Holy Crap

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Gourry Gabriev

Original poster
HOLY CRAP!!!! I have been gone for too long! How is EVERYBODY doing?
Who ARE you!?

In any case, Welcome to Iwaku (version: I don't remember anymore)

I'm sure that any moment now, there will be a whole army of people who want to welcome you, with a hole plethora of advice and links for you to follow. Me? I'm just here because I had nothing better to do!

Hope to see you around!
Hey, it's the googlybop person!

...You changed your username, didn't you?
Welcome back to the site.
*makes sure the manacles are securely fitted this time*
Oh another old member, lots of you been comin' by. Add you to the rest.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Actually I haven't changed my name, I just haven't been on in forever. T_T i missed this place.

WHERE ARE MY FLOODS OF PEOPLE!!! Have I been forgotten?


man I'm bored
I have no clue who you are, but welcome back. :D

Lots of oldies and lurkers coming out of hiding. It's a MIRACLE.
*ties october and peter up and throws them into a pyre*


mmmmmm bacon.
*roasts a marshamallow on the fire turning octy and butters into bacon*

Oh, hi there. :3