Holidays on a budget

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Share your cost effective gift ideas!

Many people are strapped for cash this holiday season. What are some 'easy on the wallet' ways to give gifts to friends and family?
Most people have at least one thing that they are crazy fond of and if you can figure it out, you can typically find a gift that goes with this theme that isn't too expensive that they will adore.
Even if the item you choose isn't something that they need, etc. it's also a nice way to show people that you pay attention and know what they like.
We've been doing a Secret Santa gift exchange with the family each year. A 20$ limit on the price of the gift and we only have to buy one gift for one person. It's fun getting creative for the person we got, and trying to keep the secret. XD (Cause no one can seem to keep a secret in our family.)
I am constantly in a state of "so broke I can't even pay attention." I also have a ton of people to buy gifts for.
This is why I ask my mom to use the coupons and stuff that she gets after shopping at certain places
And I get email alerts that give me awesome deals.

Plus, there's always a couple people that, just before the holidays, manage to get on my "do not gift" list which makes my life easier.

I also make my Christmas cards as opposed to buying them.
I generally don't have a lot of people to buy for: mom, dad, brother...couple close friends. Everyone else gets christmas wishes and cards *shrugs*

though this year i might take my two friends to a movie for their present and my parents i just need to FIND what i'm going to get them :p i try to keep the budget under 40 dollars per person ^^;;