Holiday Buzz-kills

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With the holidays steadily approaching, many people are happy and joyful..However some people seem to take sadistic pleasure in bringing down the mood and tradition.

I call these people

Holiday Buzz Kills!!

My question is: How do you deal with Holiday Buzz-kills?

Maybe you ARE one of these types and want to explain why you find it necessary to ruin the holidays for everyone around you?
I don't think I'm a buzzkill for my family because I separate myself when I'm in a bad mood, but I'll tell you this much- the holidays are reallly depressing, even more so if your family life is strained. Daylight is shorter and it's super cloudy as a result of snow rolling in. Perfect dreary mood. :P Then, you have a handful of really fun holidays that are pretty much done within a few months and it's just... dead for awhile, no really important/fun holidays til closer to spring. The inner psychiatrist within me wants to say "there's always a reason for how someone feels/acts."

That said, I always put on a happy face for holidays and try to ignore how I feel if I'm down, so I sure hope I'm not a buzz kill. XD
I either disassociate with buzz kills or if for some reason cannot immediately I go into happy happy topic derailment and overly joyous behavior. You can be as depressed as you want but I'm not going to let you get me down. Life's too short to be pissy for the sake of being pissy, you attention whores.
I give them a REAL reason to feel bad. >:D

...unless they already have one. >>; Then I flee. FLEEEEEEEEEEEEE.