Holiday Hectics -MxM-

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  1. Holidays-

    The holidays have become actual people! Some bright with bubbly over the top personalities, while others are dark, some full of regret and eeriness. How could these holidays possibly fit in to the normal everyday human life? Halloween can control darkness and can turn into a black cat. Christmas is basically one giant nightlight of flashing different colors and over the top bubbly personality and with slightly pointed ears and a very strong craving for cookies. Thanksgiving has actual wings growing out of his back and is kind of a tree hugger, a bit of a nature freak. Easter has adorable fluffy bunny ears and tail and can be rather bouncy. Valentine is a complete hopeless romantic, has a very big heart... Literally, he has a giant heart tattoo on his arm. Fourth Of July is rather sparky and fiery, can be a little rude at times and very loud, he has a weird obsession with fire.

    Halloween X Christmas*
    Halloween X Thanksgiving*
    Halloween X Easter*
    Halloween X Valentine*
    Fourth Of July X Halloween*
    Christmas X Easter*
    Christmas X Valentine*
    Christmas X Fourth Of July*
    Thanksgiving X Easter*
    Thanksgiving X Valentine*
    Valentine X Easter*
    Fourth Of July X Easter*
    Fourth Of July X Valentine*

    New Years x Christmas*
    Fourth of July x New Years*
    Looking For- Seme(s).
    **Note: The star(*) is who I play in each pairing.**



    1. I am looking for semes only please.

    2. This will be taking place on a thread, not through pm's or emails.

    3. This is a descriptive, third person rp. I would like 1-3 paragraphs please. I do not do one liners!! :3

    4. For the Holiday's storyline, we can do multiple pairings if you want, or you can just do one, or all of them. However we would have to chose exactly who goes with who! ^.^

    5. Please comment below or pm me if interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.