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  1. Greetings Yall, I'm Death. Every year since i've been roleplaying (which has been a long time) I always do a Holiday special. The past few years i used a different forum, and this year, since i've joined this forum, i decided i'd try it out here. Well here's the plot, hopefully yall will be interested.

    Everyone has heard of the name Jack Frost, Santa Claus, and the North Pole, but has anyone ever heard of how Jack Frost became so alone?

    Here's what happened. Since the dawn of this realm where winter has fell. There have been a Frost tribe to control it. When it first came to our realm, there was only one, Keelan Frost. Over time, the Frost tribe started to grow. Slowly and little by little, the Frost tribe grew. Over the hundreds of millions of years, the Frost tribe grew to a stable number of seven. Keelan Frost, the Elder, Cho Frost, the Halberd wielder, Samuel, the Samuari, Marie, the wise, Evalyn, the dagger, Kaila, the whip, and Kevin, the ice. These seven have grown into a grand team, controlling the winter weather.

    But wait, what about Jack Frost, you ask. An old prophecy foretold the coming of the new, and the Young would rise to battle the darkest evil. The Frost tribe had no idea what this meant and didn't understand. And for 10,000 years, they tried to understand this prophecy. Then in 2309 B.C. a new Frost was born, Jack Frost was his name. The wielder of the Staff, and the one that took to curiousity and began learning everything he could. He learned the halberd, sword, whip, daggers, and learned so much that he started to become Keelan's favorite.

    Jack became so loved, that one member began to grow hatred. It didn't take long for that hatred to consume her. And in 809 A.D. Evalyn attacked. She first attacked Keelan, and using the two weaknesses of the Frost tribe, Reindeer blood, and another Frost, she killed him. In 1102, she attacked Cho, and he fell. Marie and Kaila decided to take Jack and hide. Sam and Kevin were to hold her off. And for three hundred years, she was at an stalemate, until she got the upper hand and killed both Kevin and Sam. She tracked down Kaila and destroyed her. Hatred had consumed the very soul of Evalyn and she wanted nothing but power and the destruction of her tribe.

    In 1576 Evalyn hunted down Marie and Jack to Russia. On Christmas day, in 1578, Evalyn killed Marie, leaving it to only one before she has everything. When a Frost dies, the power is split between the surviving members, but she wanted it all. Jack disappearred after that, not wanting to give Evalyn the power she wanted. He jumped from place to place, only staying for a short period of time. In 1898, Jack found the perfect hiding spot....Alaska. He went to a small village in Alaska, called Elkwood. The teachings of all the Frost tribe kept him alive this long, and gave him two last tricks. He carved symbols in the ice around the town, creating a barrier around the town, so that Evalyn could sense his presence.

    After a few years, Jack became really good friends with the town and to a man named George Behr. He gave George a crystal and a snow flake, telling the man about his secret. Jack trusted this man, and the man believed Jack, thus creating a family secret that would be past down from generation to generation. He had one last idea. Jack decided to do the one thing, that would help save his life...he broke his staff, and hid the pieces. The next morning, he didn't remember anything, so George took him in and made him a member of the Behr family.

    Evalyn grew tired of looking for her little brother, that she turned her attention to another. A place full of magic, a place that is sacrete to even a Frost.....Winterville, also known as the North Pole. This place holds the secrets, history and home of the Frost tribe, in a tower, made of ice (of course) in the center of town. This towwer stands 500 feet tall, but only a Frost member can open it. Evalyn was locked out of the city, and was not able to get to the tower, so she declared war on the North Pole and Santa Claus. In 1927, Jack made a mistake, he fell inlove with a woman, Leanna Trille, who was seeing William Behr. One night in 1927, Jack had a one night affair with her, and she fell pregnant, but told the news to her family and William's family, claiming that it was William's child. Thus Will married her, and became a Behr. The power of Frost ran through this child's veins, dormant, and over the years, as the child had children, the power transferred to the youngest.

    Now is the year of 2013, Santa Claus and his army have struggled to hold Evalyn off. The winter storms grew violent, and so Santa decided there was only one thing to do, find Jack Frost. He called up his three most trusted and loyal elves to find, protect, and return Jack to Winterville.

    The roleplay will start out as the elves growing closer to Elkwood, and nearly completing their mission. The characters that would be available to play are as follow:
    ~ The three Elves on the mission
    ~ Evalyn Frost
    ~ Leanna Behr (she's 104 years old)
    ~ Santa Claus
    ~ Jacob Behr (14 years old, and has a deep secret that no one knows.)

    So I ask, is there anyone interested in joining me this year, for my Holiday Special Roleplay? If so, you can Pm me, or reply to this thread. I am looking for 4-6 roleplayers, just a small group, nothing big.
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  2. Interesting plot.
  3. Sweet! I am hoping people would join. Last year it was good, lasted until like june i think.
  4. I am interested in taking the role of one of the elves, or adding a partner on Evalyn's side (unless if you imply that she is a lone wolf)
  5. Oh no, She can have a partner, but she's mostly out to get all the power of the Frost tribe for herself.
  6. would you be interested in doing a 1x1, i don't think anyone else is interested/