Hollow: New Mexico

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  1. Welcome to Hollow Apache Reservation, a dying city in the middle of the barren desert. This place is practically a corpse, and most people only come here for unsavory reasons, or because they have no where else to go.

    However, recently, there has been a rash of dissapearences, and some small time news reporters have come here for a quick hit of news.

    Iwaku Rules apply, of course.

    Try to keep the mood. Occasional humor is okay, but a general tone of isolation and horror is what this game calls for.
    Fight scenes are awesome gore-fests, so keep thing brutal and frantic.

    NOT FOR THE SQUEMISH! This will be extremely gross and horrible.

    Try and have fun, and don't take this too seriously, OOC anyway. IC, take this very seriously, I doubt any normal person would find this fun.

    For those playing, you begin when you first discovered and possibly were infected by the Cancer Arm.

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance:(No photos unless stylized, and anime and cartoon pictures are good to go. Give information not seen in the picture, like height and weight, or alterations to the character.)




    Job or Career, if you have any:

    Natural Abilities/Faults: (Things your genes and lifestyle bolster or diminish.)

    Relationships:(NPCs and other PCs.)

    Are you infected:Y/N

    Tell me about your First Encounter/Infection with the Cancer Arm:

    ---(For those Infected)---
    Cancer Arm Sheet:
    Weapon Name:

    Appearance:(Living Weapondry, something biological and gross.)

    Cancer Arm Weapon Description:

    Other Cancer Arm Enhancements:(What the Cancer Arm did to set you up above the rest.)

    Personality:(I will be playing the Cancer Arms, so give a description of its personality. These creatures are like highly intelligent animals, and Cancer Arms don't speak, they only sound like an alien animals at most.)

    ---(PRIVATE QUESTIONS. SEND BY Conversation.)---
    Cancer Core Location:(This will be your weak spot, where the parasite merged itself at.)

    Cancer Core Allergen:(What substance the Cancer Core is deathly allergic to. It'll swell up and explode if it directly ingests it, and if you ingest it, you'll feel deathly ill. Try to find something somewhat uncommon, the Core has adapted to most substances, it's just something it's never encountered before.)
    ---Private Questions Over---

    Would you like to play as a NPC?
    Would you like to play as a Cancer Monster?

    And Last, but not least...
    Theme Song:(For when things get serious and epic)

    Cast List (open)
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  2. Do I need to copy across my CS, or am I good?
  3. You're good, I'll get the CSes in here later.
  4. Nice...now to kick someone's ribcage so hard it shatters and flies out their back, shotgunning anyone behind them :P
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  5. Hmmmm, I wonder...This RP sounds interesting.
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  6. @RJS

    For your Cancer Arm, take those springy bones, and expand it to the entire skeletal structure. I think that should bring you up to par with the others :)
  7. Don't fret everyone! I have arrived! XD
  8. I'm also interested, I'm thinking of joining.
  9. As long as you don't mind gruesome horror, sure. This was supposed to be 18+ though, and you're a blue star, so I'm not sure if I should let you join.
  10. Oh, it's fine if you don't want to, I'll just look for something else.
  11. Get a trampoline and make a friend! Get an alien parasite! :P
  12. Hollow: New Mexico | IwakuRoleplay.com

    I give you free reign to do whatever. The opening post tells you what's happening to all of you at that moment. From there, you're free to explore and act as you wish. This is set in 1999 btw, so no fancy tech. Possibly a flip phone, but I'm not sure. Have fun!
  13. I'll post soon, totes forgot this morning
  14. Woah... What happened to the GM?
  15. Oh my god chief got turned!
  16. XD I'm cursed... The GM in another cool RP did the same thing. Took forever for me to notice because they never had a profile pic to begin with.
  17. Aww man! Was looking forwards to this.
  18. Me too man, me too.
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