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    What part of your home are you most proud of?
  2. The bathroom. (aka. the throne room)

    It's the only room I even attempt to keep clean / tidy.
  3. The kitchen/dining room. It's more the living room then the living room is. There are more conversations there, and it's easier to keep people's junk from piling up in there. It's where I spent a decent bit of my childhood as well.
  4. The title made me think of Joe Dirt. "You like to see homos naked?"

    My bedroom, it is where my computer is at and I am very proud of my computer.
  5. The Armory.

    Pics soon...
  6. The fire pit and the views that come with it.

    Pics soon.
  7. My coffin, since it's the only thing that secures on ship.