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  1. Pixie loved winter. It was by far her favourite season, and not just because she liked the cold. All of the fun that could be had in the snow appealed to her inner child, even though she didn't really socialize with many people. The young girl walked down the street on her way home from her pathetic excuse of a job; she was a waitress at the local tavern and if it wasn't for the fact she needed the money, she certainly wouldn't be working there. Something in her subconscious was forever nagging that her life here wasn't right, that she should be somewhere else. With a large white snow jacket encasing her upper body and the hood of it over her head, Pixie nearly blended in with the snow - and the fact her pants were white too didn't help. It was only by the black bag she carried over one shoulder that she would be visible to any drivers, though she knew to stay far enough away from the road to begin with. People in this town apparently weren't the best of drivers.

    Eventually she came to her street and looked ahead as she started down it towards her house, thinking to herself about what she should really be doing with her life when, being the distracted air-head she often was, tripped over something in the snow and ended up face-first in the cold. It took a few moments for her to realize that she was laying in the snow before she pushed herself back to her feet.
    "I really need to start looking where I'm going..." Pixie muttered to herself as she brushed the snow off her clothes - not that it really mattered - and looked down at her feet to see what she'd tripped over, but the snow had already shifted back around her and covered whatever it was; so she took a few steps sideways and continued walking, finally coming to stand on the front porch of the small house she was renting. Then came the awkward but familiar feeling of someone watching her. Or maybe it was something? Looking around uneasily, the brunette removed her jacket and then opened her door.
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    Michael watched the female he had been hired to retrieve. He had been paid to go to this world and take her, by force if needed, back to the King and Queen of Hearld Kingdom. He shrugged and kept walking though, wearing a black leather coat thick jeans and a black turtle neck along with black leather boots. He always had a glamour placed over him to hide his clothing to the eyes of every world he went to. He would watch her, follow her, and strike when he saw it fit. He did not care that the King and Queen wanted him to rush, he was putting himself on the line by crossing worlds so he would do as he pleased.

    He walked past her house, casually watching her go into the house. He smiled to himself and turned, walking down the small walkway next to her house and towards the woods that lay behind it. He had his camp set up perfectly it seemed. He kept walking though until he reached the campsite and sat down on a comfortable log and pulled out his flute. He began playing a soft melody that only she would hear, only her kind could hear it.
  3. After taking her outdoor clothing off and hanging it by the inside of the door to dry, Pixie headed to the kitchen; she refused to eat any of the food from where she worked, so if she was on a long shift she'd take lunch with her, but if it was a short one she'd eat before or after it. In today's case, it was after. She still couldn't shake that strange feeling of having someone watch her but the fact her stomach was growling now was enough to distract her.
    "Kenzi, stop it!" She called out the moment she realized her dog was barking. Well, it wasn't really hey dog, just a stray that had adopted Pixie as her owner. When the dog didn't stop, Pixie closed the fridge without having taken anything out and headed out the back door.

    "Kenzi, come here sweetie." The brunette squatted down - not wanting to sit in the snow without her snow pants on - and watched as the spaniel came bounding over to her, whimpering and whining yet wagging her tail at the same time. It was when the dog had stopped barking that Pixie could hear the faint music. This wasn't the first time she'd heard it, but it was the first time that she could get a rough drift on the direction it was coming from. She got back to her feet, went back inside and pulled her snow clothes and boots back on and went back out to where Kenzi was waiting and the music was still playing.
    "Well, let's go see if we can find it before it gets dark." She smiled down at her canine friend before she closed the door and headed out into the snowy backyard that lead out to the forest. She'd never wondered into it before but at least her first time doing it she had a companion that was apparently faithful enough to her to follow.

    Entering the woods, Pixie used her keys to scratch X marks into some of the trees, so at least she'd be able to find her way out - she hoped. That was, if Kenzi didn't know how to of course. The music was certainly getting louder, even though it was only a soft tune to start with.
    "Hello?! Is someone out here?!" She called - maybe it was just some stupid kids? Or someone was lost?
  4. Michael kept playing not saying anything to the faint shout he heard. When he was able to hear her clearly he slowly stopped playing. He made it look like something had attacked his camp and he made himself look like he had been attacked by an animal of sorts. He hide the flute in his bag and laid on the ground, making believe he was in pain.
  5. Pixie squealed softly in horrified surprise as she came into the clearing,
    "Kenzi, stay." She commanded the dog, who promptly sat, and she ran over to the man in the clearing. All sorts of thoughts were running through her mind right now and she couldn't think straight.

    "Are you alright?" She questioned eagerly, kneeling beside the man and supporting his head in her hands gently. "What happened here? Kenzi, here girl." There was pure worry now in Pixie's voice. Whatever had done this to the man, she didn't want it to come back for her or her canine friend. The spaniel sat beside her, whimpering softly with her head cocked slightly to the side. A dog's intuition.. Something was off about this.
  6. When she got close to him he suddenly had a needle in his hands and was injecting something into her leg. She would knock out cold in a few second. He looked at the Spaniel and roared at it, his roar only for the dog to hear. He lifted the Glamour from his campsite, revealing that it was perfectly fine. He lifted the girl up and tied her hands and feet together. He then grabbed the amulet that he had and contacted her parents. "Yes... Yes I have her.... I'll be there when the next portal opens," he said saying goodbye. He wrapped a cloth around her mouth to keep her silent when she woke. He sat down then and began playing his flute, the wounds that had been on him, disappeared. He had a knife in his hands, waiting for his ride back to her relam.
  7. Kenzi had began to growl as Pixie let out a surprised scream, watching in horror as the man injected something into her leg. Her heart raced, a million scenarios running through her head of what was going to happen to her; but that didn't matter. Not even a minute later her sight began to darken and her head fell backwards as she passed out. The moment the young spaniel heard the roar she yelped and as much as she felt the loyalty to stay beside Pixie, she ran off back into the forest, but she didn't go too far, staying close enough to still see what was happening. She was cowering non the less, afraid of what this man was planning.
  8. As he waited it had begun to snow. He stood up though, picking the girl up and carrying her on his shoulder as he set fire to his campsite. he had everything he would need with him already. He walked into the woods, the girl on his shoulder. She should wake in a few moments. As he walked into a clearing, a large wolf like creature stood there, guarding the swirling ball of light. He was the guardian. He flashed the wolf, the royal seal and should him the princesses birthmark on her lower back. The wolf let the pass and he was walked with the girl into the ball of swirling light.
  9. Kenzi had watched her Mistress be taken, unable to bring herself to face that which had frightened her. Sitting beside the tree she'd hid behind, the dog simply watched as the portal appeared and the man disappeared through it, Pixie still unconscious over his shoulder. That was it. There was nothing that she could do. Barking wouldn't wake Pixie up, but even if she did bark, it'd alert both the man, and the wolf that she could see, to her and that was the last thing she wanted - and there was no way she would be able to bring herself to go through the portal after them; not with that wolf. Instead, the spaniel laid in the snow, watching and waiting. That's all she could do now, along with hope the girl would come back.
  10. As the light swirled around them he stood and waited before taking a step forward and arriving in a large clearing. There were other balls of light, each one with a guardian in front of it. The wolf was the human world and that is what stood before them. He again showed the wolf the princesses mark and his royal seal. He then began to walk into the forest. He stopped at a run down old cabin and he went inside. He set her on the only bed in the room, before turning on a candle. He waited then, for her to wake up.
  11. It took quite some time for Pixie to come back to consciousness, and when she did, of course she was just slightly freaking out about what she remembered. She sat up quickly and looked around, and the moment her eyes landed on the same man that she'd thought had been injured in the clearing, she pulled herself up into the corner as much as she could.
    "What the hell is going on here?! What'd you do with Kenzie?" Pixie was not at all impressed. Not only had it looked like she'd been kidnapped, she had no idea where her dog was, or where she was! This didn't look like it would bode well for the young woman. Or at least that's how she felt.
  12. "Shut up Princess, I'm waiting for your parents to come and get you so I can be paid and then be on my merry way," he said, his body language tense with annoyance. He had tied her legs together but could not have been bothered with tying up her hands. He could see snow begin to fall through the hole in the ceiling. He sighed and stood up. He took off the fur that hung around his shoulders and covered her up with it. "Stay warm Princess," he said. His arms were scared badly and they looked painful but he seemed not to care. He went to the chest in the corner and opened it. He pulled out the boots that were inside and also a tunic. He walked over to her and took her legs, taking her boots off and replacing them with the warmer boots. "You beast can not enter this world so it is by your home," he said to her. "Put this on," he said, handing her the tunic.
  13. Pixie was frozen in fear and confusion more than the actual cold. Why on earth was this guy calling her princess? And... What?!
    "What are you on about?! And get away from me!" She hissed, kicking out with her feet when he'd removed her boots to replace them. She was not at all impressed by the current situation but she had absolutely no idea how to get out of it either. Clearly this guy was crazy, or something. She refused to reach out and take what was handed to her, continuing to keep herself as close to the corner of the room as she could.
    "Whoever you think I am, you've got the wrong person. So lemme go!"
  14. He grabbed her and slapped her hard. "Shut up! Your going to be a good Princess and put this on so you don't freeze. I have enough shit with your parents taking me from my home to go and get you. Your not human and your not going back so get over it," he said in anger his face changing slightly looking more animal like before he hissed and his face returned to normal. He picked her up and threw her onto the old bed. He grabbed rope and tied up her hands and then gagged her and then covered her with the fur. He sighed in frustration. He got up and walked out of the old cabin. He looked out and growled when he saw a carriage drive up. As it came up the royal guard hung off the side, an arrow in his chest. He caught the horse stopping it. He opened the carriage and growled once again. The Prince had been killed. He heard horses in the distance and he howled loudly. He ran back inside, pulling the girl onto his back, just as two jackal like men came in licking their chops, eyes red. "Give us the Princess," they growled. He roared and his hand became furry and thicker, his claws coming out as he slashed at them and held her in his arms running out and to the horse. He released it from the carriage and got on, holding her before he had the horse move. She could see her twin brother hanging out of the carriage, dead.
  15. Had Pixie not been in total shock at having seen the man change as he had, she probably would have entirely flipped and started screaming at the dead man. Instead, she sat there, wide-eyed and absolutely frozen in terror, unable to bring herself to even make a small scream, let alone a big one. And then it struck her that the things that had just tried to take her from her kidnapper had said Princess, so did that mean she either really was what he said she was, or she just looked like some princess of somewhere? Speaking of where... Her heart raced with fear, not knowing where she had ended up or worse yet, where she was going. The man had said something about her parents, but as far as Pixie was aware she was an orphan.
    "This is all just a dream... A nightmare... This isn't real, Pixie. Just calm down, pinch yourself, and you'll wake up in bed, or on the floor beside your bed..." She spoke quietly to herself, her eyes closed tight as she managed to maneuver her hands around just enough that she could pinch her arm. With a soft yelp from doing so, her eyes flung open only to make her disappointed - and possibly more scared if that were possible - that she was still in the man's arms on the horse.
    "Great." She muttered, slowly trying to get a hold of her situation and figure out the best angle to play. So far acting the terrified girl that she was, wasn't really helping her situation any, and if she'd learnt anything from watching horror and adventure films it had been to play along. So for now, that's what she planned on doing. And just hope it would work.
  16. He slowly changed back to his normal form, looking like a human once more. He looked annoyed and in his mind he was worried. Only her parents could free him from the curse they inflicted on him. He sighed and the horse kept galloping until they reached a cliff. He looked out over it and growled. The castle had been attacked. Fire rose up from the once beautiful castle, scorching the walls and filling the sky with smoke. He growled but looked down sighing. "We'll have to go to the other check point and wait for your parents there, hopefully they weren't killed like your brother was," he said having the horse move and keep moving through the forest away from the cliffs.