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    • [​IMG]
      As one door closes, another opens.

      The quest of the beta's have ended. A new land has been created. Earth is restored. They have won sburb. However, things aren't always what they seem.

      Several years have passed since then the completion of Sburb. A new luscious Earth has prospered allowing lively and happy universe to be born. All is well.

      There is no troubles.

      Or so it seems.

      Did they truly believe they were free?

      Within the shadows, a new threat begins to develop. One that seems to be beyond this universe. No, beyond this galaxy. Humans and trolls may be able to live together on this new Earth, but for how long?

      It had been prophesied for quite a long time. The true question was, when would it occur? The beta's are no longer here to protect us. We must act for ourselves.


      Many years have passed since the creation of the New Earth. Humans and Trolls have lived together in harmony since the ending of sburb and the freeing of the beta kids. There is peace. But, recently, many have taken into mind an elder prophecy left behind the kids.

      "One day, judgement will come."

      Many theories have sprung because of it. Are they foreseeing an apocalypse? Does this new universe have an expiration? Will the cycle have to continue once again? It did not take long for the inhibitors of New Earth to find their answer.

      Shattered remains of the previous universe had been traveling for quite a long period of time. Strange objects such as green skulls and radiated clocks have been seen crashing around the planet causing the land surrounding it to spoil and the alteration of space and time to falter. So you escaped sburb? That's fine.

      But now Sburb is coming to you.

      The game has manifested into this new universe and with it, remains of the lost. Trolls encountering their ancestors, humans encountering alternative universe beings and even worse strange creators causing chaos around the planet.

      Something must be done. Someone has to rid these beings and finally get rid of sburb once and for all.

      The game is real.

      And you must fight back or you shall face the bitter end.

      Fight for your planet.


    • [​IMG]

      It has been many years since the end of the Beta kids session (aka the "ending" of Homestuck). With the creation of the new universe, humans and trolls have lived together in harmony throughout the planet working together to keep what the kids had worked hard to make. Sburb was considered "faulty" and never to be spoken up. However, the kids seemed to have prophesied that Sburb would make a return. In fact, they were correct and because Sburb would not be played, shattered remains of the previous universe has crashed into the new one causing chaos and havoc. Portals are opening and what passes through, well, will not be friendly.

      The kids are not here to save you. Instead, a small band of humans and trolls (3 humans and 3 trolls) have come together. They communicate world wide and work together using the information the beta kids, and even their ancestors, have left them. The solution to the problem you say? Simple, beat sburb at it's own game.

    • [​IMG]
      What exactly would the threat in this RP?

      The final threat will be determined in the future. But, since pieces of the previous session is joining this reality, various monsters and lives from the original serious will be making an appearance.

      Would are characters be descendants of the characters of the comic or something different? Are there half trolls or is that canon?

      Well not exactly. I'd say yes but I don't want the same signs being used. So lets just say, the cycle has continued. They aren't actually decedents, not blood related, but they have the same spirit. Think almost avatar style. How the cycle reborns into a new nation.

      So will the world be having another session is that what I'm getting at?

      Correct. It will be a new world where humans and trolls live in. But Sburb is inhabiting it.

      What do you mean Sburb is inhabiting it? Also how many generations have passed since this new world was made?

      Well remains of the previous universe, the one in which the beta's inhabited, are crash landing onto this current universe. Thus causing fluxes in time and space. Also I'd say may a hundred years or so.

      Would the previous players be dead?


      By drawing do you mean you want us to draw our character, alchemised weapons, and other things?

      Well I mean I would be interesting to see creativity :U But, I can't force you.

      Does this like the hemospectrum still exist?

      Surprisingly, yes. For trolls of highblood and lowblood still exist. Though, it's a lot lest violent than previously.


      Sure. Why not.

      Theres only 6 roles? What if more people wanna join?

      If we get more interest then sure I can add more roles. But I like to keep an even number.

    • [​IMG]

      Surprisingly, to keep it fair, everyone will have an important role in this rp. Here are the roles. Also, please wait for approval of your profile before doing anything. I will try my best for get back to you. Promise bro.


      1) COSMIC | Fuchsia | Ankh | Shield-Kind
      2) Princess Poisoned Rose (Reserve) | Blood Color/Text Color | Symbol | Weapon
      3)Open | Blood Color/Text Color | Symbol | Weapon


      1) Periodically Incorrect | Amber | Symbol | Card-Kind
      2) Open | Blood Color/Text Color | Symbol | Weapon

      3) Open | Blood Color/Text Color | Symbol | Weapon

    • Image(s) of character her. Preferred drawn but, hey I can't force you. If you need someone to draw your character don't be afraid to ask myself or any of the others. Were all pals here.

      Name: Self Explanatory

      Age: Keep it between 16-18 earth years. Might need a sweep converter for tha

      Gender: Self Explanatory

      Race: Troll or Human

      Blood/Text Color: Whats it gonna be? Remember, if your a troll, this determines your place on the hemospectrum.

      Physical Description: Whatcha look like?

      Personality:What do you act like?

      Backstory:Tell us about you. Your life. Your family. Where you came from. We wanna know.

      Strife Specibus:What are you known to fight with? What's your style? It can be real or you can make one up. Let's get creative!

      Power(s): This can be determined by your blood or your title. Please have this approved first.

      Hive/Home:Tell us about your home.

      Fetch Modus:Tell us about your Modus. Can be real or made up. Get creative!

      Chat Tag:Whats your chat name?

      Typing Quirk:Whats your visual and verbal way of speaking and typing?

      Title: For your god mode. For later use.

      Land:For Sburb.

      Lusus/Guardian: Who's your daddy erh.... You get what I mean :U

      Dream:Prospit or Derse?

    • TBD

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  1. Troll please!
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  2. If someone could draw me my character that would be great!

    • .:|| Name ||:.
      Bryn Martin

      .:|| Age ||:.

      .:|| Gender ||:.

      .:|| Race ||:.

      .:|| Iris Color ||:.

      .:|| Guardian ||:.
      Hercules, her pet goat.

      .:|| Physical Description ||:.
      Bryn is not tall in stature, standing at a total height of 5 feet.
      Her face is rather round and she has a deep set of eyes, the iris being
      Amber. Her mouth is full and typically seen on with dark colored lipstick on them.
      Her hair is a dark brown (Would be shown black in Homestuck) and very short and curly.
      Her skin is dark due to how much time she spends outside in the sun with her pet goat,
      Hercules. Living on a seaside cottage, Bryn tends to wear a lot of light colors most of the time.
      Shorts, skirts, t-shirts and tank tops are usually her style. Her favorite outfit out of everything
      is her white, plaid shorts ( Black and gray lines ) with a Maroon T-shirt with a picture of the atomic structure symbol on it. Her shoes are typically silver running sneakers.
      Bryn is not built to body lift. She is considered chunky, a good in between to skinny and fat. Considered healthy.
      Bryn has a lot of muscle in her legs for her activity in football, making her body heavy. Weighing a total of 158 LBS.

      .:|| Symbol ||:.
      The Atomic Structure

      .:|| Personality: ||:.
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Born entertainer, Bryn loves the spotlight, but all the world's a stage. Eli’s indeed an actor, she loves putting on a show for their friends, chatting with a unique and earthy wit, soaking up attention and making every outing feel a bit like a party. Utterly social, Bryn enjoys the simplest things, and there's no greater joy for her than just having fun with a good group of friends. It's not just talk either – Bryn has a strong aesthetic sense of anything. From grooming and outfits to a well-appointed home, Bryn has an eye for fashion. Knowing what's attractive the moment she sees it, Bryn isn’t afraid to change their surroundings to reflect their personal style. Eli’s just naturally curious, exploring new designs and styles with ease. Though it may not always seem like it, Bryn knows that it's not all about them – she’s observant, and very sensitive to others' emotions. Bryn is often the first to help someone talk out a challenging problem, happily providing emotional support and practical advice. However, if the problem is about them, Eli’s is more likely to avoid a conflict altogether than to address it head-on. Bryn usually loves a little drama and passion, but not so much when she is the focus of the criticisms it can bring.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]The biggest challenge Bryn faces is that she is often so focused on immediate pleasures that she’ll neglect her duties and responsibilities that make those luxuries possible. Complex analysis, repetitive tasks, and matching statistics to real consequences are not easy activities for Eli. She'd rather rely on luck or opportunity, or simply ask for help from their extensive circle of friends. It is important for Bryn to challenge herself to keep track of long-term things there won't always be someone else around who can help to keep an eye on these things. Also Bryn can recognize value and quality, which on its own is a fine trait. In combination with her tendency to be a poor planner though, this can cause her to live beyond their means. More focused on leaping at opportunities than in planning out long-term goals, Bryn may find that their inattentiveness has made some activities unaffordable. There's nothing that makes Bryn feel quite as unhappy as realizing that she is boxed in by circumstance, unable to join their friends. Eli’s typically welcome wherever there's a need for laughter, playfulness, and a volunteer to try something new and fun – and there's no greater joy for Bryn than to bring everyone else along for the ride. She can chat for hours, sometimes about anything but the topic they meant to talk about, and share their loved ones' emotions through good times and bad. If she can just remember to keep her ducks in a row, they'll always be ready to dive into all the new and exciting things the world has to offer, friends in tow.[/BCOLOR]

    • .:|| Backstory ||:.
      Living on the side of the ocean is not so bad.
      Especially when you have a younger brother to look
      after and a best friend who happens to be a
      goat that looks after you. Okay, it´s a more lonley life than you
      knew. Your little brother hiding away in his room, rarely coming out for
      food and bodily functions. A Goat that, yes, has always been their for you, but seems
      not to understand much of what you say. Just comforts you when your upset and
      need someone. Constantly outside playing or boating life couldn´t be any better
      really. It´s always been this way.

      .:|| Home ||:.
      Bryn has a small cottage home on the sea side with a large backyard.
      Isolated from the neighbors on a 15,000,000 foot by 15,000,000 foot property.
      and having the house be a simple size and layout. Their are a total of six rooms, not including the
      porch and back room that serves as the washer room. When you walk into the house form the porch,
      you enter the Living room, A hallway if you follow straight and two doors to your right.
      The closest door brings you to the small kitchen, just enough room for a sink,
      dishwasher (Counter above), stove and fridge with cabinets on top. The second door leads to the
      bathroom, it is a standard bathroom with all the needs. Through the pathway in the back of the room their are three doors.
      The one to the left leads to Bryns younger brothers room, the one to the right is Bryns.
      The one straight ahead leads to the washing room.

    • .:|| Strife Specibus ||:.

      Bryn, loves her stack of cards. Still using stack she needed to free a card
      and put her favorite card, the ace of spades, into her strife specibus.
      The strife specibus then equipped Cardkind

      .:|| Fetch Modus ||:.
      The "Piano Modus" is a modus based upon those little toy pianos you find in preschools. You know, the ones with only 4 pitches/keys?Okay. There are four types of cards for this modus: Small, Moderate, Large, Giant. Each card type correlates to a piano key;

      Small - Orange
      Moderate - Yellow
      Large - Green
      Giant - Blue

      Each card type has three selections, based upon the number of hits on the key. Each hit enlarges the possibility of an object's mass. If a type is too low for an object, the modus selects the next, until the correct one is found.
      To use an object, you first select the mass; then you use the keys to scroll until the correct object is found. The currently selected object is shown via a projection in between the green and yellow keys. Once the correct object is selected, you press all four keys at the same time. The object is then fired outwards. The lower the weight, the farther it goes.
      Also, you can use the keys to make the modus play a key/melody, whenever an object is selected.

    • .:|| Chat Tag ||:.
      [ AC ]

      .:|| Typing Quirk ||:.
      Bryn will capitalize random words as she pleases.

    • .:|| Power(s) ||:.
      *Will come with Godtier*

      .:|| Title ||:.
      Mage of Void

      .:|| Land ||:.
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Land Of Mirrors and Silence[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent] Consorts - Candles[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent] Secondary Consorts - Dragonflies[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Entering the medium the hum is now gone. It was the hum of[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]daily life, as conversations passed and machines roared on in their high pitch[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]frequencies it was all gone, you could clearly hear your thoughts and that’s it.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Over looking your land you can see the maze of mirrors and flameless candles trapped[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]in triangles of see through mirror glasses, you can see them, but they can’t see you.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]You start up on a small platform that is glass encased with one single exit that leads you down[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]a long hallway lined with mirrors. As you walk the ground you walk on is white with black, purple, and dark blue dots it nearly looked like the night sky on invert colors. The candles are black with white stems, they can’t dance like they would typically. As you walk behind you the darkness consumes everything behind you that you’ve once walked.[/BCOLOR]

      .:|| Guardian ||:.
      Hercules, her pet goat.

      .:|| Dream Planet ||:.

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  3. Can we have multiple guardians say the player has two parents. What if the player has any sibling? What the siblings or parents be other players In that case would any role-players planning on being human want to be my character's sibling?
  4. I'm reserving female human by the way.
  5. Yes you may. Also the rps looking a bit Female heavy. I think I'm just gonna switch which character I use and pick a boy to give it a little change.
  6. I have a unisex name, I can change my appearance and become a male.
  7. Im not big on changing peoples profiles. Your fine. Besides, I was working on making a highblood today anyway. Here's a sneak peak.


    Also I'll read through your profile when I'm all finished and such. Sorry for the wait. I forgot how complex homestuck style can be lol
  8. Mccree.png

    Mccree LeBlan




    Blood/Text Color:
    Fuchsia : #FF00FF​

    Physical Description:
    Mccree stands about 6'4" and weighs very little for his height. He slouches and appears as though he is always asleep or in great need of some. His hair is extremely long and luscious and often hidden under his hat unless forced to remove it. His fins are long and thin and compliments his sea-dweller skin. His horns are medium in size and expands out as though they were small wings on his head instead. His clothing is often baggy and fitting of his personality quite well.

    Mccree is very uncaring and unenthusiastic. He prefers just sitting around playing games and doing nothing instead of, well doing anything. He takes life easy and considers himself a bit "edgy" but unironically. He enjoys giving everyone a hard time and seeing others fail. It's very humorous to him. He is completely nuts about Cowboys and tries his best at a "rough and rigid" impression to try and live up to that lifestyle. However, if he is mocked for it, he will not be afraid to threaten anyone laughing at his dream.


    Since his beginning, Mccree was treated as royalty because of his blood color. Originally, the lifestyle was pretty well, until he grew really annoying. As he grew older, he began to disobey his duties, stop wearing a bit of his jewelry and even spend days outside the water. He began to take part in "questionable drug use" which hie lusus still bickers to him about. He doesn't really care. All he wants to do is get through like with easy and as little trouble as possible and if someone stands in his way, he'll be rid of them if he has to.

    He was raised in the ancient troll religion following the word of the ancient sea beast Nagakabouros, a large kracken like beast that was said to have lived when the universe was first born. Many undersea temples were crafted for this religion and it is said that he prophet of Nagakabouros would one day be born and take over the power of the great water god. It's unsure of what troll would inherit the power, and it's not like Mccree would care if it's him or not. He is dedicated to his religion regardless.

    Currently, Mccree works on studying ancient text to assist in stopping the destruction of their universe. Studying old text of trolls and humans has been a hobby of his for awhile and now it seems he would find use for it after all.​

    Strife Specibus:

    Shieldkind - Surprisingly, for Mccree, the best defense is the best offense. He can utilizes various forms of protection for himself and others. Whether it's an actual shield or force fields, the weapon is utilized.


    Mccree is a very skilled and powerful swimmer. He is also skilled in reading and decoding ancient text and imagery through his studies. However, it has been theorized that he is capable of something more dangerous when under the influence of substance.


    Mccree lives in an undersea palace fitting for his status. However, he is rarely there. In fact, he developed a small underwater cavern where he considers his "true" home. It's more like a get away. He has a few of his things there and even a few games or so as well as a second computer if he isn't at the palace. The cavern is within one of the temples so it's quite hard to get into unless you are familiar with the structure.

    Fetch Modus:

    Gamepad: To obtain something from his modus, Mccree has to input specific cheat codes that are randomly generated and assigned to whatever item he has with him.

    Chat Tag:


    Typing Quirk:

    Mccree speaks and types much like normal youth. Often profanity is used. Periods are used far more than they need to and everything is lowercase except if the word WICKED is used. Then the entire word is capitalized.

    Ex: "listen, i'm tired, your tired' all y'all tired. i get it. but honestly, i don't care. pretty WICKED huh?"​


    Heir of Hope


    Mccree's lusus consists of a large blue whale that often is known to sing from the sea during the night. The whale cared for Mccree from a young age and often wishes to see the best for him, even if Mccree pushes himself away.



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  9. Is there anyone who would like to RP as a brother or sister of mine?
  10. CS homestuck group rp
    This is my character also my friend is going to be my character's brother. So I guess we have the same Land, House, and simler backstory
  11. Welcome. This is my friend who would like to also take part in this RP. We will be playing as siblings, as I recall the GM said that was alright.
  12. Oh hey a new face. Welcome. I'll give you guys a read and tell you what I think. Also, we will be having some side characters as well. So if you wanted an NPC or to add a character you'd like to make an appearance in the rp, let me know.
  13. I am going to attempt to draw my homestuck troll wish me luck!
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  14. Good luck Princess Poisined Rose
    And thank you Quintessence
  15. I might try to draw to draw my in the future, but I think the modified one will do for now.
  16. Ok here's some thoughts on the profile

    @Neko_Green , just some suggestions and what not

    -Instead of having specibus (because we want to make it a little fair for the beginning and only give one for the beginning. After all, as the rp advances, add-ons will be made) you can just combine the two and make like Sketch-Type or Doodle-Type and just make the medium (whether it's pen, pencil, paintbrush etc) as the equips (example being Sword-Type or for Mccree it's Shield-Type and whether not it's an actual shield or an item of which he can use a shield, it still counts and different kinds of swords in which you can have)

    -I think you cut yourself off at powers. Were you gonna add something else?

    -If it's no trouble, i'd like to know more about your home. Just for story reasons.
  17. I was in the most drawest mode today. While I was doing Mccree, I made one for one of my other OC's (i have a bunch I might make then NPC's)

    Artess Full.jpg
  18. For @Neitha Osiris it's about the same. There's a few errors for both of you but I'm not being of mistakes. I don't really care that much.

    -You both probably shouldn't have the same land.
    -Explain the home. I'm assuming you both are sharing the same one so meh.
    -For the chat is lowerscaseUppercase. Not a big deal don't worry.
    -Explain a bit more about your modus if that's ok
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