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  1. Well, hello there. It seems you have found me. Was it my catchy title or is it that I'm so goddamn adorable? Not that you would actually know :bsmile: Annywaays...

    I am obviously incredibly new here and I don't think I'm really ready to jump into a group rp right away. I'm Amethyst and I'm a 26 year old Jedi Master that has beaten the Elite Four and graduated top of her Slytherin house at Hogwarts. I want a partner, so let's just get right into it, shall we?

    What I'm really looking for at this moment is something dark and gory. I'm not sure if it's because Fear the Walking Dead is over and I'm in the small 2 week lull before The Walking Dead season premier or what, but I need some Zombies! I will be playing a younger female and an older male. I'd like a counterpart for my Main(the male) I'm going to be playing more than one character(two), but if you'd like to do so by all means!

    I don't have a set plot in mind. In my personal opinion, how much plot can there really be in the Zombie Apocalypse when people are dying left and right, groups coming and going, and so much constant movement? I'm not saying there is going to be NO plot, I'm more than willing to clash heads together to come up with something, but there is going to be constant change here. With that being said if you have an idea, throw it at me. I am going to be honest though, crazy off the wall scenarios like a super-power wielding zombies that can't die, and immortal people, etc. aren't going to fly well with me. I am ok with an immune, but let's not get too crazy with that idea, ha.

    As far as my writing style goes I tend to post anywhere from 1-6 paragraphs at a time. It really depends on what's going on in the story and my brain. If I(or you) ever feel like my reply is too short I will express my failure and if there was a reason to it, or you can just be "Hey, this one sucked lol I need more to respond to." and I will go back and do my best to revamp it for you so you have something better to work with. I like to think I'm easy to get along with and I joke around quite a bit, so don't be afraid to throw sarcastic greatness my way when/ if we are chatting on the side. I live for that shit. I'm not too bad a stickler on grammar, but if I have to sit and decipher your response, or it's just error after error, I'll bring it up once or twice but more than that I'm going to have to move on. I'm not good at teaching so I wont be a good grammar teacher. I prefer a partner that is 18 or older but not every fantasmic writer is 'considered an adult', so let's just leave it as a slight mention, I prefer 18+.

    My Availability - I do work full time and have a pup so I will reply as much as I am able. Typically that can be anywhere from 2-3 times a day(on a weekend or a slow day at work if the rp is really moving fast) to once a couple days or so if my creativity bin is running a little low. I'm hoping that you'll be able to keep up with at least that. As I'm positive you do too, I do have a life outside the computer. Mine is just not very expansive, ha. I don't think it's too demanding to expect a response within 1-8 days, right? If you have to bail and leave me alone with all my blood and gore I'd appreciate a note on my bed-side table(obviously just a pm) explaining what caused the sudden departure, not that it needs to be detailed or anything like that, I'll even settle for a "I don't like your style. Later." Being just ditched without reason is just super lame. At least when you leave I wont be just twiddling my fingers wondering where the hell you went. I understand life happens, I've had to bail before, but I did make sure to let my partner know. It's a nice courtesy. If you take 2+ weeks to respond, or I have to keep hitting you up trying to figure out what's going on over you way, I'll drop you and move on. I'm just not that kind of chick, and honestly I'd expect the same of you if I evaporated into the ether.

    Still want to do this Zombie thing with me? Let's kill some shit.
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  2. Interested :)
  3. Very Interested. Still looking?
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