Home for the Holidays?

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  1. Does anybody have to travel to be home for Christmas this year? I'm hopping on a greyhound tomorrow to see my family :3

    Remember to be netsafe! Please do not name the towns/cities you are travelling to; there's no way to censor who sees it!
  2. I haven't been home for Christmas in 4 years :/
  3. Yup. Already did the traveling, but it was only two hours. It is a long two hours when there is nothing but snowy fields to look, although on the drive I did see an oil well on fire.
  4. I still live at home so I'm good.
  5. I am too young to move out, though I've got about two years to go.

    However, my sister and her boyfriend are coming here on Christmas, and I'm eating dinner at my girlfriend's house on Christmas Eve, so...
  6. Driving an hour or two down to San Diego isn't as fun as it might seem. I can see the traffic.

    But at least I'll be getting new socks, so that'll make up for it.

    No point hiding where I come from. It's a big place.
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  7. It isn’t hard to trace an IP to a set of coordinates. Good luck though. I’ll give you a few 9mm body piercings if you show up. :)

    In any case, yes. I travelled home from school.
  8. My husband and I are from the same town, so our families both live near each other. This was nice when we also lived in that same town, but we've since moved to NYC. We don't get to go home for the holidays anymore, but we do stay in contact and Skype periodically. Our family usually comes to visit us now, rather than the other way 'round. (Because there's a lot that our family hasn't experienced here, so it's novel for them to visit and go do things with us around the city.)

    I do miss hosting holidays sometimes, but it's also nice not to have to worry about all the prepping that hosting requires. Mixed feelings.
  9. I am the Queen Bee now. Everyone comes to MY house for the holidays. O__O If they don't and one of them tries to host, it descends in to chaos and the cops get called.
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  11. Left on the 22nd, so yesterday. Been at my mom's with @Rain of the Night . It's about three hours away from where we currently live. He sadly is driving back home tomorrow for a 8-12 shift, and then driving back to spend Christmas day with us and once again driving back for his opening shift on Boxing day. I'll be staying here till the 30th. Most likely getting carted around to meet a bunch of family I don't normally see because I live so far away from them all and much lacking of a car. So spending Christmas with Rain (kinda?), Mom, stepdad, and the two sisters. Most likely my grandmother if she shows up XD
  12. Or back search on images.

    I'm pretty sure if I wanted to, I could get the address of anyone who posted a selfie in the picture thread.

    But... There'd be no point of doing that.
  13. Was home, am home for the time being, but after New Year my BF and I are going on a week-long winter vacation to Switzerland, to do some skiing. No snow here this winter, unfortunatly...
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