Holiday Spirit

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  1. Holiday Spirit

    Hi there! To get everyone in the Holiday Spirit, I decided to put up this Poem Challenge!

    Here's the Challenge...

    It's snowing..
    The fire is hot..
    The tree is lit..

    Presents fill the floor..

    Now write your poem ^-^ Off of that
  2. It's snowing outside,
    Animal footprints crunch on the ground.
    The fire is hot,
    The logs crackle and pop with life.
    The tree is lit,
    Light refracts through crystal ornaments.
    Presents fill the floor,
    Awaiting eagerly the hands to open them.

    Christmas spirits sing
    Of yuletide carols and decking the halls.
    Silent prayers are said,
    For the empty seat made this year.
    Children send letters,
    Hoping to find what they wish under the tree.
    It's a quiet Christmas Eve,
    While the family sleeps snug in bed.

    The crunching of snow,
    As a stranger tiptoes to the door.
    The warm blast of air,
    As the traveler enters the home.
    The ornaments jingle,
    While the door is tightly shut.
    Footsteps are heard,
    Christmas Day draws near.

    First ray of light,
    Children's feet pound the floor.
    Joyous cries erupt,
    For a surprise Christmas gathering.
    A soldier returns,
    A loyal father and husband.
    Open arms greet his family,
    Christmas cheer lights the morning.

    A little boy speaks,
    A big grin across his freckled face:
    "Merry Christmas to all!
    And God bless us everyone!"

    ((eeeh it's an attempt...I haven't written in a while so it's rusty))
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  3. That's wonderful! Perfect, if I may say ^-^
  4. why thank you :) the flow is a little off after the first stanza but i was going more for the driving end. Glad it came across :)