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  1. Serena Ameris and Reffus Anulir
    Witch of Light, Knight of Void
    Female, Male
    Tealblood, Violet Blood (Same as Eridan, as the two purple bloods are sometimes mistaken for each other. I call Gamzee's Indigo)

    Serena is typically kind, bubbly, and intelligent. She's the leader of her session, assisted by her Matesprit, Reffus. They have a few others in their session, but I never wrote their characters.

    They go through their session, but once they get pretty far in, Serena wanders off (I think she was looking for Reffus or something?) and is ambushed by a massive number of Imps and Ogres. Reffus finds their battle, joins it, but just as he is about to reach his Matesprit's side, she's stabbed from behind by one of the aggressors.

    Reffus is a darker character; I've never roleplayed as his archtype, but I'm willing to try. He's quiet, protective, and carries a thinly veiled rage almost constantly. His matesprit does much to help him keep it in check, and he loves her wholeheartedly.

    Another outlet for his anger is combat. Hence his aspect of void; he brutally destroys his enemies, sometimes using the void as a weapon and casting them out into the furthest ring. When Serena dies, he looses control, summoning a horrorterror. The horrorterror destroys his enemies.

    He destroys the horrorterror.

    That's all I have on that


    My fantroll is Hebi Seraph

    Female, Orange Blood (A variation of Tavros's orange-brown blood, not a mutation but not very common)

    Mage Of Serpents

    Hebi is the 13th Zodiac, Ophiuchus.

    She spent most of her sweeps without being accepted as a true zodiac, She wanted to join the main troll's session but nobody let her so she snuck into their session and caused chaos for them in the background. She's supposed to die with the rest of the troll's at the end of the session but that could be different. She used to be Eridan's Kismesis and almost killed him once (I involve cannon characters with my oc's a lot because things happen in rp's and so on) she has a half shaved head and mismatched horns. (I have a pic but it's crappy in my opinion)


    She could worm her way into this session due to Serena's kindness/consideration for living things, which would piss off Reffus, but Serena would pretty much make him deal with it. She wouldn't mind Hebi keeping out of their way, because not seeing her keeps Reffus calm.


    Yeah, I like the idea. I was hoping to bring cannon characters into it but we don't have to since it would probably end up being a 1x1, I wanted to do a small group rp but your the only one who responded so yeah


    Ahh, mmk. Well, I can do a decent Eridan. Hm. Maybe Serena and Hebi have contact with him before the start of their session? He might be the reason Hebi finds Serena's session, he might point her in that direction, wanting to be rid of her. His knowing Serena would make enough sense, as Reffus is also a seadweller.






    Plot is above as far as we've hashed it out!
    You wanna start, or should I?
  2. (I'm too tired honestly to start it now, it's late where I am. And I wanna bring someone int this I only have 1 char and you have to deal with three that's kinda unfair I dunno are you okay with it?)
  3. ((Well, Eridan's only important in the beginning, so it'd be two to one once their session started. You can also make another character or two if you like. ^.^ ))
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