves.


    Many years have passed since the creation of the New Earth. Humans and Trolls have lived together in harmony since the ending of sburb and the freeing of the beta kids. There is peace. But, recently, many have taken into mind an elder prophecy left behind the kids.

    "One day, judgement will come."

    Many theories have sprung because of it. Are they foreseeing an apocalypse? Does this new universe have an expiration? Will the cycle have to continue once again? It did not take long for the inhibitors of New Earth to find their answer.

    Shattered remains of the previous universe had been traveling for quite a long period of time. Strange objects such as green skulls and radiated clocks have been seen crashing around the planet causing the land surrounding it to spoil and the alteration of space and time to falter. So you escaped sburb? That's fine.

    But now Sburb is coming to you.

    The game has manifested into this new universe and with it, remains of the lost. Trolls encountering their ancestors, humans encountering alternative universe beings and even worse strange creators causing chaos around the planet.

    Something must be done. Someone has to rid these beings and finally get rid of sburb once and for all.

    The game is real.

    And you must fight back or you shall face the bitter end.

    Fight for your planet.



    It has been many years since the end of the Beta kids session (aka the "ending" of Homestuck). With the creation of the new universe, humans and trolls have lived together in harmony throughout the planet working together to keep what the kids had worked hard to make. Sburb was considered "faulty" and never to be spoken up. However, the kids seemed to have prophesied that Sburb would make a return. In fact, they were correct and because Sburb would not be played, shattered remains of the previous universe has crashed into the new one causing chaos and havoc. Portals are opening and what passes through, well, will not be friendly.

    The kids are not here to save you. Instead, a small band of humans and trolls (3 humans and 3 trolls) have come together. They communicate world wide and work together using the information the beta kids, and even their ancestors, have left them. The solution to the problem you say? Simple, beat sburb at it's own game.


    3 Trolls
    3 Humans
    (Genders/Signs will be determined eventually)

    Things to know:

    This will most likely be a art heavy rp. So hopefully you all are up for some lovely drawing.
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  3. The drunk is among us! Welcome Ms Lalonde.
  4. :3>>This is Purrfect, count me in!
  5. You don't happen to have catnip do you?

    On a more serious note what exactly would the threat in this RP?
  6. I am curiously interested
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  7. Would I have had to have read the whole comic to join this RP? I have read up to a bit into act 6 part 2 I think.
  8. Well this takes place at the end. So if your fine with sudden spoilers then go for it.
  9. I'm cool with that I have been slightly spoiled anyway. I would like to play a human. Would are characters be descendants of the characters of the comic or something different? Are there half trolls or is that canon?
  10. Well not exactly. I'd say yes but I don't want the same signs being used. So lets just say, the cycle has continued. They aren't actually decedents, not blood related, but they have the same spirit. Think almost avatar style. How the cycle reborns into a new nation.
  11. I will probably just be a human then they are simpler to RP and I haven't done a group RP in a while. So will the world be having another session is that what I'm getting at?
  12. Correct. It will be a new world where humans and trolls live in. But Sburb is inhabiting it.
  13. What do you mean Sburb is inhabiting it? Also how many generations have passed since this new world was made?
  14. Well remains of the previous universe, the one in which the beta's inhabited, are crash landing onto this current universe. Thus causing fluxes in time and space.

    Also I'd say may a hundred years or so.
  15. Would the previous players be dead?
  16. OK. By drawing do you mean you want us to draw our character, alchemised weapons, and other things?
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