Holiday Card Exchange - Submission Form!

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Greetings Iwaku! :D This Holiday season we're going to do CARD EXCHANGE via snail mail! There's nothing more fun than sending and receiving cards from all over the world.

To submit your mail address; form closed!

Remember: Don't share your address if you're underaged, going to get in trouble, etc! There IS an option on the form if you only want to send out cards, receive cards, and even if you just want to make sure specific people don't get your address.

Finally if you don't want to give your address out to the insane people of Iwaku, you can always do it the old fashioned way and swap your addy with your friends!

On December 1st we'll be sending out the mailing list, so submit your addy before then!
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Hehe sounds fun Di! Love the idea! Though I must admit I'm a little scared XD
Even back on larger sites, it's usually around 20 people or less. XD I don't expect there to be a lot, but I am crossing fingers? I love sending out holiday cards. >:D
...Hey Miru, if you wanted to receive cards, you're kinda supposed to put your -mailing- address. XD Not your email...
Oh count me in. I love to send stuff. Ask anyone here, they know me well at the Post Office :)
All right guys! Address list is sent out. For anyone that missed the boat, you'll just have to swap addies the old fashioned way! XD If you want a card from the Dianahouse, just send me your address in a PM!
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