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    Home is a funny word.

    It doesn't really have a defined meaning that's really cut in stone. We just know it's important, worth striving for, putting in sacrifices in persuit of and working hard to maintain it. We often put forth our lives to seek out that ideal concept of welcome to where we set ourselves. It might be a job, a special someone, or a house that just means so much more than the building itself.

    I'm feeling particularly connected to the idea at this moment, because I'm just about to go back to mine. I just got my dates for when I'm heading back :3 I'm supes excited.

    So what does home mean to you Iwaku?​
  2. I've always liked the phrase "Home is where the heart is." Home isn't always where your reside, it's where you put your emotional energy. For people that grew up with a halfway decent family life, home can be the family home they grew up in. For people that are working far from their loved ones, home is where their spouse and kids are. There are some people that have grown close relationships to friends, and thus it's not with blood, but with these close connections they are most at home with.

    No matter where home is, it should be a place you want to go to. If not, it's time to look for a new home however you define it.
  3. Home is the place with the people you love
    and animals. Its where you feel safe and
    yourself the most. Half the time I feel
    at home also in my own mind!
  4. I agree a lot with most of the ideas presented.
    Home is where you feel safe and happy, where you want to return to after a day out in the world.
    I lived for years in a place that wasn't my home, because I refused to call it such, so the distinction is an important one to me.
    It's not necessarily where you sleep at night, to me.
  5. A house is where I live.
    A home is where I am alive.
  6. It is a place where I am liberated, a place where I can be myself. Because it is, after all, a place where the heart is.
  7. For me home would have to be a place of security that I go to at the end of the day. A safe place to sleep.

    My home could be a bad home or a good home, but I can't say that I've been anywhere yet that I'd like to call my home. Call me a traveler, but I like to take my home with me wherever I go, in myself. No matter where I am, if I lie down to go to sleep and feel safe, that's my home.

    I don't really have need for a family dynamic. And the house and place I've grown up in and lived so far in...doesn't really hold any special place in my heart. Sorry. I guess I'm not as sentimental as most people. : / I don't really place any value on places or houses. I couldn't care less if my family moved to a new home, for instance.

    I put my emotional energy...into myself. I suppose then that my home is the world, but more distinctly, my home is my body. No matter where I am, my mind (spirit, soul, whatevs) is not separate from my body, and thus when my mind goes to sleep, it is always inside my body.