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  1. do you like to fix things that aren't - strictly speaking - broken?

    What bits, bobs, and modifications have you added to your home? How do they hold up?
  2. two giant holes, don't ask lol
  3. Aww maaan, I thought you were talking about the show Home Improvement for a sec, I loved that show as a kid.

    As for actual home improvement, my dad always talks about doing a little something, but he never has the time to actually do it.
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  4. I'm all for secret stashes (that I later forget about) and practical five-second solutions I come up with from sheer laziness. Like jamming a sock in that door that likes to rattle, or having a mirror leaned on top of a chest of drawers because I don't want to ruin the wallpapers by putting it up on the wall.

    Mostly it's just how I organize everything. Trying to get into a shelf around here is like playing Tetris.

    And if you can't fix something with duct tape or super-glue, it isn't broken.
  5. No. I'm completely impractical in every way; I'd probably just make it worse. :(
  6. Protip: save breadclips and use them to identify which wire or cable in your electronics set ups are which. Saves time.

    This summer, I installed a new flapper and fill pump in my toilet and put calking to seal the outside windows. The year before, I installed new doorflaps to replace the old ones. I use empty surplus ammo crates to store my DVDs and video games, and the cans for tool and supply storage.

    And a few other odds and ends. One thing I'm going to do in the future is nail open a few split tennis balls to the wall to use as key hangers.
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  7. Fixed the dishwasher the other day because the repairman is to expensive.
    Spent about $20 bucks. Checked a couple of quotes to see how much a repairman would've cost, which was about $100.

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  8. Oh I like the bread clips idea
  9. I have hanging cubbies from my ceiling so I have somewhere to put my clothes. I should probably convert the panic room into a closet but I haven't.

    I also have bobby pins jammed into everything to keep things in place. Same with ponytails.

    Also whenever an electronic screen breaks I just replace it myself. So much cheaper!
  10. My carreer involves lots of fixing. It's sort of bled into my home life when it comes to practical knowledge.
  11. My parents are all for DIY. They're both hoarders, which I suppose I am too but I have these moments where I just throw away everything that annoys me because I don't use it. I don't really get involved with home improvement and spring cleaning because my parents are the ones who love polishing up our shabby little house.
  12. One thing I'm surprised about with a lot of people is they never think to shut the water off to their toilet, hold the plunger and rain the water out and bam, it's a hell of a lot easier to clean.
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