Homemade Demons

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  1. So, I had an idea for a roleplay, but of course I need to see if anyone would actually join it. The basic idea was that in alternative modern times, a special kind of lab testing has been legalized, demonic testing. Basically, the making or alteration of demons is okay if you have a lab with all of the safety equipment and right permissions and knowledge. So far, however, there is simply one giant lab dedicated to demonic testing.

    In this roleplay, you can be either a demon or a scientist, though I really do want scientists. If there gets to be too many demons, I will shut off that and force scientists upon you. Meaning if there are three to five demons made without a single scientist, I'm going to force scientists

    If you need ideas for demons, use the monster girl encyclopedia. Making a male demon and can't think of anything? Look anyway and just adapt the monster to be a male. If you need help finding a picture, I would really prefer everyone uses anime, tell me. I'm good at finding anime pictures of specifics.

    If romance happens and you get to the hot moment, fade to black please. Move to PMs, start a whole forum in the mature for yourself, time skip, I don't care. Just don't do anything here.

    So, that's the premise. Anyone interested?
  2. I'd be interested!
  3. Now I just need four more people. XD