Home on the Wastes (A Post-Apocalyptic RP, See inside for details)

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  1. **Note: historical inaccuracies aren't due to me not caring about the facts, this takes place in an alternate Earth timeline. The reasons for the Cold War are different in this RP as to match the backstory**


    August 6th, 1945. The world was forever changed after the United States dropped the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. The immense power and devastating capabilities a weapon that the "Little Boy" possessed was immediately brought into the global consciousness. Nearly 146,000 Japanese Civilians were dead, 70% of the city lay in ruin and an additional 7% of Hiroshima was severely damaged by the detonation. Even though Germany had fallen and most countries thought the atrocities of the Second World War were behind them... The Manhattan Project was put on display for the world to see. Radiation scorched the streets, leaving behind the horrific silhouettes of terrified people screaming in fear as their world erupted under the pressure of the mighty Atom.

    When Japan refused to give up, the U.S. dropped another nuclear bomb on Nagasaki three days later: the "Fat Man". This time there were approximately 80,000 casualties, but the immense radiation would soon take the lives of more. Ultimately, Japan surrendered and the war was over. But the ramifications of utilizing the splitting of Atoms for advanced warfare still hung in the air. The world quickly realized how powerful nuclear energy could be if harnessed properly and they began to work on a way to properly control it. Over the course of the next century, the world began to study nuclear energy in an attempt to harness the power it possessed. By the year 1950, nuclear power was the primary source of energy throughout the world. It was a plutonium utopia, so to speak. The entire planet had unified to understand the potential of the atomic wonder they had stumbled across, focusing on furthering the human race through advanced technology and improved medicine.

    However, at the beginning of the 1980's, the relationship between the United States of America and the USSR became strained when it was discovered that the Russians had been secretly building a nuclear arsenal to rival that of America's. The fear of communism throughout the USA was not a secret, but even during the McCarthy Trials, the USSR had not acknowledged their frustration towards the Capitalist way of life. But, they had secretly been preparing an atomic arsenal during the 70's, fearing the potential of a full-out assault by American forces. The USSR secretly hid their spies in the corners of the United States, quietly invading the White House so information about potential American strikes could be instantly relayed back to Russia.


    While working, an American FBI employee noticed a continuous pattern of undocumented communications from all across the country being sent to an unknown location. When he brought this information to his superiors, the communication lines were quickly traced back to Russia and the news went public. International spies leaking information to other countries were common during the time of war, but during a time of supposedly global peace, it was seen as an attack.

    Although the United Nations tried desperately to quell the increasing aggressions of the American people, who felt that Russia's actions further confirmed their irrational fears about the evils of Communism, they could only watch on in tense anticipation as both the USA and the USSR entered a 'Cold War'. Both countries began to devote their resources towards an extremely dangerous arsenal of atomic weaponry, building vehicles and handheld weapons capable of producing the same devastating effects of the Hydrogen bomb. Missiles with high-tech targeting systems were constructed and pointed directly towards the 'enemy', ready to launch at a moment's notice. But both countries were at a stalemate: their military forces were equal and neither would dare call for the first strike, fearing the repercussions of setting off a chain of atomic detonations.

    While the world hinged on a delicate thread, a third party had secretly entered the Cold War unbeknownst to anyone; Vietnam. Although the prominent countries across the planet had experienced a unified boom of shared knowledge and peace since the Second World War, Vietnam had been struggling through a horrific ordeal. Tensions between the North and South of Vietnam had been high since the South's refusal to sign the Geneva Convention in 1954, resulting in the formation of the "Republic of Vietnam" in an attempt to counter the communist government run by Báo Dai. While the rest of the world tried to stay out of the conflict (realizing that any interaction with one side might be seen as neo-colonization due to previous conflicts with the French), America offered both political and military support to South Vietnam, seeing the spread of communism ideals throughout the world as just as large a threat as it was on American soil (or so they thought). When South Vietnam lost the war in 1975 and became a part of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the country looked across the sea for one final act of independence. In a daring move, they would eliminate those who had tried to 'destroy the peace'; they would destroy The United States.


    Using the global distraction of the Cold War to their advantage, a task force of Vietnam soldiers snuck through the American border and made their way to a secret weapons testing bunker hidden in Southern Nevada; Area 51. Although the purpose of the base was unknown to the public, the U.S. Government had secretly been using it as a developmental institution for Atomic Weaponry and experimental military transportation. The USSR had stolen the information, but agents from Vietnam had managed to get their hands on it. With nearly enough weapons to level the entire country, Area 51 was extremely vulnerable should anyone discover it's true purpose.

    Unfortunately for America, and the world, the revenge-driven Vietnamese had learned of their weakness.

    The Vietnamese forces quickly invaded the base, gunning down any personnel they came across as they made their way to the storage bay. Once there, the team detonated the thousands of radioactive missiles on-site, obliterating the base within seconds. The shockwave from the multiple explosions quickly spread across the United States like wildfire, igniting the other warheads and creating an Armageddon level event. Within a week of the first detonation, America was swept clean off the map, eradicated by their own arsenal of nuclear weaponry. At first, Russia was blamed for the devastation, but the combined intelligence of the United Nations realized Vietnam was behind the literal 'death of a nation'. But as both the UN and the rest of the planet quickly realized, Vietnam's plan for revenge was heavily under calculated. The sheer force of each nuclear detonation combined was nearly impossible to determine, as the United States had kept most of that information to themselves. However, Russia brought forth some recent intelligence they had acquired, revealing that nearly a billion warheads were spread out across the United States.

    The combined force of each detonation was creating a nuclear blast that would soon cover the entire planet. What made things worse was that the blast would only increase as it engulfed nuclear power plants and generators, not to mention the atomic weaponry of the world's powerhouses (which had been built as a counter against the Russian and American weapons, should one strike before the other). In short; the blast would bring out the end of the world within a week of the initial detonation.

    Using the short time they had left, citizens of Planet Earth scrambled for supplies, built fallout shelters, and prepared for the end. Canada was hit by the blast first, followed by Mexico and all of South America. Then, the Great Mushroom Cloud (as it's now known) slowly spread to the Eastern hemisphere, obliterating anything in its path. Although the world governments had done their best to prepare the citizens for 'the end', it was not enough. Government commissioned fallout shelters built as a response to the Cold War (should any detonations take place) and privately owned shelters could not hold entire populations and many citizens across the world were left to die in the fallout of nuclear war.


    But as the explosions ceased and the dust settled, the level of radiation spread across the planet had far surpassed livable conditions. So, those within the shelters remained there until the year 2180, when radiation levels, although still higher then they had been prior to the creation of the Great Mushroom Cloud, had become safe enough for humanity to not be affected by their environment.

    At last, humanity could return to the world above.

    But rather then witness the towering structures and breathtaking landscapes their ancestors had spoken about, the people found themselves living in a wasteland, filled with the ruined monuments of days long since past. While the remnants of humanity worked to rebuild what was left of the world, eventually they began to create a new world order.

    Many groups began to emerge from the ashes of civilization; in America, the National Confederacy of Protection and Democracy (NCPD, created from the remnants of military forces who valued strength through militaristic values) quickly rose to prominence, but they were challenged by the Legion of Cusreus (a cultist-society who worshipped a their leader like a deity), the Associated Brotherhood for a Better Tomorrow (ABAT, a group of citizens who sought to preserve the ways of the past while inventing a new way of life), and various smaller groups of Raiders who sought to capitalize on the wealth of others and take what they wanted without remorse. Other prominent factions and groups began to form across the world (such as the Heiwa iji-gun in Japan, the Commonwealth of New Yorkshire in most of the United Kingdom & Ireland, and the various Casino Families of "New Vegas") as more and more people returned to the land above the Earth.


    Although the radioactivity had altered the landscape in the century since the bombs first went off, the wildlife and plant life had adapted to the drastic alterations to the environment. New mutated animals and plants were spread out across the world, but many species of animal had also survived the fallout thanks to being placed within various shelters (most of these animals were livestock and were only used for meat/materials, but some domesticated animals also survived). However, just like the species that came before, there were certain creatures which stood at the top of the food chain. As well, some of the humans who did not reside in a shelter (either due to a lack of room or not being able to reach one in time) were discovered to have suffered mutations of their own. The radioactivity rotted away their bodies, transforming them into feral ghouls with only one motive: to feed. While they were still technically alive, most people saw these 'Lurkers' as walking corpses. Just like in movies that proceeded the disaster of the Great Mushroom Cloud, the apocalypse now possessed the threat of 'zombies'.

    But just as it has in times of hardship, humanity continued to thrive. From the wreckage, they began to rebuild their homes, their society, and their lives. Some opted to remain in their shelters while their fellow men and women ascended to the scorched world above, while others were more curious to live in the world they had left behind. Eventually, mankind managed to re-establish contact with one another and as a result, various people from all across the world can communicate once more. Although many groups saw a connected planet as an opportunity to expand their territory, the errors of the past have not yet abandoned their minds. For now, the larger factions have been peaceful.

    But even then, the Wasteland is a dangerous place to live. The threat of Raiders, mutated creatures, and potentially larger factions are all present no matter where you go. Those who travel alone normally get picked apart until they're nothing but bones, so travelling in a group (typically as a 'caravan') is the preferred option.

    So, the only question is... Do you think you can survive the Wasteland?



    Alright, so obviously this is a post-apocalyptic RP inspired by popular works of fiction such as Fallout, Mad Max, and 28 Days Later (just to name a few).

    The main idea of this RP will centre around our characters, all of whom have formed a Caravan as to survive out in the Wasteland.

    The timeline of the setting is approximately 3-5 years after humanity first emerged from the fallout shelters, so the year is 2183-2185. You can play as a Shelter Dweller, or a Wastelander (the difference being you would have been born either in a fallout shelter or in the Wasteland).

    Seeing as how each group member is going to be important to the story (and in real group dynamics, people have to rely on one another), we'll each be taking a 'job'. What I mean by this is that each character will have a specific set of skills which help fill one specific 'job' (or two, depending on the severity of the job at hand).

    We'll be starting with 4-5 people (6 maximum, including myself), so that means we'll have to fill a few jobs, which I'll list below.

    Keep in mind though; you can make multiple characters (2 maximum, 3 with some convincing), so you can take multiple jobs. Just remember to be fair to other players (don't take two jobs that put your characters at the top of the team without asking) and ask questions if you're not sure about something. I'm friendly ^^

    -- Jobs --

    (Each job is colour coded to show their priority.)

    "Survivor's Crew"

    *These are the important jobs. If nobody had any of these, we'd all be dead. We don't need to fill all of them, but it'd make sense to have most of them filled out. Can be doubled with a job from the lower two ranks, if you so wish.*

    • Caravan Leader (the quintessential 'team captain')

    • Advisor (2nd in command isn't so bad)

    • Doctor/Medic (dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a Wastelander!)

    • Gunner/Mercenary (the muscle)

    "Wasteland Vagabonds"

    *These are job roles that are important, but not as important as the first row. These can be doubled-up with a job from the first row or taken by themselves.*

    • Cook (somebody burnt the bacon again)

    • Technician/Mechanic (pre-war tech can still be useful if it's working)

    • Scientist (did I hear somebody say 'laser rifle'?)

    • Trader (it's good to have someone who can make some cash)

    • Entertainer (from musicians to prostitutes, the skies the limit)

    • Salvager/Tinkerer (making something from nothing; the very definition of creativity)

    "The Tag-Alongs"

    *These are the lowest ranking jobs and essentially act as an 'other' option if you don't want to take on a massive role. These MUST be doubled with one of the "Wasteland Vagabonds" jobs, however.*

    • Wastelander/Shelter Dweller (you're just trying to survive in the world)

    • Farmer (home on the wastes, where the mutated cows roam and play)

    • Doctor's Assistant/Nurse (for helping the doctor fix life's boo-boos)

    • Other (feel free to throw ideas at me, I'm flexible!)​

    **Additional jobs/multiples of the same job can be discussed later on, but let's try to fill the key roles right now.**

    As mentioned before, we'll be accepting up to 5 players for this, but we can start around 4 if we don't get much interest. Anyways, post below and let me know if you're interested!

    For the record, I'll be taking the roll of our group's Doctor (with my 2nd job as the Cook).
  2. Post-apocalypse? Sign me up.
  3. Sweet. Any ideas for the job(s) you want?
  4. I'll either go for the leader, scientist, or gunner. Haven't made any decision just yet, however.
  5. Well you can also do either Leader/Scientist, Gunner/Scientist if you want, but you'd have to pick one of the two.

    Either way, no rush! We're still waiting on people so you've got time to figure it out ^^

    Do you have any questions about the RP since we're here?
  6. I'm in. I would so go for the adviser xD
  7. I'd say go for the advisor, simply because (at least for now), the "Survivor's Crew" jobs are limited to one person for now.

    Proooobably should've mentioned that before. Oops.
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  8. Do you have any questions/comments about the RP?
  9. Definitely interested. There's a lot of potential for this! I'm leaning towards the mechanic or salvager role.
  10. You can take both if you want.

    Figure out if you want to be the leader? Or should I just take the role as well since it might be easier to dictate the plot (honestly the Leader is more or less just there to tell people what to do/figure out where to go and make decisions with the group)
  11. Currently I don't, but I'll let you know if I do!
  12. Hello sorry for not posting right away like I intended. I'm very interested in the technician/mechanic. Would she be able to have a large robot companion she can ride through the wastes on?
  13. How big are you thinking? Horse-big? I'd be fine with it so long as there's a good explanation, I'm just curious.

    Any questions/comments you want to throw out there?
  14. Yeah like horse big. Think Sentry Bot from Fallout series.
  15. Sure, just so long as there's a good explanation in your sheet ^^

    Alrighty, so we've got the whole crew together it seems! Sweet!

    @Dipper, still waiting to hear back from you concerning your roll. Once we get that sorted, we can get this nuclear-train moving ^^
  16. Sorry, I've been in and out. I'll just go with leader, with a bit of science on the side.
  17. Alright sounds perfect! Didn't mean to pester you, just getting the ball rolling.

    So now, here comes the big question; where did we want to place this? I had two ideas for potential settings in New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, or potentially a Canadian province like Ontario or Saskatchewan, but I'm also up to hearing what you guys have to say.

    Not that I want to avoid any countries that have appeared in other post-apocalyptic media, but just for the sake of not becoming a 'Fandom RP', I'd say let's stay away from some of the more recent ones (ex. Boston, Las Vegas).

    We might travel to other areas, but we need a starting point for now.
  18. I vote somewhere in Canada. I live in Minnesota and so am somewhat familiar with weather and geography. Not opposed to other suggestions however.

    Ok so character sheets?
  19. Character sheeta are still a WIP, but they should be finished tomorrow.
  20. I'm up for Canada. It's somethin different, ya know?

    EDIT: I think for a second character I'll go for entertainer. XD
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