Holy Book Of Ricasia

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  1. Yashi woke up to the soothing music from her alarm clock. Looking over at her wall-mounted alarm clock reading 7:45, as it usually did when her alarm went off. She got up, went over, and shut off the music. She went over to her balcony and breathed the fresh air she had been breathing for 4 years now. The light blue sky and white puffy clouds reminded her of a planet she read about in a book called "If We Were Wrong", where instead of 4 planets that are habitable, only 1 was habitable. She thought it was something like Urth. It had been 7 years since she read it, but the ideas really gripped to her, as if they were real.
    Just then, her roomate woke up. She was obviously in the middle of a weird dream, because she said "Puffy Chocolate clouds" in a half-asleep voice. Yashi still didn't know what her name was, but everyone, even the professors, called her "Ekno". "Why did you wake me," Ekno murmurred. "You woke up on your own today," Yashi said. "If I woke up on my own, I would have been asleed till noon," Ekno said in a groggy voice she sometimes switched to randomly. It was odd, it sounded like one of the cats that were enchantet to speak. She decided to dismiss this as she usually did and go take a bath. "He's not coming you know," Ekno shouted in her normal voice. "He's not going to be able to afford a ticket." Yashi had gotten a call 3 weeks ago that Yarotina was coming to Ricasia Major for her birthday. She wasn't home at the time and it saved to voicemail, so she kept the message to listen to daily. Ever since Ekno had heard this call, she taunted Yashi with it. "He is coming," Yashi shouted back. "I hope you're not asleep when he comes." Ekno didn't respond. The only thing she got affended by was her sleep disorder. Yashi silently laughed and put on her college uniform. Knowing she was probably going to be attacked by Ekno, she sneaked out a secrt door and knocked on their own front door. "Better hurry up!" Yashi said from outside, and skipped merrily to the school.
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  2. Why is the sky red? Why is always that color? These were some of the questions that were buzzing around Yoshi's head as he drunk his morning coffee in the busy, crowded, and loud Cafe Verlet. Yosi was the type to ponder and think about things, being the right ideology or scientific questions like the one he was engrossing himself in right now. But oddly with a twitch of his pairs of keen ear he overheard something hadn't expected: "Have you heard? People around the colony are falling asleep without knowing and not waking. People say it's a pathogen that is spreading secreting through Senix," the one voice stated "No way!" "Yes and the government is trying to keep it a secret so that the public doesn't go nuts, we got to get off this place before it goes to chaotic!". That's all Yosi heard from them before he was interrupted by the waitress, her sister.

    "Here is your cake Yoshi-Niisan," Noma said with a smile setting the plate down that had a strawberry cake on it. She had been working at this place for at least for 5 years. The cafe had been in a dreadful condition the owner abanded the place and left it to the staff. She from Yoshi's understanding made the place spotless=. She like's her job and it pay's good money..

    "Thank you, Noma," he said with a smile on his face, He nodded his head as a thankful gesture and drank his coffee

    "Would you like anything else Yoshi-Niisan?" She asked smiling at her Oniisan.

    Hasia sat in her chair with her right leg over the over waiting impatiently. She had been waiting for her food for half an hour and it was starting to get annoying. Her foot tapped as she waited for the waitress to come. But Hasia broke and she look toward the nearest waitress and yelled at her, "Waitress!!" she waved her hand in the air gesturing from for the forgetful waitress to respond.
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  3. Alvara Delshandra sat on the grass and picked at a few strands whilst daydreaming about multiple things. She had a habit of waking up abnormally early on the days she'd nothing to do. Today it was around four o'clock a.m.. It didn't bother her, she enjoyed the fresh morning air and fog that engulfed the Earth. She often wished it could last forever, but that was unlikely. The elf stood and decided she would take a walk through the small forest near the field she was in whilst she waited for everyone to wake up, and the noise to begin.
    Ivan Antonovich Kurakin would sleep later than he should. He got up at the last second, dressed sloppily in a blue-ish grey tank top and his black jacket. Ivan walked out the door with his bookbag and headed to school. The morning fog was just starting to disappear but the dew on the grass had already evaporated long before. 'boy am I looking forward to today.' He thought to himself in an overly sarcastic voice. He'd a few friends that he would stick with but everyone else, he thought of them as inconsiderate pricks. The teen stode down the road with a beat in his step that in sync with the music he'd listen to. He hummed along to his favourite song and dreaded arriving at the tan and brick building.

    Caphriel Empyrean spun around in circles, avoiding the many books strewn about her wooden room. Books of witchcraft, wizardry, and other random grimoires that she'd written with inspiration from other people. "I wish that I could fly, way up in the sky, like a bird so high, Oh I might just try. I wish that I could fly, way up in the sky, like a bird so high, Oh I might just try. Oh I might just try." She sang to herself. It was Caphriel's usual morning. Humming and spinning, dancing and singing to herself to wake up before she tried learning new spells and walking through fields and forests to find ingredients she needed for those spells.​
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  4. Yarotina woke up to the beeping of his alarm clock on his nightstand. The clock said 5:00, when he usually woke up. He shut of the alarm, put on his morning glasses, and walked to his balcony. He looked up at the sky to see the deep teal sky and pale yellow clouds. Then he looked across the street to see his old friend's house. The "SOLD" sign was still there after 4 years. Shaking off his memories, he went into his bathroom, took a shower, put in his contacts, put on his jumper, picked up his drill, and went to work early.
    On the way down, he was slammed into the wal by the others in the apartment. Good thing the drill was pointing away. "Stupid Merchants!" Yarotina mumbled under his breath. "They think just because i'm a miner I can be pushed into a wall every day." Yaro had been working so long that he made enough money to buy a real apartment instead of the little cubicles in the mine areas. Ever since the merchant residents heard a miner lived here, they constantly tormented him. Everyone exept his frien Joni Tarez, another miner in the building. They had met each other 3 years ago when he moved in. Ever since then, they were friends. But today, he had no idea where he was. It was strange, but he was late. He decided to see Joni in the mines, and catch up later.
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  5. Torami had just shown up to work 10 minutes late. He had fell asleep for an unknown reason, and was awaken by someone stepping on his ears. "You're late," His boss said as he got in. "One more late any you're fired." Torami nodded and went to the back to get his jumper on. "I'm serious. You can't just casually come in late and nodd off my warnings." "I'm sorry. I fell asleep like others have been." His boss glared at him. He knew that she didn't believe in the sleeping sickness, or as people called it. He just ignored it and went to mop up a spills.