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    The kingdom of Atlusia is currently besieged by a plague of Hollowmen who are roaming through the countryside destroying every human settlement they come across. This is believed to be an attack from a clan of necromancers originating from the Kingdom of Xine to the south, one of the last kingdoms in the west continent to resist the imperial authority of the Atlusian crown. The 'Hollow Plague' as it has come to be known has proved to be an efficient, undeterred, and incredibly thorough magical force, wiping out several settlements and villages to the south eastern border of the kingdom within little over a week. The first three of these fell without anyone having been able to escape and warn the kingdom of the attackers that laid siege to it at the present. Squads of knights and royal mages were dispatched to deal with the problem, but were somehow overpowered by the powerful necromancers and their horde as scouts report that its movement has been unhindered. As the horde makes its way out of the southern farmlands and through the sliver road (the only passage through the mountain range that separates the southern quarter of the kingdom from the rest of it) it will inevitably find itself at the gates of the fortress town of Namban to the southeast. There, in the small but well defended town, the king's forces have set up fortifications and gathered elite troops and several college mages to stand against the invading necromantic force and put an end to this evil assault on their frontier.

    Theirs is a doomed mission. The horde is many times larger than their scouts reported, and among the ranks of the plague are beasts that no man would ever think to face on the field of battle even in his most horrid nightmares. Namban will fall, but it will not see the same fate as the conquered settlements to the south. There will be survivors to tell it's tale, and tell its tale they will have to, for it will be their duty to warn the capital of the Plague's true nature. They will be the only ones left alive to tell of how the plague is truly a congregation of masterless hollowmen who draw power from the earth itself. They will journey across the kingdom, racing against time and the plague itself so that they may war their king of this danger. Warn him so he may muster up his armies and stop the growing horde in its tracks before it becomes a swarm of undead monsters too great for the kingdom to face. The fate of their kingdom will rest upon the shoulders of their ability to survive the journey.

    Of these misfits who were never born to be heroes, this gruesome tale will be theirs.

    General Description

    So, this will be a medieval fantasy zombie apocalypse roleplay. Magic will exist in this world (and its workings are extensively explained) but it won't be anything on the level of what is observed in series such as Final Fantasy and the like. It is meant only to serve as a compensation for the fact that in this world there won;t be any firearms or cars to help our characters out like there would be in a modern zombie setting. Just like having guns and cars won;t guarantee your survival in a modern zombie outbreak though, neither will possessing magic in this.

    Beyond being set in a medieval fantasy setting though, this rp has one more major twist

    character classes.

    In this rp, players will have the ability to choose from one of ten preset character classes each with their own specific advantages, weaknesses, and personality traits. Only one character per class will be accepted, with a maximum of 5 accepted players not counting myself (meaning it will be impossible for one instance of this rp to have all classes present). there will also two extra special classes that are reserved fro the GM. The player's actions throughout the story are what will decide which of these classes my own character will be, and for the beginning of the rp i will not have a character myself and instead only post events that the players will have to react to. Much like a more traditional DM for tabletop rp games.

    World Information

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    Hollowmen and The Hollow Plague

    Hollowmen are, in essence, the living dead. They are a product of necromancy, otherwise known as 'death magic', in which a mage or 'necromancer' reanimates a corpse. Take note that this is in no way cheating the rules of life and death, a soul that has been liberated from this world can not be brought back into its mortal coil. The animation of a corpse through necromancy makes hollowmen no more 'people' than a geomancer's animated golem is likely to become an accountant. Hollowmen are mindless creatures bound to the will of the mage who summoned them, nothing more.
    Normally speaking, a Hollowman, like any magically conjured creature or puppet, requires a constant supply of magical energy from its creator to remain active. Once the necromancer stops supplying his hollowman with the energy it requires, it soon thereafter ceases to function and returns to being a regular corpse. The particular breed of hollowmen that populate the Hollow Plague, however, (hereafter referred to as Plague Hollowmen) seem to act independently from any sort of necromancer, instead drawing energy from the very ground they walk on, as well as their dying victims. As such, the passing of the plague is always marked with a barren, lifeless landscape where all vegetation has died off, it's life energy having been sucked out by the passing horde.

    Furthermore, the name 'plague hollowmen' is fitting in more ways than one. The curse that animates these corpses is rooted in a biological virus ingrained in every fibre of their rotting flesh. If any bodily fluid or part of plague hollowman finds it way onto an open wound or into the digestive system, the victim will irreversibly become infected. Once infected, the victim will gradually succumb to the curse, the process varies between subjects as it is both physical and magical in nature. Young and healthy individuals with knowledge on resisting magical effects can delay the effects of the curse for several weeks if they are lucky. Conversely weak and old subject with a poor resistance to magic will be turned within as little as 72 hours. The end result is always the same though, as the virus is incurable and the curse thus unliftable, the infected will eventually lose his sense of self completely and turn into a mindless plague hollowman. Furthermore, if one were to die after becoming infected (say, by the hands of the hollowman who probably infected you in the first place), the victim will be reanimated as a hollowman themselves within a matter of minutes regardless of their physical build or health, or prior resistance to magic.

    Plague hollowmen follow a very simple behavioural pattern, while their cognitive capabilities are limited at best, they seem to have the innate ability to sense life energy and death magic on a rudimentary scale. They recognize one another by the death magic that animates them all and group together in hordes, moving as a single unit towards high concentrations of life energy, typically human settlements, and spread the virus by killing and infecting as many humans as possible, turning them into plague hollowmen that will join them in their death march. Hollowmen are also notoriously difficult to kill by regular means. Typically, as with any magically conjured creature, it is advised that one find the source of their power (most often the mage who animated them) and cut it off. In this case, however, the hollowmen are semi-autonomous, meaning they must be dealt with directly. Being already dead, it is remarkably difficult to kill hollowmen, vital organs have, for the most part already fut down, and the large majority of them have already lost all the blood in their bodies from wounds they received that will never heal. Their muscles even provide a mostly secondary role in their animation, the curse taking over when the muscles would be otherwise too damaged or absent to operate the limbs by themselves. They are still, however, reliant on their eyes and ears to move and hunt, and thus on their brains to process that that information. Decapitation or otherwise destroying the brain is typically the only way to 'kill' a hollowman. A decapitated hollowman corpse will keep moving for a while but will most likely fall down comically within a few seconds and once the magic that supports it runs out, trying to animate it all by itself now, the corpse will return to being a normal one.

    To add to the variations plague hollowmen have on the typical breed, they possess in their ranks several frightful mutations to their natural state, they are as follow.

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    Plaguebearers (open)

    Plaguebearers are at times resulted from a mage or person with strong magical potential becoming a plague hollowman. Plaguebearers, while being physically no different from a regular plague hollowman, constantly produce an evil miasma from their pores that is filled with the same dark magic that animates them. This makes them quite dangerous because even being in the vicinity of one, or worse, several, can infect you with the plague virus without you ever having come in physical contact with a hollowman. It is theorized that plaguebearers are what form the core of an Abomination, but his is yet unconfirmed.

    Banshees (open)

    Banshees are a rare mutation that only occurs in women turned into hollowmen. As their name implies, banshee a capable of giving of a powerful and sustained scream when faced with danger. This scream, on top of being at a volume great enough to sometimes cause permanent hearing damage to anyone too close to the banshee when she starts and forced to endure it for any extended period of time, will summon any hollowman within miles to converge on her location, often flash-swarming whatever humans the screamer may have found herself confronted by.

    Orphans (open)

    Orphans are, quite horrifyingly, one of the most common mutations. Only occurring in children under the age of 15, Orphans present the possibly most physically drastic mutation outside of the unholy amalgam that is the Abomination. Orphans' skin becomes ashen gray and their very bone structure chances to permit fluid movement on all 4 limbs. Their nails grow into claws and their teeth become fangs. Orphans typically move in groups of 3-5 to make hunting prey easier. Orphans are nimble and incredibly agile when compared to other hollowmen, chasing down prey at shocking speeds. They will typically attempt to swarm a single target at a time from various angles at a time, attacking together after one of their kind has managed to blind the target with a jet of sticky bile. They show significantly more cognitive ability than the regular hunters not only in the way the gang up on prey, but in how they can lay rudimentary traps. If they notice an unwary human coming their way, they will roll up around themselves, looking like rough boulders thanks to their ashen skin and deformed physiology to anyone not paying attention and will uncoil themselves and attack all at once when their target is situated between them. the smaller build of orphans lets them economize on magical energy, but their fast movement and higher thinking makes them use up more energy than normal hollowmen nonetheless, so when they kill a prey their tend to voraciously feed on its flesh, draining every ounce of life energy from it that they can to fuel themselves, as a result, there is rarely enough left over afterwards to create a new hollowman from the remains.

    their modified physiology is not without weakness however, their bones are now quite brittle and it does not take much force to break them. Their higher cognitive ability has also made them capable of recognizing danger on some primal level, which has made them into rather cowardly hunters who only attack when they believe they have the upper hand. killing one or two is usually enough to scare the rest off, and attacking a group before they realize your presence will send them into a disorganized panic.

    Because they use up so much energy in moving and hunting, they will typically ride on the backs of abominations, hooking onto their flesh with with their sharp claws when the horde is moving from one settlement to another. This both saves them from using energy to walk, and allows them to draw on power generated from the abomination's core. Once an attack on a settlement has begun, Orphans who are low on energy will typically converge on the nearest plaguebearer to absorb the magical energy found in his dark miasma before returning to the hunt. For some reason, Orphans are extremely protective of Banshee and hearing one's scream will send them into a killing frenzy where they will not rest until whatever threatens her is dead, regardless of how many of their own fall.

    Abomination (open)

    It is still unsure how these hellish creatures are created, some theorize that the black, death-magic filled miasma of plaguebearers has something to do with it, but these speculations have not yet been confirmed. What is known about abominations, however, is that they are thankfully the rarest occurrence of mutated hollowmancreature. They are towering giants, standing at approximately 20 feet tall and seemingly composed of dozens of other hollowmen plus various detached limbs whose flesh have fused together to create one hulking, bipedal monstrosity. They are especially hard to kill because they have no proper 'head' as it were, being a collection of corpses piled together to vaguely resemble a humanoid shape. They instead have a core or 'heart' within their chest that acts as the central generator of the immense amount of death magic that is required for their sustained existence, this is where the theory that one or more plaguebearers is involved in the creation of said core comes from, since the miasma they give off is full of potent death magic. Destroying the core is the only recorded way to kill an abomination, but little other than a well-placed ballista bolt has the potential to even reach the core past the thick layer of flesh and bone, much less damage it beyond use.


    >General Workings

    In the world of Atlusia, Magic is essentially the study of the metaphysical laws of cause and effect that govern reality as is understood by the human mind, as well as the science of manipulating these laws as one desires. Every action taken, every word spoken, every noise made, every gesture done has an impact on the forces of reality beyond what can be observed strictly in the physical realm. Through the understanding of what action has what impact on the laws of reality, one can perform a series of actions that have an unexpected impact upon reality that, to the layman, appear to be pure mysticism.

    For example, a magical incantation accompanied by hand gestures that result in a magician creating a small flame in his palm, is in fact a series of incredibly specific noises and movements that, taking the laws of reality's cause and effect into account, 'trick' the universe into believing that the 'cause' of a match being lit has occurred. The universe then balances itself out by creating the 'effect' of fire being born, seemingly out of thin air.

    >Magic Types

    Magic, in this world, is generally divided into two major categories. Pure magic and Base magic.
    Pure Magic is magic that creates an effect (a flame being created) to which there is no physically observable cause (a match meeting the friction required to light it). Because one is effectively creating something out of nothing pure magic is incredibly complex and difficult to master. It would take a mage decades of study and a considerable amount of talent to cast even the most basic 'pure magic' spells. The above example of a mage creating a small candle flame in their hands from nothing is such an example of pure magic.

    Base Magic comprises the majority of magic that has so far been observed and developed in the world. It is magic that has root in the physical world but bends (rather than breaks) its laws to the magician's benefit. If creating the flame of a lit match without actually lighting one is an example of pure magic, then lighting a match and in following casting a spell that makes its flame burn as brightly or as intensely as a torch is an example of 'base' magic. One takes a 'cause' that is already present (the match being lit and creating fire) and, through the manipulation of the laws of reality by use of chants/gestures/symbols/what have you, changes it into a similar 'cause' (a torch being lit and creating fire) in order to obtain a new effect from the universe (the match giving off as much light/fire as a torch).

    >Magical Terms
    Magical Potential (open)

    'Magical Potential' is described as a person or creature's natural affinity at understanding the laws of reality and altering them through magic. Contrary to popular belief, someone with higher magical potential does not generate a greater amount of magical energy, instead they are simply more inclined to the laws of magic and can do more within the limitations of the magical energy around them than others could. it shoudl also be noted that while magical potential remains constant throughout ones life, potential alone does not denote the capabilities of a mage. It is entirely possible for a mage of lesser potential to surpass another simply by studying harder and becoming more intimately acquainted with magical theory and laws.

    Magical Energy (open)

    'Magical Energy' is the objective potential of reality-distortion through magic in a certain point in space, time, and reality. this term exists because reality in a certain area can only be bent so much by magic, the universe 'tricked' so many times, before reality begins unravelling itself. Once the breaking point is reached, the universe will cease to create desired 'effects' for a magician's created 'causes' so as to prevent a tear in reality from occurring. This phenomena is refereed to as depleting an object or area's magical energy.

    As time passes, the universe will gradually distance itself from this 'breaking point', resulting in that object/area's magical energy being restored.

    Certain objects, materials, shapes, creatures, and (rarely) people are natural propagators of magical energy, this is to say that their very presence in a certain space will increase the objective potential of reality distortion within that space, allowing for more magic to be cast around them before the universe reaches breaking point. A Mage's staff and the crystals they tend to carry around are both examples of such items.

    Contrary to popular belief, it is very rare (if not completely unheard of) for a mage's spell tome to be one such conduit of magical energy. Usually speaking, spell tomes are more akin to scientific textbooks, containing within them the names and descriptions of several spells, as well as instruction on how to cast them as well as defend against them. The few tomes that have successfully been converted into conduits of magical energy are referred to as grimoires, and are typically only seen in the hands of Master Magi.

    Miracles (open)

    The 'miracles' performed by adepts in the Sisterhood of Peace are technically holy magic. This is magic centring around the restoration and preservation of the body and mind. However, for religious reasons, the sisterhood does not officially recognize this fact, keeping to their tenets that their miracles are a gift from their Goddess bestowed upon chosen disciples. Unlike a studied mage casting a spell, sisters will preform the rites required to cast miracles without understanding the effects of their action on the laws of reality. This has led to some head butting between the Mages and Sisters due to the differences in their interpretations of the fundamentals behind the craft that they both master.

    Magical Ranks (open)

    Magician - a general term for a practitioner of magic, usually reserved for someone who is 'self taught' or otherwise not officialy trained with any discernible sect.

    Mage Apprentice - the title give to students studying in an official magical institution (such as the college in Codai). sometimes referred to as 'magelings' by those outside the magical community.

    Mage - A title used to refer to a mage who has earned official certification by graduating from a state-recognized magical institution. The plural of Mage is Mages

    Magus - A title given to mages who have become proficient enough in their craft that they are allowed to teach at a magical institution. Those who are noted for their remarkable intelect, or have positions as teachers at particularly prestigious institutions (such as the college in Codai) are sometimes referred to as Magus Scholars. the plural of Magus is Magi (pronounced mage-eye, not mag-ee).

    Master Magus - A title given to a magus that has completely mastered at least one school of magical study. Magical institutions are generally overseen by a board of Master Magi, how many are on the board usually increases with the size and prestige of the particular institution (Codai's college, for example, has a board of 7).

    Sisterhood of Peace

    A religious, non-political, but highly respected organization composed entirely of women that is spread all over the western continent. The sisters of peace offer prayer to one nameless goddess who represents boundless love, kindness, and good will towards mankind, and as her devotees the sisters work to spread these values through their every action. They have churches and temples in nearly every major city across the continent (and in several smaller settlements as well), and work tirelessly as healers, spiritual councillors, caretakers and even occasionally lawyers in order to promote peace of not only body but mind and soul as well. They have all taken vows of celibacy and are forbidden from ever ending a human life, even in self defence.

    The difference between a temple and a church in their order is that a temple will hold within a private shrine containing a statue of the goddess in which chosen sisters may meditate in solitude, cutting themselves from the outside world in order to deepen their bond with the goddess. Temples also play home to a Temple Mother, the sister who is of highest authority within the region. Because of these facts a temple is nearly always a grand edifice of beautiful but simplistic and pure architecture. A church, on the other hand, is any edifice overseen by one or more Sisters that is dedicated to the general worship of the goddess, as well as the spread of her kindness in the mortal world. Temples are usually only found in large cities, and only one or two per kingdom generally exist.

    When a sister of the peace is found to have great magical potential, she is considered 'blessed' by their goddess, and is instructed in the magical healing arts of miracle casting by other sisters with the same abilities. Once she has mastered these arts, she is granted the title of 'Adept', one held in high reverence by the sister, and makes her authority second only to the temple mother of her region (and is often trained to become the successor to that temple mother, resulting in a high number of temple mothers being capable of casting miracles as well).

    The Imperial Kingdom of Atlusia
    The imperial kingdom of Atlusia is the bed of a great empire that has reached far and wide across the northern half of the western continent.

    The reason it is called an 'imperial kingdom' is steeped deeply into the cultural myths of the kingdom. Legend tells that several thousand years ago, Aetluz Misei the first Atlusian king (and the man after which the kingdom was named) led a mighty campaign of conquest in which he fought all other armies of the western continent (and some stories claim the entire world) and unified their nation under his banner, bringing the world in a golden age of prosperity and peace during his rule.

    So mighty was he as a man, that as his body withered and decayed through old age, his spirit remained fierce and untamed, surviving the passing of his mortal coil and continuing to lead his kingdom even after death. The god were angered that a mortal was daring to transcend death, and sent several of their emissaries to strike down the spirit king and send him to teh afterlife, but all challengers could do nothing against the greatness of king Aetluz. Eventually the spirit king challenged the gods themselves to come and take him. Infuriated by his hubris, the gods accepted the challenge and one by one met him in honourable combat. One by one these elder beings fell to his indomitable will. When the last god fell and they knew they had been bested, they relented in their quest to dethrone the spirit king, and instead offered him a new crown. Souls could not remain bound to the mortal realm after passing, this was divine law, however they knew that Aetluz was too great to find peace within the afterlife, and instead offered to take him to their divine realm, where eh woudl reign as god emperor, and watch over not only his kingdom, but all of creation for eternity.

    Aetluz accepted the offer, and named his closest still living descendant King of Atlusia by divine providence, mortal vessel of the god emperor's will on earth. The spirit king then left this world in company of teh gods, and ascended to his rightful position as god emperor.

    Throughout the ensuing millennia, time marched on, and the once indomitable Atlusian kingdom (refered to as the 'golden kingdom' by historians) became fractured, consumed by political division and the claims to glory of other men wishing to create their own dynasties, and the great empire fell, shttering into dozens and then hundreds of warring independent nations.

    Two hundred years ago, however, the fourth king of Atlusia's third imperial dynasty discovered the old texts telling the legend of the kingdom's former glory and set out to rectify its now miserable state. Launching a campaign of conquest with the same goal of unification as his legendary forefather, the king becan invading and annexing neighbouring nations, imposing on them the law of imperial decree. As part of their status as lands within the God emperor's divine empire, they were allowed to retain their independence as autonomous kingdoms, as well as the practice of whatever religion they wished. But they were now to show fealty and pay tribute(taxes) to the Atlusian kingdom, and needed to re-write their scriptures in according to divine mandate, acknowledging that the god emperor Aetluz Misei reigned over any gods or spirits they offered prayer to.

    The campaign was highly successful across the north, even as the fourth king did and was succeeded by is son, but Atlusia had a mighty rival to the south. The kingdom of Xine, just across the mighty southern Requas river. For all of Atlusia's military might, their navy was severely lacking (being landlocked in all directions other than south), a stark contrast to Xine's great naval fleet. Through several attempts, Atlusian forces were never capable of successfully crossing the channel and launching a sufccesful invasion of Xine. Going around the long way wasn't an option either, as news of Xine's repeated defence against the expansionist empire rallied teh suthern kingdoms to their cause, birthing a combine known as 'The Southern Black Coalition'. Named in honour of Xine's black and silver flag, the coalition was a union of the southern kingdoms, brought together by their shared refusal to bow down to the empire that had swept across the northern continent.

    Now is the time of the Seventh King of the Third dynasty in atlusia. The western continent is evenly divided between the empire to the north, and the coalition to the south. For the last thirty years a tenuous peace has reigned between the great superpowers, both realizing that they were incapable of mounting a crushing enough offence that would turn the centuries-long stalemate to their favour. Tension, however, are always high, and skirmishes between kingdoms of the empire and kingdoms of the coalition are frequent. As each super power continuously looks for chinks in their enemy's armor and for new weaposn to use against them, it is only a matter of time before all out war breaks out again.

    Character Classes

    Capable all-rounders with diverse skills, Leaders, as their name implies, are at their peak when they can command and guide others. While possessing no great specialty themselves, they possess the skills to rally others together, which is indispensable in times of hardship.

    Guard Captain
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    Gender: M

    Alignment: Neutral

    Skills: Extensive Weapon's Training, Tactical Training,

    Equipment: Sword, Shield, Crossbow, Light armor

    Pros: Short and long range, Can command/inspire units in battle, harder to infect

    Cons: few useful skills outside of combat

    Class Description: An officer of the law that has lived in Namban for his whole life. A family man, he is the captain of the guard like his father before him, and his father's father before him, but cares more about keeping the fortress town peaceful and generally happy than ensuring that all crime be put to a halt. As such he's turned a blind eye to more than one pauper boy stealing bread from a fat, happy merchant's stall. He stays out of politics for the most part, neither pandering to the rich or busying himself helping the poor, content to simply do his job, lead his men, and provide for his family as best he can. He is skilled with a sword and buckler and is decently accurate with a crossbow, but has never had his skills tested in actual combat by anything more than (mostly drunken) untrained ruffians. Ever since the Imperial knights showed up to help prepare for the invasion he has been extremely busy helping them manage resources, mobilize his men, run training drills, plan out for possible eventualities, build defences and do more general preparation for the attack. He doesn't challenge their authority as envoys of the king, but is quick to subtly remind them that no one knows his men and his town better than he does, and that they are infinitely better off respecting his position as captain of the guard and taking his advice into consideration if they wish to mount a defence with as little casualties as possible.

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    Gender: M/F

    Alignment: Neutral

    Skills: Basic Weapon's training, Charisma, Journeyman's knowledge, Basic food preparation/preservation.

    Equipment: Sword, Map&Compass, Provisions, spyglass

    Pros: Can get along well and inspire loyalty from anyone, Knows the roads and terrain of the kingdom well

    Cons: not as useful in combat or intimidating to highwaymen as the Guard Captain

    Class Description: A free-spirited journeyman who goes wherever their feet takes them. Seeks the thrill of adventure and discovery wherever they go and are always sure to collect as many good tales and stories as possible during their travels so they may share it later with whomever they may meet around a campfire or mug of ale. Bard at occasions, merchant at others, the adventurer knows many tongues and, more importantly, how to use them to leave a good impression on nearly anyone, be they king or be they peasant, be they scum or be they scholar. Exuding an air of confidence from their rich and varied experiences, they always seem to know what they are doing or what should be done. They are handy with a blade when it is needed, no one would brave the wilds ad all the beasts and rogues that it brings if they were not, but prefer to avoid trouble altogether if possible, as long as it doesn't put an end to their adventures that is. As chance would have it, they were already in Namban when the procession of Imperial Knights and their Magus associates made its way into the town and news of the impending attack made its way through the populace. It was after sharing some ale with one of said knights that the adventurer learned that the supposed 'battle' was by all means going to be glorious massacre and that the Knights were more than ready to put a definitive end to the Necromancers and their undead 'plague, which was why they hadn't bothered to issue an order to evacuate the towns people. Considering that, if this information was true, they would run little risk of encountering danger in Namban during the battle, the adventurer decided to stay within the city as it would unfold and observe the events firsthand. Doubtless, the tales of 'the battle of Namban' in which many stalwart knights cut through swathes of undead abominations and struck down their necromantic masters would serve for great inspiration for some new songs to sing around the campfire or at the pub.


    Practitioners of the magical arts. Bad to useless in direct combat, but benefit from great versatility and unique capabilities thanks to their craft. Requires time to cast spells but can often be the deciding factor between life and death

    Magus Scholar
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    Gender: M/F

    Alignment: Dark

    Skills: Magic, Great intellect

    Equipment: Staff, Magical crystals, Magic Tome,

    Pros: Fastest cast time, Versatile through knowledge of several spells, Knowledgeable on several diverse subjects

    Cons: Weak physique, Impatient with others (especially the slow of wit), Rude

    Class Description: One of the Mages from the Arcane College in the central Atlusian city of Codai that has joined the procession of knights that have come to put an end to the Hollow Plague. Having Achieved the rank of Magus, this scholar is a well-respected professor who has become proficient in several schools of magical theory and practice and is the leading authority on magecraft in Namban at the moment, brought in for their expertise on various types of magic so as to help identify the source of the Hollow Plague's magical energy and eliminate it. While the Magus scholar is well respected amongst mages of the scholar, well liked is another matter entirely. They are strict, serious and cynical. Observing everything from a purely realistic and scientific approach, sparing no tolerance for baseless optimism or folkloric mysticism. while they are fascinated by all manner of intellectual pursuits, which has contributed to their vast knowledge on magic, they see no point in base interests such as drunken revelry or contests of brute strength and have little love for those who overindulge in such activities, making little effort to hide this fact to boot. The magus wastes no time on those who are too intellectually impaired to hold an interesting conversation with them and are quickly frustrated when they are forced explain something to someone that is beyond their understanding and requires the magus to 'dumb it down' for them. While the magus doesn't necessarily 'look down' on those less intelligent than themselves, realizing that society would not function if it were populated solely by intellectuals who loathe physical labor, and that those with 'different' strength and capabilities are important to the functioning of society, they make it quite apparent that they wish to spend as little time in the company of these people, 'essential' as they may be.

    Sister of Peace
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    Gender: F

    Alignment: Lawful Light

    Skills: Can cast miracles, advanced medical training, advanced food preparation

    Equipment: Holy Rosary

    Pros: Can heal and treat wounds better than anyone(includes healing fatigue), can boost morale and mood by performing blessings on party members (neutral and light characters only) and cooking good food

    Cons: Essentially useless in combat outside of support role (poor physique and refuses to harm or kill anyone), can irritate chaotic or dark allies through preaching

    Class Description: A devout adept in the Sisterhood of Peace, a religious organization of nuns and priestesses who teach the word of unity, peace and love for one's fellow man that was brought down to them by their goddess. The religious group and its temples and churches pledge allegiance to no single crown or kingdom and can be found all throughout the western continent, rejecting none from receiving the blessings of their goddess, though only accepting women into service in the name of the goddess. The sister is a kind and gentle soul who is devout in her service both to the goddess and to the people of Namban, being the right hand maid of the Temple Mother there and the only adept capable of performing miracles. In keeping with the teachings of her order she is a vessel of chastity and love for all things living, having taken vows to never take a husband or a human life for as long as she is to remain in the service of the goddess. While she possesses a love for all peoples, she is especially fond of young children and loves to watch them at play when she is not busy with her work as a Sister. Her only great fault would be that she is too devout to the goddess and will often preach her teachings even when it isn't called for. Despite her generally mild nature, she has little tolerance for those who would speak ill of her order or its teachings and will defend them both steadfastly. With the approaching battle, the sister has been hard at work providing blessings to those who came to visit the temple and making preparations for the wounded they would doubtlessly have to tend to, and the dead they would have to bury after the battle.

    Specialists by nature, Rogues posses a wide variety of skills that turn their home field into a veritable playground for them. Typically bad in direct combat but usually make up for this with abilities that favor a more skillful and discrete approach.

    Huntress of the Wilds
    Show Spoiler

    Gender: F

    Alignment: Chaos

    Skills: Advanced Archery, Tracking, Advanced food preservation, expert wilderness navigation, Flora and Fauna Knowledge, Trapping

    Equipment: Bow and Arrows, skinning knife, Snares

    Pros: can hunt game and identify edible plants in the wild, can navigate party through densely forested areas, can pick off targets silently and accurately at the longest distance, can skin pelts for trade and clothing

    Cons: Does not get along well with men or enjoy human interaction, hates being in urban areas for an extended period of time

    Class Description: A wild, independent woman who makes her home in the Fami woods to the north west of Namban. Without family and with few friends in the town, what the huntress values more than anything is her own freedom. She has been living i the woods for years and hunting in them for longer, they are where she feels most at home and she prefers running with the wolves over talking with other people. While she will occasionally make trips to the fortress town to sell animal skins she has collected, and use the coin to buy whatever materials or tools she may be in need of in the wild, she greatly dislikes being in the town for too long, becoming claustrophobic when surrounded by other people for too long, and as such rarely stays longer than a day or two in the own before heading back out for her home in the woods. She especially hates men of all ages and is just as likely to gut any one foolish enough to try and 'court' her. Despite her infrequent interactions with other humans, knowledge of her skill with a bow being unparalleled is common in Namban, earning her the title 'witch of the wilds' to many too cowardly to call her this to her face. It was for this reason that she was approached by the captain of the guard, a man whom she owed a favor, and asked to lend her bow to the defence of Namban during the ensuing battle, for adequate compensation of her choice of course. Typically the huntress would have refused, but being in the debt of a man was a state she was all too eager to get out of, and so she accepted to be part of the all but assured victory, if only to ensure he wouldn't request an even more bothersome favor at a later date.

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: M

    Alignment: Chaotic Dark

    Skills: Lock-picking, Stealth, pickpocketing, expert urban exploration, persuasion

    Equipment: Pair of steel daggers

    Pros: Can move quietly and without drawing attention to himself, Can gather information through the merchant's guild quickly, Can acquire funds through thievery easily, can navigate secret passages and sewers in urban locales, Silver tongued: can get his way through smooth talking, trickery, and negotiation most of the time

    Cons: Selfish and disloyal, Misogynistic, Not very useful in direct combat (relies primarily on stealth and getting the first strike in)

    Class Description: A silver-tongued trickster who makes a habit of looking out only for himself and has even less respect for women than he typically does everyone else. Not much is said of this cooked thief, he remorselessly scams and pickpockets his way into a life of relative comfort and his quick wits and quick feet give him a valid exit strategy virtually ay time karma comes knocking. He always keeps a pair of nice daggers concealed on his person for when his luck does run out and more direct methods are needed. He is a respected enough member of the "Codai Merchant's Guild", a semi-legitimate but ultimately thinly veiled criminal organization for thieves, fences, brothel kings and assassins everywhere; with guild houses all over the empire, as such there are very few things of interest that happen in his neck of the woods that he is not aware of. He was planing on skipping town before the arrival of the oh so righteous knights that would have complicated his 'dealings', but was betrayed by one of his 'associates' from the guild who managed to pin several murders in the kingdom (assassination contracts, as they were) on him. It was one sticky situation he wasn't capable of slithering out of and he was apprehended by the town guard and thrown in prison. His execution is set for a few days after the battle, but he is unworried. He has cheated those who would see him dead many times before and in far worse situations, for the moment he is simply biding his time and waiting for opportunity to present itself.


    Warriors are classes centered almost exclusively (whether directly or indirectly) on combat, with specialties in either offense or defense that can't be rivaled by any other class. In a time filled with so much death, warriors who ensure it falls on others rather than themselves or their allies are almost indispensable.

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: M

    Alignment: Lawful Dark

    Skills: Smithing, Heavy Weapons Training

    Equipment: Battle axe, Smith's kit

    Pros: Can wield the heaviest weapons, Can carry more equipment than anyone else, Can repair and maintain the party's equipment with his smith's tools, Can create new items in towns with a forge

    Cons: Stern and unsociable, Unintelligent, doesn't have the skill or training to wield lighter weapons or pole-arms efficiently, very lightly armored despite ability to deal great damage.

    Class Description: The executioner is a man of few words who does his job diligently with no visible passion nor remorse. When he is not wearing the cowl or sharpening his axe he is actually the town's blacksmith, and while he does the regular work of smiths, fixing horseshoes and fences and pots ad other common things for those who will pay him the coin, his true specialty lies in weapon crafting. he has a patient, dedicated, almost artistic approach to fashioning blades and hammers and maces of all kinds. he is very proud of his work and after crafting simple-looking but expertly made weapons with the patience and attention to fine detail of a skilled artisan, will then spend hours testing out each weapon by swinging them repetitively to ensure their balance and feel. He has a preference for large, heavy weapons most men could not handle. War hammers, battle axes, claymores, he will stay in his shop, diligently swinging away with these heavy weapons as if they were the lightest of things for whole nights at times. There is a certain peace of mind that is granted when one simply does the same action over and over again, and the practice shows when he dons his cowl and takes up the role of the executioner, cutting through heads with his great axe as if they weren't even there, following through in a single clean movement that meets no resistance as it cleaves through flesh and bone. He knows that his work, however forgiven by the state, is a murderer's work. He routinely puts an end to lives, cutting them short with a single motion. It is grim work, but it is necessary, and fate simply chose that he would be the one called upon to complete it, as with many things, he simply decides not to think on it any further than that.

    Imperial Knight
    Show Spoiler

    Gender: M

    Alignment: Law

    Skills: Advanced weapons training, Equestrian training, Extensive tactical training

    Equipment: Plate-mail armor, longsword, Kite shield, Spear, Imperial Seal

    Pros: can wield every kind of melee weapon proficiently, can use polearms, can fight on horseback better than anyone, more heavily armored than anyone else, The imperial seal he carries commands the authority of the king

    Cons: has little to no patience for any acts that go against the laws of the king regardless of circumstance, expects to be served and waited on as is befitting of a knight of his stature, does not take well to having his authority or request rejected.

    Class Description: One of the Imperial Knights who rode to the defense of the kingdom at Namban. Son of the king's cousin, a duke of the court, the knight was born into nobility and has been raised to be a leader of men. Served on hand and foot for the entirety of his life by maids and servants, he naturally places himself above the common folk, seeing them as vessels for his will and the will of all nobles. In his mind it is a simple give and take relationship, they submit to being ruled by the higher classes and in return those higher classes ensure the well-being and government of the kingdom. A chess game can only be won if the pawns submit to being moved according to the will of the king and, at times, sacrificed to protect said king. to him, the word of the king is absolute across the land and overrides any feeble sense of morality or selfish instinct of self-preservation. Because of this outlook, he hardly tolerates even the pettiest crime and does not stand having his position as a noble overlooked, especially by mere peasants. The knight was taught how to wield weapons from a very young age as his position as a future knight was essentially decided from birth. He is skilled in all types of melee weaponry, having a distinct preference for the particularly hard to master pole arms, being proficient in the use of everything from lances to spears to voulges, to even the odd slashing spear-weapons of the eastern continent: the naginata. While his time with the knights has taught him basic marksmanship, he has no great love for ranged weaponry. His armour will prevent anything short of a ballista bolt from reaching his flesh and his steed can simply ride him within swinging distance of the cowards and their longbows. For the battle he will serve as second-in-command to Captain-Commander Gismere, though he has been left tasked with the defence of the town itself should anything go wrong. This is mostly an honorary position since the battle is an all-but-assured crushing victory. Due to his direct lineage to the king, and the specialized imperial seal he carries that proves this, he often is given low-risk, low-danger tasks on the field of battle. A fact that annoys him but that he accepts as the will of his superiors.


    Powerful and diverse hybrids with incredible strength but crippling drawbacks. Special classes add a whole new layer to the story and gameplay (GM only)

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: M

    Alignment: Light

    Skills: Astral Projection, Animal control

    Equipment: war hatchet

    Pros: Can control animals to do his bidding, can astrally project into the mind of other creatures and people to see the world from their eyes, only magic user who can participate in melee combat, Can get along with anyone, Can sense when hollowmen are nearby

    Cons: Starts the RP already infected

    Class Description: To be revealed in RP

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Indeterminable

    Alignment: Chaotic Light

    Skills: Necromancy

    Equipment: Ceremonial Dagger

    Pros: Can turn hollowmen to his control, Can turn dead party members into controlled hollowmen, immune to the plague, can sense hollowmen better than the shaman

    Cons: fits of psychopathic insanity, longest casting time, feared and hated by society

    Class Description: To be revealed in RP

    Character Template

    Name: (your character's name)
    Age: (how old he/she is)
    Gender: (male or female, choice only open to classes with the M/F indication)
    Class: (what class your character is)
    *Appearance: (what your character looks like, picture or description are fine)

    Weapon of Choice: (what your character's go-to weapon is, must fit in with their class specialties)
    Equipment: (what equipment your character carries, determined by class)
    *Possessions: (any extra items your character might carry, such as a ring or memento of some sort, can not be items with a self-evident use in combat or survival that your character's class doesn't have access to like a map or sword)

    *Personality: (Important personality traits belonging to your character)
    History: (your character's history up to his point. Important events in their lives and how they have crafted your character into who they are today)


    Buio (DiAngelo) as GM
    Incubus Prince as Magus Scholar Orin Sylvari

    Sir Basil as Guard Captain Rhisiart Aenurin
    Vexor as Executioner Skjalar Idasson
    Tanstin as Imperial Knight Wallace Daegran
    Namora as Huntress of the Wilds Clarice Eryn Deveraux
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  2. Name: Orin Sylvari
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Class: Magus Scholar
    *Appearance: [​IMG]

    Weapon of Choice: His Staff
    Equipment: He carries just a couple magic crystals, which help his magical abilities; and he also has a Magic Tome. (Explained in history)
    *Possessions: He carries nothing from his past as any sort of memento of his past. He only carries his equipment.

    *Personality: Orin is a very very VERY impatient person. He can't stand having to repeat himself and he absolutely HATES explaining something that has already been plainly stated out. He is a sarcastic and witty guy that loves to use words to mess with other people's heads. He isn't necessarily quiet, but he won't be the first person to speak up about a situation, but when he does, he shoots off every logical explanation possible and completely dominates your world with scientific facts. He hates doing anything labor related. He loves to use his words to get others to do his work for him while he just watches. He is also one who won't do anything that he isn't absolutely 100% positive that he could do flawlessly. He doesn't go in and do something that he has even the slightest doubt about.

    History: Orin comes from humble beginnings. When he was growing up, he was always smarter than all of the other kids. He was the top in his class, finding the work that the school did far to simple. He never really liked any of the people in his class because he felt that they were too 'intellectually mundane,' a famous quote directly from the Magus' mouth, to associate with.

    The next months after he had graduated from his school, he quickly made his way to Codai and enrolled into the school there. He fell quickly in love with how intelligent the other men and women were. He was so happy to actually be able to carry on a conversation with someone because he wasn't told to stop every five seconds because he was using 'big words.' He quickly went through his classes and learned how to use magic. He quickly learned how to use the Base Magic. It was like it was just something that came naturally to him as he applied himself more than most others enrolled into the college in Codai.

    Orin, being a younger prodigy of a mage, was told to go into his professor's classroom one night after all of the other students had left. When he entered, he was told by his professor that he thought that Orin had some great potential and it showed in all that he did. His professor felt that Orin himself was getting close to reaching his full potential that was immediately offered to him at his current level. His teacher had sneaked him a Magic Tome under the condition that Orin was to never practice any of the spells until he was sure he could do it and that no other person know that he has it. That he was only to read through it and gain the intelligence and, as he became more sure of his skills, eventually, eventually meaning 'years or so down the road,' he could actually use the book for offensive purposes in the war, if it is still going on. Even to this day, he hasn't used the Tome in any purpose other than reading material.

    With his potential that he went after, Orin quickly rose up to the rank of 'Magus Scholar,' allowing him the opportunity to teach his area of magic if he pleased. He was in the middle of contemplating whether or not he wished to teach, which he is still doing, as he was enlisted into the war. He is expected to be a great asset in the war, but only time will tell what he will bring to the war.
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  3. AHA! I KNEW I was forgetting something when writing up the edits to the magic section.

    right, prince, i do like the CS, but i forgot to specify, there is actually a difference between 'mage' and 'magus' in this. I'll be editing this into the opening post after i've done writing this post, but basically a 'mage' is the general term for a state-recognized magician. A 'magus' however, is a particular status within mage ranks, specifically, it is the status given to mages who have become proficient enough in their craft that they are considered of high enough level to be allowed to teach classes on magic to other students at the college in codai (think of it like being a university professor giving lectures at UCLA or another university of that calibre). so yeah, his history is gonna need some revising to reflect this (and you may want to consider making him a bit older, though i wouldn't necesarily be opposed toa 'young prodigy' character either).

    Also, in your equipment section you seem to have left the sentence unfinished. I shoudl also mention that only master magi (magi being the plural of magus, they are essentially the equivalent of a 'head professor'. A magus that has completely mastered one or more particular schools of magic) carry tomes that they can use as their main weapon that helps them cast spells (acting as a focci for magical energy). I'm not opposed to your character having one of these tomes, but if he does have one and you do want him to have it as his main weapon, then you shoudl throw in a few lines about what master magus gave it to him and why.

    Also, it shoudl be noted, the battle of Namban (the battle that i will be detailing in the opening post of the IC thread) will actually be the first real fight that the army of the king has put up against the hollow plague. Up until now the plague has been raiding small settlements to the south and the kingdom has very little actual information ons what the plague's strength and numbers are (this, due to the fact that the southern province is separated from the rest of the county by a mountain range with only one major road connecting it to the rest). So none of our characters will actually have fought any hollowmen before the start of this rp (which is the main reason why the town is going to fall).
  4. I read up on this in the Interest check, and I like it. Also, Lady Sabine's not usually like that. I'm not rushing to her defense, but it's actually quite a loss not having her in on this in my opinion.

    Name: Skjalar Idasson
    Age: 24
    Class: Executioner
    Appearance: Dark-skinned and brawny, but not excessively so. His hair is long and a very dark blonde and he has sea-blue eyes. Keeps his face clean-shaven. His nose is bent slightly more downward than average from being broken by a more feisty prisoner, and he has a large scar running down the right side of his face.

    Weapon of Choice: A 5-1/2' long greatsword of a forgotten make. The only memento he has of his father's bloodline.
    Equipment: Standard black linen hood associated with his profession, with a white tinge around the eyeholes to aid his vision. A leather apron, boots, gloves, and woolen pants. And finally, a sleeveless steel ringmail tunic.
    Possessions: A hammer of medium size and weight, a few nails, a splitting axe, and a knife.

    Personality: Generally he'll keep to himself, but is very sociable when approached the right way. He'll generally keep his cool, but will react harshly to any who show utter contempt for the less fortunate. Especially when the latter are children.
    History: Born a bastard to a pauper mother, he suffered constant berations and even physical abuse from the other citizens of his community. His mother always comforted him when he came home bloody and bruised. Thankfully he'd never suffered anything worse or longer lasting than a minor concussion or a black eye. As he grew older, to around 8, he found that he had a lot of time on his hands, this is when he first showed an interest in the smithing trade. He took a small knife from the kitchen cabinet and scavenged through the forest for a bit of wood large enough for what he had in mind. A beautiful, if crudely made little statuette is what he came home with. He continued this and eventually started working with leather, then metal, until he managed to make his little hobby into a nice source of income, turning a blind eye when the occasional vagabond plucked an ingot or a figurine from his shelves. Then , when he was 16, his mother took ill, and died in his arms. Suspicion immediately fell on him. He'd spent a considerable amount of his spare time carefully perusing through books and scrolls in the shops, and had bought enough to fill about half a shelf. Well, one of these books actually happened to be on various poisons, and another on base magicks. Everyone from the illiterate paupers, to the minor mages and educated nobles figured they'd put two and two together and promptly ran to the door of his shop, only to find him gone, along with the old sword that had always hung above the fire. He learned later, after passing through the mountains, that the pneumonic plague (pneumonia) had blown through that town not three weeks after he fled. Satisfied that he was safe, he settled in the first civilized place he'd found shortly after, staying in the local inn until he could open another shop, and taking on the job of executioner for even so many years longer. All-in-all, he was content, all trace of his supposed guilt had been thoroughly erased, though he wished he could have given his mother a proper burial before fleeing.
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  5. Does my character have to have the personality you described? I'd be all about playing a rogue or a Sister of Peace, but I don't want to be misogynistic?
  6. Update

    i edited the first post's magic section with a description of the 'ranks' in magical society.

    @Vexor you can type up as many character sheets as you want, but you will ultimately be limited to just one character because of the limit in space in this rp. just wanted to make that clear *chuckles

    as for the character himself well, first things first, in the CS, the appearance section was left unfinished with "and he" *chuckles*

    with his equipment everything's fine, but i want you to add in that his chainmail tunic is sleeveless. the pitfal of the executioner's unmatched offence is that he is very lightly armoured and thus has a high chance of getting infected by the time the rp is over *chuckles*.

    also, you should edit him having 'several' books that he collected, with only a few here and there, just so it doesn't contradict with his character trait f being slow of wit.

    other than that he's good ^_^. One minor thing i'll have to mention is that you should specify that the plague that passed through his hometown was not THE hollow plague but rather a normal epidemic that killed everyone, simply because the actual hollow plague is a relatively recent affair.

    @Sir Basil *chuckles* yep, the personality has to remain within the confines (but is not limited to) what is put up in the character class description. The reason for this is because i purposefully want to make it hard for these characters to get along. I purposefully made it so that some of the classes would not 'mix' well with the others (the magus eing impatient with idiots, and the executioner being slow of wit. The thief being misogynistic and the huntress disliking men. etc.) so that the group would not only have to survive attacks from the outside, but also have to learn to tolerate one another on their long journey through the country.

    however, it's like i said, the character is not 'limited' to those character traits. The ones listed above have to be present, but that isn't 'all' that there has to be to the character. An example is that the last time i ran this rp, the guy who made the executioner character also made him highly religious, and explained the executioner not feeling guilt over his profession through him feeling like he was delivering souls unto god.

    another example from a former version of this rp is that someone once took the Sister's character trait of loving children, and expanded on that to the point where he made her a closeted pedophile, that way he was able to make her less of a 'goody two shoes'.

    so don;t look at the thief's mysoginy as a limitation on the character, look at it as a challenge for you to explain that negative character trait artistically. Maybe he was beaten by his mother as a child? Maybe he has had a long history of bad relationships? Maybe he was raised by a clan of all-male thieves that forced him to commit rape and murder in order to make him 'one of them' at a young age, twisting and warping his mind as well as his opinion of the opposite sex? If you don;t like a character trait, then take that as an opportunity to play with the character in order to make him/her into something you DO like despite that trait ^_^.
  7. I will be playing a Guard Captain then!
  8. [​IMG]

    Guard-Captain Rhisiart Aenurin
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Class: Guard Captain

    Weapons of Choice:
    Sword and Shield

    Curled, red-brown hair hangs over a high forehead.
    Prominent brow with a long, aquiline nose. High cheekbones.
    Strong, square jaw although with a short, not prominent chin.
    Deeply set hazel eyes with a perpetually troubled expression.
    Average height (5'8'') with a strong, solid build. Delicate hands, though.

    Darkstar: a long, dark tempered sword with a white hilt.
    A steel shield with his family's insignia (a winged moon)
    Light crossbow with side quiver for bolts.
    Leather armor, light chain and padded surcoat beneath. Leather bracers.
    Brown roughspun wool hood and cloak, trimmed in fur.

    Leather belt with side pouches, and waterskin.
    Signet ring with family insignia, made of gold and engraved agate.
    Silver band with three pointed red garnets. Twisted so gems point towards palm.
    Spare set of clothes, stowed away in a backpack. Simple, peasant garments.
    Sealing wax, a pen, and a red leatherbound journal with seventy blank pages.

    In public, Rhisiart is gentle, and soft spoken. He respects his elders and the higher nobles with dog-like approval, and he attempts to keep his words and gestures largely submissive. Rhisiart rarely questions the authority of his king, but at the same time, in a public setting will not rise to the king's defense to attempt to protect him. He is deeply religious nonetheless, and dedicated his life to protecting the image and faith of the God Emperor - although he remains private about his faith. He is terrified of public speaking, but in small groups he manages to be flattering and some find him charming. However, all of this is a facade that Rhisiart has cultivated in order to protect his own interests and motivations.
    Rhisiart is clever and calculating, realizing that the only way that he can support his township. His loyalty is feigned, its a marriage of
    convenience. Deeply ambitious, he hopes to climb up the social ladder but is unwilling to compromise his moral principles in order to do it. So, its become a stalemate versus the nobles where he's trying to appear as unassuming and basely efficient as possible in order to avoid too much attention, and to protect himself and his township from other political scheming. The facade, coupled with the cool efficiency of his true agenda has wreaked havoc on his internal and emotional side.
    Internally, he's a mess. Lovesick for somebody he can't have, under enormous pressure by the nobles to strive for a more prestigious title that he feels like will only incite violence against himself, and more blackmail and scheming, and struggling with the shadow of his father; Rhisiart often finds himself trapped in nightmares, sometimes literally in the form of sleep paralysis. At times, he is paralyzed by fear, and memories of worse times. His thinking can be disorganized, and he has been known to suffer from anxiety attacks.

    The Aneurin family has always been the Guard-Captains, and they have always served the King with absolute loyalty and without question, from the first to now, the last. Rhisiart was born to Lady Jeanne and Guard-Captain Geraint Aneurin. Geraint had built up a reputation for himself ; he kept the peace within Namban and had won the favour of the God Emperor through the uncoverings of a plot that would have brought the world to its knees. His brutal form of justice had helped his family be seen in the eyes of the nobility as more than just a guard family that had rose above their station; they were nearly knights in their sphere of influence. His mother died in childbirth, leaving him behind with his father, and his elder two sisters, Glynis and Cresidye. His father never forgave him for 'killing his mother', but still had the expectation that his only son would one day occupy the same role that his father had held, and the father before him, and that he would one day pass the family sword, Darkstar, down to Rhisiart. But in order to do that, Geraint felt that he had to mold Rhisiart into a man that would be worthy of the family's title and blade.
    So, for much of his life Rhisiart was trained in martial arts by his father, while his sisters were shipped away to wealthy men to be married. When his father and he were alone, there was little love lost between them. Rhisiart tried to please his father, but the boy simply wasn't as quick as he should be, or as strong. Nothing could justify the fact that Rhisiart had taken Lady Jeanne before her time, and thus, Geraint pushed the boy to his absolute limits. Rhisiart began to resent his father for what had been done to him, for the constant
    physical and emotional abuse and belittlement, for the way that he was never seen in the way that he should have been by his father. He was twelve when he spoke up against him, throwing down his practice sword and saying that he never wished to be a knight or guard-captain. That he would run away. Geraint grabbed him by the throat, and held him tight, until he began to choke and die. He did not kill his son, but it told Rhisiart that if he did not do as his father asked, he served no purpose, and would simply be killed.
    After that, Rhisiart pushed himself as hard as he could, in order to earn the approval of his father. He performed heroic slayings of outlaws and brigands - bringing severed heads for his father like a cat brings sparrows to its master. His father was not impressed by these deeds, and continued to downplay his son's heroism. His pride found a place in Rhisiart's two sisters, who brought honour to the family through their marriages. Geraint's attention turned to them, for a time, to pressure them into producing offspring. Rhisiart was free - for a few glorious months - to pursue his own interests.
    His own interests manifested themselves in the form of a visiting Duke's son, Griffith Mariwen. A skilled hunter, archer, and hawker, he visited Namban in order to solidify a strong political relationship with the nobles there, and to present himself as a possible suitor to one of the high ladies within the region. Rhisiart encountered him in the bowels of Namban when he was on the cusp of his twentieth year, and still chasing after truant members of shady merchant organizations. They hunted down the thieves and back-alley scum together, and Rhisiart felt himself stricken with a terrible affliction; he had fallen in love, or lust, at least with Griffith. Uncertain of what to do, fearful of his father, he begged Griffith to run away with him into the wilderness, but while Griffith reciprocated the feelings that Rhisiart had, he explained that he could not leave behind his duties ; and neither could Rhisiart. For Rhisiart's sake, Griffith wed a high lady in the region so that he could remain in the area without drawing suspicion from his father.
    Rhisiart was approached by his father, after Geraint had finished his months long visit to Rhisiart's sisters. His father asked him to do something that was worse than all the other abuses ; he demanded that Rhisiart, his only son, go into the woods and leave Namban forever, with a stipend. Geraint would claim that his son had died, and would marry again to provide an heir that better for the mold that he desired. Rhisiart was horrified. All of the torture, the nightmares and anxiety stirred up by the enormous pressure of living up to a father who had a long, elaborate legacy ; all of it had been pointless. Geraint was shipping him away, and his lover, Griffith, would soon be distant. Griffith's
    sacrifice too, would be pointless. Rhisiart felt hiimself filled with uncontrollable anger and frustration at the idea that after everything he had done, he was still not good enough for his father, not good enough to bear the name or carry the sword. He confided this in Griffith ; who advised him to do the unthinkable. His lover asked him to kill his father.
    Rhisiart suggested that Geraint join him on a hunt in the wilds - he claimed that he had seen a snow white boar that would have made a lovely trophy, and add shine to an already glorious legacy. Geraint, always proud, agreed to his son's request. Once they were out in the woods together, Rhisiart led his father to an isolated clearing. It was here that he was supposed to stab his father in the back, but for all of the misdeeds that had been done to him, Rhisiart could not bring himself to slay his father. So, out of nowhere, a black fletched arrow spun from the trees and shot Geraint through the eye and out the back of the head. Griffith emerged from the trees, bow in hand. He chided his lover, for hesitating. Rhisiart shook, and was sick.
    That was when the nightmares began, and the drifting apart of Rhisiart and Griffith. Griffith found himself pressured to produce children with his wife, and more importantly - lured into bed by his wife's brother, Unferth. Rhisiart knew of the indiscretion, but loved Griffith all the same, and was overcome by the new responsibilities of handling the town of Namban and the new responsibilities that were pushed upon him. The new pressure, the new anxiety, plus the ever present nightmares that his father's ghost was strangling him - manifesting in the form of sleep paralysis - could not have come to Rhisiart at a worse time. News of the Hollowing - and the birth of the plague, had reached Namban ; and Rhisiart had to performt he duty of his father. He's beginning to think that his father was right - he wasn't ready for the family sword. And perhaps, he never would be.

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  9. *le gasp* how DARE you introduce a homosexual character in my heteronormative roleplay? I banish you!

    Lol, naw, just kidding, I rather enjoy the addition of his sexuality as a means to add drama to the character.

    alright well first off I want to give you a damn good hand for having written such a well-developed character ^_^.:applause: No, really, typically i absolutely loathe seeing CSes in centered format (it's just a personal pet peeve of mine, I've no idea why i dislike it that much) but i'm not even gonna ask you to change that.

    there are, however, a few issues with him. stating from the top: Equipment, I spent a fair amount of time debating this in my head. Were this a normal medieval rp, I wouldn't have had any problem with him wearing half plate and simple chain mail. Unfortunately though, his is still at it's core a zombie rp, and if there is any amount of metal covering 90% of his limbs, that more or less removes the threat of infection completely from the character. So I'll have to ask that you scale back his armour to something more like studded/reinforced leather with a simple, sleeveless chain tunic underneath. Also, I'll have to ask that you remove the inclusion of his trail rations and limit him to one waterskin rather than two. This is simply because the adventurer class is supposed to be the one that starts with any amount of provisions for, well, adventuring.

    as for his history, nothing really major is gonna need to be changed, I'm even willing to overlook the absence of the family he is supposed to have, since you included a lover who will more or less fulfill the same narrative purpose (that is to say, die). However a few tweaks here and there will need to be made. This is mostly because certain details you have given him make him out to be closer to a knight than a captain of the guard. Remember that guard captains are more or less medieval equivalents of sheriffs. As the word 'guard' in their title implies, they usually don't lead any sort of offensive force, and instead are more preoccupied with maintaining peace and order within the city or county over which they are given jurisdiction. That being said, Namban is quite the large and important trading centre that forms the economic bridge between the southern province (which itself has access to riverbank trading, connecting it to adjacent countries) and the rest of the kingdom, so i'll allow some liberties to be taken with the duties of a guard captain of such an important city.

    going by what i can see, the first edit should be the ousting of rebellions against the god emperor. More fitting would rather be him uncovering several Xinean spies who were attempting to incite rebellion and/or otherwise sabotage the internal security of the Atlusian kingdom within the walls of Namban. On the same note, your description of Geraint makes him sound more like a former military commander or general than a guard captain, so might want to dial that one back as well.

    It would also be more fitting if the majority of mentions concerning his hunting down of bandits and outlaws in the woods woudl be replaced with him apprehending and arresting members of the codai 'merchant's guild' involved in more covert illicit activities (maybe even throw in something about him being the one who apprehended the thief character if it suits you). To the guard captain, protecting the interior of Namban's walls shoudl be more important to him than protecting the outside, he should leave that to his men's patrols and only intervene directly when there is a more serious issue (like, for example, news of a well fortified bandit camp located outside of the walls that would require a more well-organized raid to clear out).

    As for the issue of non-noble children marrying men and women of noble birth, eh, I'll let that slide under pretense that the Aenurin line's long continued service, and in such a prominent city, has granted them a sort of bourgeoisie-like status. Not quite nobility, but definitely among the common folk. However, i'm having a really hard time understanding how it would work that a father would send off his firstborn (and only) son to marry a woman in a distant land, rather than the more typical practice of, well, bringing her here (i'll remind you, too, that his sisters would NOT be 'carrying on the family name' either. Being women, especially women who are 'marrying up' into nobility, they would take their husband's names and their children be considered part of the husbands' families' legacies, not the Aenurin legacy). To Geraint, Rhisiart would be the only valid candidate to carry on this legacy unless he had another (preferably older) brother.

    So yeah, once those minor edits are taken care of, I see no reason why your character should not be ready for approval. again I'd like to state how much I enjoy the character and appreciate the effort you put in him ^_^.

    out of curiosity, who is the character whose gifs you've chosen to reflect your character's appearance?
  10. I'll make those edits sometime today, after I finish my midterms!
    The character is Richard III from a television series called 'The White Queen'. I know nothing about it, other than that I like this guy's face.
  11. lol, fair enough, personally never heard of it (mostly cuz i only watch netflix these days)
  12. Okay! Edits should be taken care of!
  13. Hey, I'm interested in playing the Sister of Peace and I was wondering, could I make her a guy pretending to be a girl?
  14. Name: Wallace Daegran
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Class: Imperial Knight
    *Appearance: A rugged, but very well-built man, his hair is often messy and cut short (similar to a buzz-cut) His armor is often cut up, blackened and dented, fellow knights have come to know it as his signature look, like all others, the imperial seal is embroidered into the center of his chestplate, giving him a somewhat gallant look that is often dulled by his messy and rather dirty appearance. He usually wears a patched kilt and a cloth tunic without his armor.

    Weapon of Choice: Imperial 1h Longsword, and Tower Shield

    Equipment: He carries with him a longsword forged in tempered steel, a favorite among Imperial knights, and a mighty steel tower shield, which is rather larger than the normal kite shield that his brethren in arms wield, though it has the force and size to withstand impact like no other, effectively walling out mobs of opponents, and shielding brethren from storms of arrows and many other spells. He also brings an imperial seal with him, identifying that he is one of the knights sent by the King.

    *Possessions: Being born into nobility, he carries his respective family's crest tied in a silver chain around his neck, a standard military canteen,
    and a small, wooden box with hinges, it was filled with two inch-long pine sticks with sulfur embedded on one end (matches).

    *Personality: Unlike other knights, he is rather excessively violent, he seems to enter a near trance-like state in battle, cutting down foes with near reckless abandon, shouting and raving as he did so. He cares with great pride of the knight's code, following above and beyond the expectations that he adheres to. Outside of combat, he respects those who fit his standards of a warrior, that being: A man who does what he must, before doing what he wills. Besides that he gets a long with others rather well, he enjoys good food and drink and hunting. He goes at rather great lengths to keep himself occupied. In slow, and quiet days he gets his servants to do meaningless tasks or something for his amusement. Though being of noble blood, he is surprisingly utilitarian, keeping only what he needs other than the family crest and the Imperial seal. Regardless of all that fluff, he is an Imperial Knight by trade, and he adheres to his code like all others. I should also add that he doesn't fancy horseback riding, he favors feeling his own two legs on the ground than that of a steed's. Though if he must, he can wield a lance decently on horseback. At times he can be certainly adventurous, exploring areas he has never laid eyes upon before. He tends to be usually carefree, unfamiliar with concepts of poverty, troubles and all sorts of things that was shielded from him by the imposing wall of nobility. That is not to say he is an ignorant child, he knows others are held back by their social standards, but why should he show sympathy for those that merely failed the luck of the draw? He sees things with cold precision, and opportunity, making him a powerful threat indeed.

    *History: As a boy he was taught his place, a noble, above the poor and lower classes, they seemed to simply looked like mere tools, no different from a fork or a hammer, just requiring word of mouth for it to act. As a duke of the king's court he had power indeed, and not a shred of respect to anyone but the king and his relatives was required. Being part of the royal family was a privilege indeed, and he was aware of that. During his childhood, he acted almost robotic, and predictable, which was something that his family honored and respected. He spoke when spoken to and did what he was expected to do. As he grew he joined the order of Imperial Knights, learning the ways of combat, archery and horseback riding, and eventually becoming a powerful adversary to grounds of combat. He gave little thought to weapons such as spears and bows, and even cast away his kite shield in favor of a tower shield. Taking up the tower shield was a peculiar choice, making him more immobile, but Wallace felt a connection with it. In public, he was an intimidating and driving force, spurring action and service. The tower shield is a strong, and massive weapon of defense. If he were to charge into combat, he would make sure to let them know that whoever he faces is nothing more than mere chaff before him and his family. After becoming a knight, he took to traveling the lands, exploring the vast expanse of the kingdom, only to return when called for Imperial Knight, or family affairs. He left his brother Traydus Deagran in charge of his lands while he traveled. He spread the king's influence to towns and villages, vigorously upholding his family's law and order. He rarely received criticism, or refutes to his claims and conjectures, and frankly he does not know how to respond to it. Even the smallest claim could anger him in a way where his steel goes to your head. He had many men executed by his or another knight's blade for their treasonous acts against him and his family. After gaining fairly thorough knowledge and influence throughout the kingdom, he traveled further, gaining knowledge of weapons of all kind, from billhooks, to bardiches he learned, researched and mastered them all, having a wide expanse of knowledge over polearms and weaponry, he had also dabbled a bit in warrior to mage combat, giving him a bit of knowledge of what mages are capable of, and possible methods of closing distance safely, he never really absorbed much, seeing that he carried a tide of iron with him, crashing down upon his foes, mage, warrior, and rogue alike. He eventually returned to the kingdom, with a hearty greeting, however there were pressing matters, there was talk of a necromancer besieging the city of Namban. As duke, he attended a war meeting debating whether the king should send aid. He saw Namban as an expendable investment, protecting them would allow them to serve the king as part of the unanimous give and take pact between the kingdom and their adherents. The debate did manage to sway part of the king's court, surely they would have withdrawn their forces if not for the king himself who stepped in, declaring a small army of Imperial Knights to be sent toward Namban, and Wallace was to be one of those men.
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  15. Okay, I made the adjustments. Tell me what else I need to fix. I'm sure there are still some errors, so just point them out for me!
  16. that is probably the most pleasant reaction to criticism I've ever encountered lol. Either way your character's fine. welcome to the rp ^_^

    aaaaaalllrighty then. he seems clear to me, welcome to you as well ^_^

    .... ah .... .... damn, you know, i'm really, really tempted to say yes.... Ok, tell you what. The assigned genders are there for a reason, but i see a lot of potential in the idea of the sister being a guy in disguise. If Sir Basil had come to me and said 'hey, can i make a gay guard captain who has no family?' i would have said no on principle, but the way he made his character so interesting and well-crafted made me think it was better for the sake of the rp to let the modifictions slide rather than reject such a good character, so i'm giving you the same opportunity. I'm not saying yes, i'm not saying no, make the character sheet, and if you manage to make me like the character in the same way, then I'll allow it.

    Alright, first things first, take out the mention of chinsese symbols on his matchbox. China doesn't exist in this world.

    i'm not incredibly fond of you substituting his kite shield for a tower shield, but you offset that by taking away the extra range that his spear could have given him and gave him a longsword instead, and teh knight is suppsed to be the most defensive character already so i'll let it slide. still, in the future, it's generally good practice to clear those kinds of decisions by the GM first. Though you shoudl remember too that he won;t have any squires or servants to carry his heavy armor and shield when they're all traveling, expect him to get on the other characters' nerves when he demands that they carry his heavy shield for him (since a noble knight would never think of serving as his own pack mule).

    and that's another thing. I'm not really seeing any of the knight's culture-bred arrogance in his personality section. This alone isn't so bad, but you even mention him working in mines and mills. That's a big no no. The knight is a noble by birth, fighting on the battlefield is the closest he will ever get to doing manual labour. Ignoring how he himself should consider it beneath him to do that kind of work, he would be bringing shame to his family if anyone saw him associating with 'the common rabble' in such a manner (hey, i never said Atlusia was a country of saints).

    not only that, but you mentioned that he engages in gambling with other knights behind closed doors, that is in stark contrast to what is probably the knight's number one defining trait, his absolute and unflinching intolerance for any crime what-so-ever.

    It's like i told the other players before, you are not limited to only having the personality traits i assigned to the class, but you must still work within their confines, and if you want to remove one of those personality traits, you better have a damn good reason for doing it.

    the more i read of this, the more i am feeling you only skimmed over the character class description, as you mention him 'deciding to join the knights to suit his needs' when i specifically said that the knight would have been raised specifically with the purpose of him eventually joining the knights in mind. It never woudl have been an option for him (as it very rarely was an option in real life either). I also specifically said that he is a direct relation to the king and that he is NOT sent on the most dangerous tasks, but rather the LEAST dangerous tasks, because no commander in his right mind would want to return from a campaign going "hey, king, sorry but your the son of your cousin kinda sorta died when i sent him on a really dangerous mission... so when's my beheading scheduled for?".

    I appreciate all the effort and creativity you've put into this, but you take way, way, way too many liberties with the character class for me to accept him. You also didn't see fit to ask me if dragons and vampires were, you know, a thing in this universe before putting one in your story. In a general fantasy setting this might be acceptable, but i think the amount of detail i put into the workings of magic in this kinda show that i have a very specific idea in my mind of how the supernatural is supposed to work in this universe (and i'm not even gonna comment how you reduced a powerful supernatural mistress of darkness to little more than a horny, gullible cougar in your history).

    then there's him crafting a glider without ANY mention of him having any degree of artisan skill, knowledge, or training required for him to do something like that.

    look, the character himself isn't 'bad' but he is definitely 'bad for the rp' and I simply cannot accept something that takes so many liberties not only with the established class description, but even the setting of the rp itself.
  17. Thank you for approving my character- i'm looking forward to playing him and hope we can start soon!
  18. same here ^_^
  19. oh god i just remembered that i'm gonna have to re-write that huge opening post again O/_\O.


    (right, remember how i keep referencing me running this rp on a different site before? that site got shut down by google recently and 90% of the information on it got erased completely before anyone could do anything about it. i was capable of saving most of this RP's OOC thanks to google caching, but the IC was nowhere to be found, and it had what was probably my single longest opening post to date. by far. the fact that i'm gonna have to re-write it all is a little depressing.)
  20. I got tge edits made. Went with pneumonia being what swept through, and his books are more limited. Kept the poison and magic books as being what was used as evidence against him though.
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