Holiday fun

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  1. So am I the only one who is still a big fan of toys? I mean they're so cool now a days! (other than barbie dolls most of them are just princesses now)

    Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I ended up wondering into all the toy sections in the mall. XD I'm 21, I should be picking out toys to donate or something not to buy for myself!

    Anyone else a big kid at heart?

    What is your kryptonite when it comes to toys?
  2. I like batman and spawn if the art of the toy looks cool I'll have it perched on a desk or bookshelf :)
  3. LOL I just about bought a disney playdough set meant for little girls. Only 10 bucks and you can design the girl's dress! Super fun! One of friend's little siblings have it.

    Spawn is pretty cool, my brother was a fan of him growing up!
  4. whoa playdough is still out there?
  5. haha sure is! Don't you live in a location where they sell it?
  6. Really big teddy bears... And remote control cars/helicopters/etc. XD
  7. :) I havent looked but I will now and when Im done Ill show em in my freezer and save my artwork forever....I wonder how thatd turn out xd
  8. LEGO. O.O -gets a bit giddy- Especially that custom made bunny I saw in the LEGO store with that cool carrot... -gets more giddy- ...and then there's all the new architecture ones... -starts to fidget from the giddiness- ...and then the massive buckets so you can make anything you want from scratch just by clicking them together and clicking more of the already clicked ones together and and and -passes out-
  9. YES LEGOS. And just about a lot of that tech stuff that was meant for boys. :P
  10. Oh yes, Lego. One of the few things that I still really want to buy even though I have grown out of them. The other thing is action figures that I see in internet photocomics, because they look so awesome in them, even if I know that there, photoshop and effects help them a lot. Regardless, I still want to have them for some reason.