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  1. Hey guys! As you can assume from the title I'm actually opening commissions! Now I'm by no means a perfect artist, but I feel like it would be really fun to get to know some of you guys and draw your amazing characters, all while helping me buy much needed coffee! Please, if you have any questions even after going through the tabs below, don't feel afraid to comment below or even PM me!! Thank you so much for your interest :)

    • Of course there are some rules, but first we will talk about what I will do! Now I'm fine with most things, if I'm being honest. I prefer to draw humans, or humanoids, or furries. So pretty much covering a lot of the bases, but I am not experienced in drawing things such as dragons, so please forgive me in that aspect. Just throw me an idea and we can discuss it!
    • As I stated above, I'm really lenient in what I will do. But I will not draw pornography regarding minors. Of course, I can draw someone above the age of 18 who may be a little childish, but they must actually be older. It would be kind of uncomfortable for me, an adult, to be drawing teenagers in compromising positions such as that. Anything else is free game! Also, I will not start commission until I am payed through my PayPal. This is nonnegotiable.
    • I understand that people are not rolling in dough, so I'm not going to have really high prices. Prices are also negotiable while we are deciding on the actual piece, have they be cheaper because it's a really simple drawing and you don't have that much cash, or have it be more expensive because added characters or complex designs and backgrounds. Just talk to me and I'm sure we can work something out! I will also lists examples of each type of art I'm offering, just in case you're wondering!
      Simple Doodle: $5
      Lineart: $15
      Lineart + Basic Coloring: $20 Lineart Background.jpeg
      Portraits + Background: $25
      Portrait Background.jpeg
      Lineart + Coloring + Shading: $25
      Lineart Coloring Shading.png
      Lineart + Coloring + Shading + Simple Background: $30
      Lineart + Coloring + Shading + Complex Background: $35
      Lineart Coloring Shading Complex Background.jpeg
      Reference Sheets: $50 (Prices varies on what you would like on Ref Sheet)
      +$5 for every character
      +$5 for complex designs

    Alright guys, that should be all! Again, if you have any questions comment or want more examples comment down below or PM me! It's okay if you can't buy anything, just someone appreciating my art is also welcomed <3 Once again. Thank you so much for your interest and I hope to talk to you guys soon!!
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  2. @HolyPrincess
    I am not sure if it is just my computer, but your example images are not showing up.
  3. Thank you for informing me!! I'll see what the problem is(:
  4. I might be interested in getting a commission! Would you prefer to discuss it in PM?
  5. Definitely!! I'll PM you right now(: