Holiday Choices

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  1. Anyone doing anything drastic or extremely thoughtful for the holidays?

    I've decided to donate my hair. XD I just hope it's long enough for my hair dresser. And I've decided to give up some books and clothes from my collection. Good bye my lovely tops and sweetest adventures!! haha
  2. Not this year. I had been clearing out my library for a while now though... I used to have 6 full bookcases, but now it's reduced to 4 with one of those also housing my partner's dictionary collection and other of his books. Also been donating through out the year as I found more stuff I don't need.

    Definitely commend you for donating your hair though. I had a pony tail for a while that was maybe two hand widths above my hips in length. Ended up trying to get it donated but the hairdresser forgot and lopped it off in a way that it couldn't be donated. -grumpy face-

    I have an extra bike laying around though. Might donate that now that I think about it...
  3. Well, I guess me traveling across the entire state of Oregon to get into Washington could be considered drastic and thoughtful. :I It was a [very expensive] 12 hour trip, man. I went by Greyhound while pregnant, which was torture. But it was worth it to see my family for a little while. My heart could no handle the idea of not seeing them for the holidays. I didn't visit during the week of xmas like I wanted to, but I dun care!
  4. I hate how sore greyhounds make me, but omg... the feeling of being on my own and no one I know to bother me... it's a feeling I wouldn't want to replace for that entire day.
  5. I have until January 2nd off. I just got to my parents house yesterday and will be here until the 29th. Both of them are minorly physically disabled and I will be spending the entire time with them and helping them. :)
  6. The day after Christmas I'll be going to a week-long mission camp to provide home repairs to the physically or financially incapable. I was at the first of these camps five years ago and I haven't missed one since. Does mean ending the Christmas festivities early though, Christmas afternoon me and my dad need to leave my moms to get back to our apartment and pack up to leave the next day.