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  1. Normally I put up a fancy form and send out an address mailing list, but I was too busy this season to get everything done on time. D:


    If you would like to card exchange with me, send me a PM with your address and I will PM you mine!

    There is a 80% chance you will be bombed with glitter.

    Feel free to exchange addresses with other Iwaku members that you trust and aren't creepy! :D (Or tempt fate if you are brave.) And if you're under 18 make sure you warn or ask parental permission. o__o Parents don't like strangers with suspicious glitter filled cards.
  2. ITS GLITTERAX!!! WORSE THAN ANTHRAX!! D: MAH EYES!!! *tries to get glitter outta eyes*
  3. Good, I bought a small box of holiday cards!
  4. I will happily exchange cards. I think I have a bunch left over from last year. Just send me a PM and we will share information.
  5. diana......i would fucking love that.....send me an explosivve glitter card....
    i can just see it allready
    mom-whats this? all the way from (insert state here). Can i open it?
    That guy named ed-Yea sureee *runs to the room*
    mom-welll lets seee *slowly opens it*
    That guy named ed-*yells from the room* MARY CHRISTMASS MOM!
  6. You never sent me one last year Diana. :(
  7. I didn't send ANYONE one last year, we were kind moving in to a new house. XD
  8. I'll make cards for people that want me to!
  9. Oh that sounds fun!
  10. I'd... really like a card! I'll send you one back too! :3
  11. I'm not falling for your tricks, you just want my address!