Holy Grail Wars



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The Holy Grail War
It is a competition in which 7 Summoners conjure the 7 Summons; Saber, Lancer, Berserker, Caster, Rider, Archer, & Assassin. All of these are the classifications of the Summons. All of the Summons have done great deeds and have stories about them. Whether they are heroic spirits or anti-heroes. The Summoners in this little "war" are called "Masters" and these spirits are called "Summons".

Each master will summon one Summon and do battle with the other masters until there is only one last master standing. The Summon will be chosen out of one of the 7 classes. They all fight for the "Holy Grail" or the "Cup of Heaven". It is actually said to grant wishes to the victor of "Heaven's Feel". In ways Summons are just advanced combat familiars.

If a master loses his/her Summon, but lives on, they can form a contract with a new Summon. Same going for the Summon, but a Summon only has so much time they can go on without prana from a master. A master will keep 3 command seals which will give them full force and command over their Summon 3 times. After all of these are used up, the Summon no longer has to obey that master, unless he/she wants to. Normally it is wise to keep at least one at the end. They can be used not only to use an absolute order despite the Summon's will, but also it can help them perform miraculous past deeds.

One normally summons a hero of similar personality, though one could use an artifact that had some connection to a specific hero in order to summon them. There are certain "loopholes" in the Heaven's Feel system which are not mentioned in most cases. There have already been 5 Rituals of Heaven's Feel already performed. This is the 6th Holy Grail War, Heaven's Feel 6; who shall arise to claim the cup of heaven?

Noble Phantasms: In the legend of a hero, there is not only the man that the hero was, but the anecdotes about him, his arms and weapons; all of this symbolizes his existence. These symbols are the ultimate mysteries that the Summon, the embodiment of the heroic spirit, carries as a trump card. Such is the deadly weapon called "Noble Phantasms". Noble Phantasms are the crystallization of the historical facts and anecdotes that made the heroic spirit famous, but that does not necessarily have to be an offensive weapon; it can be a shield, a ring, a crown, but also a specific ability or a unique method of combat. Most of these allowed him to perform past heroic deeds in the past life time they had.

Mystic Code: A Mystic Code is a support weapon that an adult Summoner carries as a magical artifact. There are 2 kinds. The first kind functions as an amplifier. They are an orthodox Mystic Code for support, that can be used for mana amplification or storage, prepared to strengthen a spell. The other type is a Mystic Code that have a predetermined usage. They are activated with the Summoner's mana and can perform a given mystery as long as it is supplied with energy. It becomes a spell in itself; many of the Noble Phantasms of Summons are usually of this type. Their usage is unique, so they aren't really generic, but this also means they can be tremendously efficient in what they do.

Note I: A Summoner's servant is also capable of summoning another servant due to being strongly attuned to magic themselves although the servants will be rather weak and be more of a minion.
Note II: Almost no Summoner can oppose a Summon in combat without any special means.
Note III: Around the other Summoners, it is not wise to address the Summon by their true name. It is wise to address them by their class.
Note IV: Servants can get mana (power) by consuming souls (killing living people) or it can be replenished by the master
Note V: Takes place in modern day Tokyo
Note VI: If you want you can ally yourself with another master if they agree
Note VII: Summoners can have help from non-competitors (like other Summoner's who support him) or a family.
Note VIII: Summons NEED mana to live and stay in the physical world
Note IX: Servants are dead spirits and are able to appear in the physical world.
Note X: Servants can be anything from a figure in folktales, lore, legends, etc, as long a somewhat extended group of people know about them
Note XI: Fictitious Heroes or Anti-Heroes are fine as well
Note XII: Demi-gods are the highest one can go
Do Not Advertise Here
Do Not Kill Another's Character Without Permission
Fill out the character Skeleton
I know this is not the best RP
At least use SOME realism
In this roleplay, some people WILL DIE (either the servants or masters) at some point
Don't get too involved with the romance, I am fine with the love interests & etc. but please don't do it too much

Character Skeleton
Servant Character Skeleton:
Spirit Name:
N. Phantasm: [E-EX]
Strength: [E-EX]
Agility: [E-EX]
Mana: [E-EX]
Luck: [E-EX]
Endurance: [E-EX]
Personal Skills
-[Name][Rank]: [Effect]
Noble Phantasms:
-[Name][Rank]: [Effect]

Master Character Skeleton:
Strength: [E-EX]
Agility: [E-EX]
Mana: [E-EX]
Luck: [E-EX]
Endurance: [E-EX]
Magus Experience: [very low-very high]
Specialized Magecraft:
Personal Skills:
-[Name][Rank]: [Effect]
Mystic Code:
-[Name][Rank]: [Effect]

Other Skeleton:
Affiliation: [Which Master You're Helping?]
Magus?: [Yes or No]
Personal Skills:
-[Name][Rank]: [Effect]

(some of this rp was based off Fate/Stay night and i also took a bit of the skele/storyline off my friends)
I don't have wide open access to a computer at the moment so I can't do anything in matters of making a character.

However when it comes to Fate/Stay Night based knowledge, I am THE person to come to around here. I've gone through the visual novel multiple times. If you need advice on how to proceed or something like that, then by all means get a hold of me. I'll follow up as soon as I can.

You have quite possibly opened a sealed can of long dormant obsession.

That is all for now as my brain does the PERKALATOR.
Ohh, how could I have forgotten.

Dibs on Saber. Otherwise Archer.

On a side note though, are we gunning for real historical figures? Because I remember Iwaku once brainstorming a F/SN roleplay using characters used throughout Iwaku's life, but even then we hit a snag with Archer.

We might need to get some original character action going there.
The possibilities are open from real historical figures or something you made up entirely on your own if you wish as long as they fall into the category of what your going to be using as your summons.

As for now i must create my own character haha. Ill put up a list of who is available and what not as soon as i can.