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  1. So I find myself as many do this time of year, struck with the common cold. It really really sucks, and as of yet there is no hard and fast cure. But what do you guys find help you when you're sick? How do you relieve the dreaded stuffy nose and sneezing? The sore throat and cough? I'm just curious while I sit here before midterms, bedridden and blah :P
  2. Chicken soup, orange juice, cough syrup and SLEEPING FOREVER.
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  3. Just lots of fluids to drink and plenty of rest does wonders for me. You need to keep hydrated to flush out your system. I find citrus drinks very helpful in that regard. I just keep a pitcher of lemon-water beside me and take sips throughout the day.
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  4. All of that plus curry. If you can stand having it hot, make it as hot as you can (temperature and spice) to clear out your sinuses. Whenever I get the sniffles, a hot bowl of my granny's golden chicken curry over rice makes me feel human again. Curry is awesome for several reasons:
    -you can make it out of whatever you have on hand + curry powder
    -once it's cooking you can pretty much ignore it until it's done
    -it has enough flavor that even the stuffiest of noses can't block the taste
    -it's physically impossible to be mopey and feeling sorry for yourself when you have a hot bowl of curry in hand

    Oh, and hot tea. I recommend Tazo's cocoa mint maté. Chocolate, mint, and just enough caffeine that you feel a bit more like a human and a bit less like a human-sized slug.
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  5. I find that hot baths/showers, or just steam inhalation in general works pretty well. Just make sure to have tissues on hand, or at least something to wipe your nose with.
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  6. Tons of fluids

    Cut sugar and high-salt foods, these will dehydrate you and irritate your throat

    Cut caffeine as much as you can to help stay rested and hydrated

    Tea made with ginger, lemon juice, and honey is amazing for a cold. I recommend 2-4 cups a day. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and is a natural antibiotic. Lemon juice is also a light antibiotic and the acidity will thin the mucus and clear your airways. Honey, another natural immune boost, will soothe your throat. It's like magic; make it at home with either 1/2 tsp ground ginger or boil some fresh root sliced; purchased teas tend to have fillers and sweeteners, you only need three things.

    Lots of vegetables; chicken soup is a great way to get veggies AND fluid at once. Make your own if you can; canned soup tends to be super high-salt


    2 cups water, 2 packets OXO chicken seasoning, 1larfe chicken breast (diced small), 1/3 cup peas & corn, 3/4 cup chopped spinach, 1large carrot, chopped, 1 cup broccoli florets, 2 cloves garlic, minced; ginger, garlic, basil, chili, black pepper to taste
    Cook chicken in skillet. Boil water and add remaining ingredients, summer on medium-low until vegetables are soft. Serve

    Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, basil and kale; favour a salad over a sandwich; favour soup over salad

    Hot shower, breathe in the steam

    Plenty of REST. Exercise produces white blood cells, true, but doctors recommend bed rest over a round at the gym because making yourself tired defeats the purpose entirely

    Foods with probiotics like plain yogurt and fresh cheeses boost an immune system

    Ginger, turmeric,Ecenchaia (ek-a-nay-sha), Basil tonic,Cilantro, cloves, peppers, and acidic foods like lemon and lime can help, as they have properties that fight infections/bacteria, clear airways, thin mucus, boost immune system, and soothe sore/dry throats; add them to your foods

    Fish is good for your immune system; salmon, shellfish like mussels and oysters, and other fatty seafoods are best; don't add salt!
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  7. Disclaimer: make sure to measure your salt-potassium-water intake. Lots and lots of fluids are good, but people forget that overhydration is just as serious as dehydration, though more rare.
  8. Disclaimer to disclaimer; it's really, really hard to over hydrate unless your diet is nearly exclusively fluid with almost no sugar or salt ;)

    I should clarify; I'm not saying over hydrating isn't something to be wary of, but statistically speaking, you're far more likely to be under hydrated, especially if you exercise frequently, have a sweet tooth, frequently drink caffeinated beverages, or live in North America. It's fine to not be obsessed with your diet, but most foods are so sugary and salty and caffeinated, it's pretty easy to end up dehydrated. Even if you buy no-sugar/salt-added varieties, fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy products, and meats all have natural sugars and salts in them.

    The advice is valid; make sure you get plenty of nutrition through solids and semisolids, but don't take this to an extreme. It is pretty hard to over hydrate, and super super easy to under hydrate.
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  9. Thanks everyone! I'm usually not that into drinking tea but you all make it sound rather good :)
  10. I'm not much of a tea person myself, but I will make a homemade bullion out of broth, garlic, ginger, and rosemary that I drink when I feel a cold coming on.
    I Also take hot showers for the steam.

    There's more, but most of it people have already said. (points at Minibit's post)
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