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  1. So, going to port-over an Idea for an RP i had back on the guild and see if you fine peeps in iwaku like it as much as they did ^_^.

    The kingdom of Atlusia is currently besieged by a plague of Hollowmen who are roaming through the countryside destroying every human settlement they come across. This is believed to be an attack from a clan of necromancers originating from the Kingdom of Xine to the south, one of the last kingdoms in the west continent to resist the imperial authority of the Atlusian crown. The 'Hollow Plague' as it has come to be known has proved to be an efficient, undeterred, and incredibly thorough magical force, wiping out several settlements and villages to the south eastern border of the kingdom within little over a week. The first three of these fell without anyone having been able to escape and warn the kingdom of the attackers that laid siege to it at the present. Squads of knights and royal mages were dispatched to deal with the problem, but were somehow overpowered by the powerful necromancers and their horde as scouts report that its movement has been unhindered. As the horde makes its way out of the southern farmlands and through the sliver road (the only passage through the mountain range that separates the southern quarter of the kingdom from the rest of it) it will inevitably find itself at the gates of the fortress town of Namban to the southeast. There, in the small but well defended town, the king's forces have set up fortifications and gathered elite troops and several college mages to stand against the invading necromantic force and put an end to this evil assault on their frontier.

    Theirs is a doomed mission. The horde is many times larger than their scouts reported, and among the ranks of the plague are beasts that no man would ever think to face on the field of battle even in his most horrid nightmares. Namban will fall, but it will not see the same fate as the conquered settlements to the south. There will be survivors to tell it's tale, and tell its tale they will have to, for it will be their duty to warn the capital of the Plague's true nature. They will be the only ones left alive to tell of how the plague is truly a congregation of masterless hollowmen who draw power from the earth itself. They will journey across the kingdom, racing against time and the plague itself so that they may war their king of this danger. Warn him so he may muster up his armies and stop the growing horde in its tracks before it becomes a swarm of undead monsters too great for the kingdom to face. The fate of their kingdom will rest upon the shoulders of their ability to survive the journey.

    Of these misfits who were never born to be heroes, this gruesome tale will be theirs.

    General Description

    So, this will be a medieval fantasy zombie apocalypse roleplay. Magic will exist in this world (and its workings are extensively explained) but it won't be anything on the level of what is observed in series such as Final Fantasy and the like. It is meant only to serve as a compensation for the fact that in this world there won;t be any firearms or cars to help our characters out like there would be in a modern zombie setting. Just like having guns and cars won;t guarantee your survival in a modern zombie outbreak though, neither will possessing magic in this.

    Beyond being set in a medieval fantasy setting though, this rp has one more major twist

    character classes.

    In this rp, players will have the ability to choose from one of ten preset character classes each with their own specific advantages, weaknesses, and personality traits. Only one character per class will be accepted, with a maximum of 5 accepted players not counting myself (meaning it will be impossible for one instance of this rp to have all classes present). there will also two extra special classes that are reserved fro the GM. The player's actions throughout the story are what will decide which of these classes my own character will be, and for the beginning of the rp i will not have a character myself and instead only post events that the players will have to react to. Much like a more traditional DM for tabletop rp games.

    note that this is not a form of extra limitation. This is a greater rping challenge. The characters, even taking into consideration their preset equipment and general personality traits, are still 'your' characters, not mine. Once they are accepted I will not tell you how to play them or how they can grow and change as people as the rp progresses. The templates for these characters is simply not as 'blank' as in most rps in order to stimulate further creativity in their creation.

    the character classes are as follow.

    Show Spoiler

    Capable all-rounders with diverse skills, Leaders, as their name implies, are at their peak when they can command and guide others. While possessing no great specialty themselves, they possess the skills to rally others together, which is indispensable in times of hardship.

    Guard Captain

    Gender: M

    Alignment: Neutral

    Skills: Extensive Weapon's Training, Tactical Training,

    Equipment: Sword, Shield, Crossbow, Light armor

    Pros: Short and long range, Can command/inspire units in battle, harder to infect

    Cons: few useful skills outside of combat

    Class Description: An officer of the law that has lived in Namban for his whole life. A family man, he is the captain of the guard like his father before him, and his father's father before him, but cares more about keeping the fortress town peaceful and generally happy than ensuring that all crime be put to a halt. As such he's turned a blind eye to more than one pauper boy stealing bread from a fat, happy merchant's stall. He stays out of politics for the most part, neither pandering to the rich or busying himself helping the poor, content to simply do his job, lead his men, and provide for his family as best he can. He is skilled with a sword and buckler and is decently accurate with a crossbow, but has never had his skills tested in actual combat by anything more than (mostly drunken) untrained ruffians. Ever since the Imperial knights showed up to help prepare for the invasion he has been extremely busy helping them manage resources, mobilize his men, run training drills, plan out for possible eventualities, build defenses and do more general preparation for the attack. He doesn't challenge their authority as envoys of the king, but is quick to subtly remind them that no one knows his men and his town better than he does, and that they are infinitely better off respecting his position as captain of the guard and taking his advice into consideration if they wish to mount a defense with as little casualties as possible.


    Gender: M/F

    Alignment: Neutral

    Skills: Basic Weapon's training, Charisma, Journeyman's knowledge, Basic food preparation/preservation.

    Equipment: Sword, Map&Compass, Provisions, spyglass

    Pros: Can get along well and inspire loyalty from anyone, Knows the roads and terrain of the kingdom well

    Cons: not as useful in combat or intimidating to highwaymen as the Guard Captain

    Class Description: A free-spirited journeyman who goes wherever their feet takes them. Seeks the thrill of adventure and discovery wherever they go and are always sure to collect as many good tales and stories as possible during their travels so they may share it later with whomever they may meet around a campfire or mug of ale. Bard at occasions, merchant at others, the adventurer knows many tongues and, more importantly, how to use them to leave a good impression on nearly anyone, be they king or be they peasant, be they scum or be they scholar. Exuding an air of confidence from their rich and varied experiences, they always seem to know what they are doing or what should be done. They are handy with a blade when it is needed, no one would brave the wilds ad all the beasts and rogues that it brings if they were not, but prefer to avoid trouble altogether if possible, as long as it doesn't put an end to their adventures that is. As chance would have it, they were already in Namban when the procession of Imperial Knights and their Magus associates made its way into the town and news of the impending attack made its way through the populace. It was after sharing some ale with one of said knights that the adventurer learned that the supposed 'battle' was by all means going to be glorious massacre and that the Knights were more than ready to put a definitive end to the Necromancers and their undead 'plague, which was why they hadn't bothered to issue an order to evacuate the towns people. Considering that, if this information was true, they would run little risk of encountering danger in Namban during the battle, the adventurer decided to stay within the city as it would unfold and observe the events firsthand. Doubtless, the tales of 'the battle of Namban' in which many stalwart knights cut through swathes of undead abominations and struck down their necromantic masters would serve for great inspiration for some new songs to sing around the campfire or at the pub.


    Practitioners of the magical arts. Bad to useless in direct combat, but benefit from great versatility and unique capabilities thanks to their craft. Requires time to cast spells but can often be the deciding factor between life and death

    Magus Scholar

    Gender: M/F

    Alignment: Dark

    Skills: Magic, Great intellect

    Equipment: Staff, Magical crystals, Magic Tome,

    Pros: Fastest cast time, Versatile through knowledge of several spells, Knowledgeable on several diverse subjects

    Cons: Weak physique, Impatient with others (especially the slow of wit), Rude

    Class Description: One of the Mages from the Arcane College in the central Atlusian city of Codai that has joined the procession of knights that have come to put an end to the Hollow Plague. Having Achieved the rank of Magus, this scholar is a well-respected professor who has become proficient in several schools of magical theory and practice and is the leading authority on magecraft in Namban at the moment, brought in for their expertise on various types of magic so as to help identify the source of the Hollow Plague's magical energy and eliminate it. While the Magus scholar is well respected amongst mages of the scholar, well liked is another matter entirely. They are strict, serious and cynical. Observing everything from a purely realistic and scientific approach, sparing no tolerance for baseless optimism or folkloric mysticism. while they are fascinated by all manner of intellectual pursuits, which has contributed to their vast knowledge on magic, they see no point in base interests such as drunken revelry or contests of brute strength and have little love for those who overindulge in such activities, making little effort to hide this fact to boot. The magus wastes no time on those who are too intellectually impaired to hold an interesting conversation with them and are quickly frustrated when they are forced explain something to someone that is beyond their understanding and requires the magus to 'dumb it down' for them. While the magus doesn't necessarily 'look down' on those less intelligent than themselves, realizing that society would not function if it were populated solely by intellectuals who loathe physical labor, and that those with 'different' strength and capabilities are important to the functioning of society, they make it quite apparent that they wish to spend as little time in the company of these people, 'essential' as they may be.

    Sister of Peace

    Gender: F

    Alignment: Lawful Light

    Skills: Can cast miracles, advanced medical training, advanced food preparation

    Equipment: Holy Rosary

    Pros: Can heal and treat wounds better than anyone(includes healing fatigue), can boost morale and mood by performing blessings on party members (neutral and light characters only) and cooking good food

    Cons: Essentially useless in combat outside of support role (poor physique and refuses to harm or kill anyone), can irritate chaotic or dark allies through preaching

    Class Description: A devout adept in the Sisterhood of Peace, a religious organization of nuns and priestesses who teach the word of unity, peace and love for one's fellow man that was brought down to them by their goddess. The religious group and its temples pledge allegiance to no single crown or kingdom and can be found all throughout the western continent, rejecting none from receiving the blessings of their goddess, though only accepting women into service in the name of the goddess. The sister is a kind and gentle soul who is devout in her service both to the goddess and to the people of Namban, being the right hand maid of the Temple Mother there and the only adept capable of performing miracles. In keeping with the teachings of her order she is a vessel of chastity and love for all things living, having taken vows to never take a husband or a life for as long as she is to remain in her mortal coil. While she possesses a love for all peoples, she is especially fond of young children and loves to watch them at play when she is not busy with her work as a Sister. Her only great fault would be that she is too devout to the goddess and will often preach her teachings even when it isn't called for. Despite her generally mild nature, she has little tolerance for those who would speak ill of her order or its teachings and will defend them both steadfastly. With the approaching battle, the sister has been hard at work providing blessings to those who came to visit the temple and making preparations for the wounded they would doubtlessly have to tend to, and the dead they would have to bury after the battle.


    Specialists by nature, Rogues posses a wide variety of skills that turn their home field into a veritable playground for them. Typically bad in direct combat but usually make up for this with abilities that favor a more skillful and discrete approach.

    Huntress of the Wilds

    Gender: F

    Alignment: Chaos

    Skills: Advanced Archery, Tracking, Advanced food preservation, expert wilderness navigation, Flora and Fauna Knowledge, Trapping

    Equipment: Bow and Arrows, skinning knife, Snares

    Pros: can hunt game and identify edible plants in the wild, can navigate party through densely forested areas, can pick off targets silently and accurately at the longest distance, can skin pelts for trade and clothing

    Cons: Does not get along well with men or enjoy human interaction, hates being in urban areas for an extended period of time

    Class Description: A wild, independent woman who makes her home in the Fami woods to the north west of Namban. Without family and with few friends in the town, what the huntress values more than anything is her own freedom. She has been living i the woods for years and hunting in them for longer, they are where she feels most at home and she prefers running with the wolves over talking with other people. While she will occasionally make trips to the fortress town to sell animal skins she has collected, and use the coin to buy whatever materials or tools she may be in need of in the wild, she greatly dislikes being in the town for too long, becoming claustrophobic when surrounded by other people for too long, and as such rarely stays longer than a day or two in the own before heading back out for her home in the woods. She especially hates men of all ages and is just as likely to gut any one foolish enough to try and 'court' her. Despite her infrequent interactions with other humans, knowledge of her skill with a bow being unparalleled is common in Namban, earning her the title 'witch of the wilds' to many too cowardly to call her this to her face. It was for this reason that she was approached by the captain of the guard, a man whom she owed a favor, and asked to lend her bow to the defense of Namban during the ensuing battle, for adequate compensation of her choice of course. Typically the huntress would have refused, but being in the debt of a man was a state she was all too eager to get out of, and so she accepted to be part of the all but assured victory, if only to ensure he wouldn't request an even more bothersome favor at a later date.


    Gender: M

    Alignment: Chaotic Dark

    Skills: Lock-picking, Stealth, pickpocketing, expert urban exploration, persuasion

    Equipment: Pair of steel daggers

    Pros: Can move quietly and without drawing attention to himself, Can gather information through the merchant's guild quickly, Can acquire funds through thievery easily, can navigate secret passages and sewers in urban locales, Silver tongued: can get his way through smooth talking, trickery, and negotiation most of the time

    Cons: Selfish and disloyal, Misogynistic, Not very useful in direct combat (relies primarily on stealth and getting the first strike in)

    Class Description: A silver-tongued trickster who makes a habit of looking out only for himself and has even less respect for women than he typically does everyone else. Not much is said of this cooked thief, he remorselessly scams and pickpockets his way into a life of relative comfort and his quick wits and quick feet give him a valid exit strategy virtually ay time karma comes knocking. He always keeps a pair of nice daggers concealed on his person for when his luck does run out and more direct methods are needed. He is a respected enough member of the "Codai Merchant's Guild", a semi-legitimate but ultimately thinly veiled criminal organization for thieves, fences, brothel kings and assassins everywhere; with guild houses all over the empire, as such there are very few things of interest that happen in his neck of the woods that he is not aware of. He was planing on skipping town before the arrival of the oh so righteous knights that would have complicated his 'dealings', but was betrayed by one of his 'associates' from the guild who managed to pin several murders in the kingdom (assassination contracts, as they were) on him. It was one sticky situation he wasn't capable of slithering out of and he was apprehended by the town guard and thrown in prison. His execution is set for a few days after the battle, but he is unworried. He has cheated those who would see him dead many times before and in far worse situations, for the moment he is simply biding his time and waiting for opportunity to present itself.


    Warriors are classes centered almost exclusively (whether directly or indirectly) on combat, with specialties in either offense or defense that can't be rivaled by any other class. In a time filled with so much death, warriors who ensure it falls on others rather than themselves or their allies are almost indispensable.


    Gender: M

    Alignment: Lawful Dark

    Skills: Smithing, Heavy Weapons Training

    Equipment: Battle axe, Smith's kit

    Pros: Can wield the heaviest weapons, Can carry more equipment than anyone else, Can repair and maintain the party's equipment with his smith's tools, Can create new items in towns with a forge

    Cons: Stern and unsociable, Unintelligent, doesn't have the skill or training to wield lighter weapons or pole-arms efficiently, very lightly armored despite ability to deal great damage.

    Class Description: The executioner is a man of few words who does his job diligently with no visible passion nor remorse. When he is not wearing the cowl or sharpening his axe he is actually the town's blacksmith, and while he does the regular work of smiths, fixing horseshoes and fences and pots ad other common things for those who will pay him the coin, his true specialty lies in weapon crafting. he has a patient, dedicated, almost artistic approach to fashioning blades and hammers and maces of all kinds. he is very proud of his work and after crafting simple-looking but expertly made weapons with the patience and attention to fine detail of a skilled artisan, will then spend hours testing out each weapon by swinging them repetitively to ensure their balance and feel. He has a preference for large, heavy weapons most men could not handle. War hammers, battle axes, claymores, he will stay in his shop, diligently swinging away with these heavy weapons as if they were the lightest of things for whole nights at times. There is a certain peace of mind that is granted when one simply does the same action over and over again, and the practice shows when he dons his cowl and takes up the role of the executioner, cutting through heads with his great axe as if they weren't even there, following through in a single clean movement that meets no resistance as it cleaves through flesh and bone. He knows that his work, however forgiven by the state, is a murderer's work. He routinely puts an end to lives, cutting them short with a single motion. It is grim work, but it is necessary, and fate simply chose that he would be the one called upon to complete it, as with many things, he simply decides not to think on it any further than that.

    Imperial Knight

    Gender: M

    Alignment: Law

    Skills: Advanced weapons training, Equestrian training, Extensive tactical training

    Equipment: Plate-mail armor, longsword, Kite shield, Spear, Imperial Seal

    Pros: can wield every kind of melee weapon proficiently, can use polearms, can fight on horseback better than anyone, more heavily armored than anyone else, The imperial seal he carries commands the authority of the king

    Cons: has little to no patience for any acts that go against the laws of the king regardless of circumstance, expects to be served and waited on as is befitting of a knight of his stature, does not take well to having his authority or request rejected.

    Class Description: One of the Imperial Knights who rode to the defense of the kingdom at Namban. Son of the king's cousin, a duke of the court, the knight was born into nobility and has been raised to be a leader of men. Served on hand and foot for the entirety of his life by maids and servants, he naturally places himself above the common folk, seeing them as vessels for his will and the will of all nobles. In his mind it is a simple give and take relationship, they submit to being ruled by the higher classes and in return those higher classes ensure the well-being and government of the kingdom. A chess game can only be won if the pawns submit to being moved according to the will of the king and, at times, sacrificed to protect said king. to him, the word of the king is absolute across the land and overrides any feeble sense of morality or selfish instinct of self-preservation. Because of this outlook, he hardly tollerates even teh pettiest crime and does not stand having his position as a noble overlooked, especially by mere peasants. The knight was taught how to wield weapons from a very young age as his position as a future knight was essentially decided from birth. He is skilled in all types of melee weaponry, having a distinct preference for the particularly hard to master pole arms, being proficient in the use of everything from lances to spears to voulges, to even the odd spear-weapons of the eastern continent: the naginata that are meant to hack and slash rather than thrust and parry. While his time with the knights has taught him basic marksmanship, he has no great love for ranged weaponry as his armour will prevent anything short of a ballista bolt from reaching his flesh and his steed can simply ride him within swinging distance of the cowards and their longbows. For the battle he will serve as second-in-command to Captain-Commander Gismere, though he has been left tasked with the defence of the town itself should anything go wrong. This is mostly an honorary position since the battle is an all-but-assured crushing victory, but due to his direct lineage to the king, and the specialized imperial seal he carries that proves this, he often is given low-risk low-danger tasks on the field of battle. A fact that annoys him but that he accepts as the will of his superiors.


    Powerful and diverse hybrids with incredible strength but crippling drawbacks. Special classes add a whole new layer to the story and gameplay (GM only)


    Gender: M

    Alignment: Light

    Skills: Astral Projection, Animal control

    Equipment: war hatchet

    Pros: Can control animals to do his bidding, can astrally project into the mind of other creatures and people to see the world from their eyes, only magic user who can participate in melee combat, Can get along with anyone, Can sense when hollowmen are nearby

    Cons: Starts the RP already infected

    Class Description: To be revealed in RP


    Gender: Indeterminable

    Alignment: Chaotic Light

    Skills: Necromancy

    Equipment: Ceremonial Dagger

    Pros: Can turn hollowmen to his control, Can turn dead party members into controlled hollowmen, immune to the plague, can sense hollowmen better than the shaman

    Cons: fits of psychopathic insanity, longest casting time, feared and hated by society

    Class Description: To be revealed in RP

    so, have i piqued anyone's interest? :)
  2. the lack of responses to this makes me a sad panda.

  3. My interest is piqued, but I really don't do character classes. :/
  4. *chuckles* have you ever actually tried?
  5. Don't be a bitch. People are allowed to dislike your ideas without being wrong or stupid.
  6. My curiosity is genuinely piqued. I haven't tried the class-system before in RPs. This seems interesting!
  7. ok, that was needlessly abraisive. I wasn't 'being a bitch' I was asking you a genuine question. have you actualy ever tried a class system in rs before?

    guessing by your knee-jerk reaction though, i'm going to assume that is a strong 'no'.

    well, glad to see there is some interest in trying something new on this site ^_^
  8. And I do like the plot! I normally don't do zombie-esque RPs, but I think it was the medieval and magic that got me lol.

  9. Sorry, I forget not everyone is used to casual profanity. ^^ Sorry if I came off as abrasive. But, I was making a genuine point. You don't need to act presumptuous or pretentious- Iwaku is a laid-back community; you'll attract more flies with honey than vinegar. There's no need to take an attitude and automatically assume that I must be a stubborn old fart unwilling to try anything new. I've participated in numerous RPs requiring class systems and I find they stifle my creativity. I can't get into character when I'm not allowed to decide traits for myself, and few of my characters are purely one thing or another.
    So, sorry to ruin your presumptions, but it's a pretty strong "yes".
  10. @Lady Sabine then all you had to say was yes at my original question. not bore me with your self-righteous drivel.

    anyways, you're not interested in the idea, so you've really no more reason to be here and annoy me anymore, do you?

    on your way then.

    @Incubus Prince yes, that was intended to be one of the main attractions of the idea ^_^. I find that the zombie apocalypse idea is oversaturated with modern settings, I wanted to create a way where it could be implemented in a newer, fresher setting, while retaining the same basic appeal. Hence i decided to replace the highly scientific roots of most zombie rps (deadly virus or disease that turns people into raving, mindless cannibals) and transplant those with more mystical elements (though, even the 'mysticism' in this is still somewhat scientific in nature, since elsewise magic could have become too strong a tool that would have made the zombie threat a non-issue).

    If you have any friends you think would be attracted to this idea, do feel free to pint them in the direction of this thread ^_^.
  11. You complain about not getting interest, you complain about getting interest. I've already stated that I'm interested, but whatever. To each their own.
  12. I did point one friend here and I'll make her join. Even if I have to forcefully! XD. I would like to take the Magus Scholar if you wouldn't mind
  13. sorry, but i've no intention of having someone so rude, self-centered, and quite frankly insane as part of my roleplay. Even ignoring my own personal dislike for you, I'd never subject my players to your attitude, or your rampant habit of putting words in other people's mouths and making wild, absolutely baseless assumptions only to instigate conflict.

    no interest is better than any interest from you.

    now, shoo, go on and eat some rocks or whatever it is you do in your free time.
  14. glad to hear it ^_^. and i generally work on a first-come-first-served basis when GMing RPs. The first person to put up an acceptable CS is the first person to get the spot they want.

    This is just so as to prevent players who reserved spots but then lost interest from making everyone else wait on them, i'm sure you understand ^_^.
  15. Of course I do! I'll get to work right now, then! XD
  16. A: Sabine shouldn't have said "don't be a bitch". That was rude as hell. o_o There's being casual, and there is being inappropriate with strangers you don't know yet.

    B: Buio is being just as aggressive and making it worse with fired insults, even after Sabine explained and said she was sorry. A "that's not cool, dude" would have sufficed.

    Both of you can cut that out now! Remember peeps, social manners. There's a time and place for certain behaviors and responses. Make sure you choose words appropriate for the people and the situation!
  17. *shrugs* i'll be perfectly content as soon as she removes herself from my thread. But as per your wishes I'll refrain from any further antagonizing on my part. I've no particular desire to waste my time with senseless arguments anyways.
  18. I... Uh... Hate to impose upon this... but is there any particular skeleton you'd like us to follow for our characters?
  19. *chuckles* well, might be wise to hold your horses a bit there. While i very much appreciate your zeal, this is the kind of rp that takes quite a bit of effort for me as the GM to run (which i know from previous instances of the same rp back on roleplayerguild).

    as much as I love the setting and playing it, If i can' get more positive interest for this roleplay then it sadly won't be worth my effort to set up the OOC (and much-less the IC now that i've lost the pages-long opening post since RPG got shut down).

    Edit: the skeleton will be added (along with information regarding the workings of magic in teh universe, and other expositionary details) once (if) the OOc goes up. a link to which i will be providing in this thread
  20. Okay, this all makes sense! No worries! Just know that I'm completely on board with this!
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