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  1. House was hiding away like usual, trying to avoid clinic duty like it was a plague. Which in his mind it was, there was nothing more demeaning and tedious then taking care of everyday ills. He sat back in a seat with his feet up on the bed inhabited by a coma victim, eyes locked on the television screen where his favorite drama was playing. With a glance at his watch he knew that at any minute Wilson would walk through those doors, having been searching for him for that last thirty minutes for Cuddy. As if on cue, Wilson came in in a flurry of a white lab coat and stern looks. "House what do you think you are doing?" he snapped in frustration, arms crossed over his chest with that disappointed look he always adopted when he tried to scold house.
    "Uhm- watching after this good man here." he gently patted the Coma patients arm with a flash of an innocent smile.
    "house you have a case to go over with your team," House looked at the other suspiciously trying to deduce whether or not this was a trick to get him to come out of hiding and become trapped in hours of clinic duty that would more than likely get him into more trouble than less.
    "Ok." he grabbed his cane and rose to his feet, leaning against his cane as he walked past Wilson, patting him on the shoulder slightly. "Good work, took you less time to find me than the other day." he teased as he left the room and a flustered Wilson to go back to his teams meeting room. The only person he was looking forward to seeing during this sit down and that was Chase. His beautiful little Omega.
  2. Chase knew how much his mate hated clinic work, so he had taken liberty and done nearly all House's hours for this week during his free time that he usually spent doing crosswords. Like a good omega he did everything to keep his alpha happy, even if it meant doing some extra work during his spare time. He knew better than to do them all, House were never done with all his hours before the weekend so he left enough hours to not make Cuddy suspicious.

    The Aussie was in a really good mood as he returned to the diagnostic room. He still had a strong scent of alpha around him that told the rest of the team exactly what had happened the night before. Chase had lowered his dose of suppressants since they were trying to have a pup. It was a know fact that they were mates, but House didn't treat Chase better than the rest. If anything House gave Chase a harder time compare to the rest of the team.

    Chase had taken House's seat, just to annoy him a little in a playful way. He liked everything that smelled like House, sometime when he was on call he could be found sleeping under House's desk.
    He was deep in his crossword with the pen in his mouth when he smelled his alpha getting closer. He didn't need to look up to know that it was House. But he did it anyway, like a good little omega.

    He had looked a bit tired for almost a week now. Like he hadn't been sleeping in a while which he had, House had been there with him every night. but he still seemed non the less happy when his mate were close.
  3. As House entered the diagnostic room he was overwhelmed with Chases scent, it sent shivers down his spine and made him want to take the other into his office and do terribly naughty things to him. However when he saw his omega looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes, sitting in his seat, a small frown pulled at the corner of his lips. "Hmm I seem to have stepped into a parallel universe where its ok for my employee's to take my seat." he hobbled over and snatched the crossword from Chases hand, his eyes scanning over the work he had down with a shake of his head. "I swear you are getting worse at these the more you do them." He tossed the crossword on the table and gave Chase a wink before picking up the folder with the patients file in it. His gaze flickered from Cameron to Foreman who were both watching them with that knowing look on their faces. "I'm glad you would rather gawk at us than try and figure out what is wrong with our patient." he snapped as he poked chase with his cane to get him out of his chair. "So what exactly is wrong with our patient?" he flipped open the file and began to scan the information given.
  4. Chase never took House's teasing too personal. He just rolled his eyes when his mate winked at him. Why the young omega had chosen House as a mate was a mystery. The old sarcastic douchebag had never been nice to Chase, he always made fun of the blond omega, and treated him overall pretty badly. However Chase still loved him. He was a though guy, he had always known that being with House would be challenging. He didn't want it any other way.

    When House poked him with his cane, he moved, obeying his superior like a good little omega. He gave the alpha back his seat, that now smelled like Chase ,with a big yawn that he tried to hide. He always defied House in small teasing ways, never something too major. Sometimes he could be playing with House's red and gray ball, others he would be sitting in his mates spot like he had been doing only moment earlier. They both liked it, even if House acted like he didn't.

    The discussion went as always. Chase supporting House's theory, Foreman saying that House's theory was crazy while Cameron was in the middle trying to make them all find consensus. In the end Foreman did his own test on the patient, Chase trying out House's theory while Cameron were sent to gather the patients family history. Chase gave House a discreet smile as he as he walked passed his boss. He always walked out from the room last of the three. Cameron and Foreman both believed it were a omega thing, but in reality Chase made sure the last thing House saw was his fine ass. He wanted to remind his mate what he could get when they got home, if he hand't satisfied himself with the toys House had given him that was.


    Chase had no idea what House were doing, he knew better than to ask. It was probably something to do with Wilson. He gave the older man his result form the biopsy.
    "It's not sarcoidosis" he said, knowing it weren't what House wanted to hear.
    The Aussie looked almost as bad as he felt. Chase had felt sluggish the whole day, his whole world was moving as if he was on a carrousel. He hand't felt this bad in the morning. If he had he would have stayed home, he wouldn't have come in if he thought he couldn't do his job. He was swaying a little. Any doctor who looked at him could see that he would lose consciousness any second.
  5. House watched Chase closely as he got up out of his seat, noticing the way he moved slowly and seemed to be rather sluggish. "hmm." he sat back in his chair and found himself watching Chase almost throughout the entire meeting, curtly shutting down most of his teams idea's since they were all incredibly stupid. Once they had a game plan house dismissed them to go do the required tests, rising to his feet to watch as his team left and as usual to watch Chase's perfectly round bottom sway out of the diagnostic room last. He truly was the perfect Omega; however, he would never outright tell him that unless he was forced too or it was the only way to make up for some stupid thing he had done. Once the team was gone House sauntered out of the room and decided to do some inspecting of his own, only not with the patient but instead with Wilson. It was much to easy to pick the lock to his office and slip inside, where he picked up his laptop. Wilson was keeping something from him and House intended to find out what.
    With Wilsons laptop tucked under his arm he hobbled his way to his own office where he plopped down at his desk and got to work on trying to figure out his password. He had just gotten into his friends personal files when Chase walked into his office with the results of the biopsy in his hand. But House wasn't interested in the results in the slightest, in fact he tossed them aside once he received them. "Chase...." His blue gaze flickered over his Omega, taking in all the signs of physical fatigue. "Chase, sit down." moving at a shocking speed for a cripple, House grabbed his Omega by his arm and lead him over to the couch that was set up in his room, knowing that it was only at matter of seconds before he lost consciousness. The Alpha in him was completely panicking but the doctor in him was remaining calm and began to take his vitals.
  6. House was right, he was only a few seconds from losing conscious, only he had been too late before everything went dark for the blond. Chase didn't know what was happening when he felt his mate grab him and pulling him towards the sofa. He couldn't make out what the other man said, if he said anything at all, it was all a blur.

    He hadn't felt this disorientated since a way too drunk House passed him a few shot too much of whiskey during the staffs Christmas party. An omega couldn't hold liquor as well as alphas, but they both had been too wasted to think about it. Chase hade spent the rest of the night passed out under House's desk. Luckily he hadn't thrown up.

    Chase had fallen limp in the older man's grip, luckily for them the sofa had saved him some bruises. There was no way the cripple could catch him without hurting himself. He weren't responding to House's touches. The skin felt a bit hot too the touch. Chase hand't a fever this morning, House would have felt that when he woke up spooning with the younger man. Chase was a mover when he slept, if House didn't hold him tightly he would stray far away from the alpha.
  7. House had never felt so afraid in his life, his omega was limp in his arms with a fever and his pulse was there but weak. He couldn't look at this objectively, he needed to call someone in. So he did the only reasonable thing, he paged his team with the emergency message. Moments later Cameron and Forman both came running in, there eyes widening in shock when they saw a pale Chase in House's arms. "Don't just stand there like useless pieces of meet get a damn gurney and IV bag!" he snapped in frustration, his piercing blue eyes filled with frustration and the protectiveness of an Alpha who's Omega was in danger. Cameron quickly nodded and sprinted out of the room, returning moments later with a gurney. With Formans help House managed to get Chase up on the gurney and wheeled to the closest room, where House quickly hooked him up to a IV and heart monitor. His mind was working a million miles per second as he began to personally examin Chase, not allowing anyone near his Omega as he removed his shirt and began to look for any physical signs of illness, like lesions, or a rash or anything that would help him diagnose him. However he had to keep in mind that this may just be exhaustion or dehydration.
  8. Exhaustion was the best guess. All the signs pointed that way, and Chase was known to work way more than he needed. Not only did he work under House, he usually spend some extra night at the ICU in the hospital. Needless to say, Chase was a real workaholic. But it still didn't made sense, except for the clinic hours Chase had been home during his free time for the past month. He only ran on weekends, not every morning like he used to and was only doing some light yoga during the afternoons. Chase's normal life was too hectic. He needed to step down a little so he would exhaust his body. They both knew his body needed to be relaxed if he wanted a healthy fertilization and pregnancy. He shouldn't have collapsed.

    The omega opened his eyes when his body a recovered enough to keep him awake for a short while. He was staring at his partner who was examining his body. His noses moved a bit lightly. A low whine indicated that he was awake again. Omegas always whined when they woke up somewhere strange. It was a way to tell their alpha about their distress. They were all doctors, so they had heard that whine before, only it was harder to ignore when you knew the omega.
    It didn't feel right. He didn't like it there. It didn't smell like him nor his alpha. Chase wanted his own bed, the smells he was used to. He wanted to be home.

    "House, I want to go home" he murmured tiredly. He slowly sat up to show his Alpha that he was okay. There was no reason for House to be worried. Any doctor would tell them it was only exhaustion and a light fever. Alpha's tended to overreact when their omega showed any kind of distress.

    House could take him home. The older man was a doctor and Chase would be more comfortable his own bed, his own cloth in own house.
    What they didn't know, was that this was just the beginning of something way worse. It would be House first mistake, to not listen to his gut feeling and take the too weak omega home.
  9. House felt as if his very soul was shattering when he heard that distressed whine leave his Omega. Now he remembered why they never allowed an Alpha into a room until the Omega was fully recovered from any sort of surgery or illness. However he did his best to remain professional as he was finishing up his examination of Chases body. there was no physical signs of any ailments but he knew there had to be something wrong. Ever since they started trying for pups he had been making sure that Chase wasn't pushing himself too hard, so how could it of been exhaustion? Or was he just not being observant enough? was he not taking care of his Omega?
    He glanced up at the other when he heard his soft voice murmuring that he wanted to go home. He knew he should say know, that he should run more tests but that pathetic look in his beautiful blue eyes had him crumbling. "Alright.. Just.." he wanted to run tests... he knew there was something more wrong but he was also emotionally attached to this so his judgment was impaired. "Ok. can you walk or would you like me to get you a wheel chair?" he asked softly, using a comforting tone that he only used when it was with Chase. He was suddenly very grateful that they had taken Chases car to work today and not his motorcycle, though it had taken a good bit of convincing to get him to leave his motorcycle at home.
  10. Chase couldn't make it to the car without some help from his husband. He knew that weren't possible because of the alpha's painful leg. There was no way House could help him without hurting himself. So he swallowed his pride for the moment.
    "A wheelchair" He didn't like the idea of himself sitting in a wheelchair when his husband's leg hurt all the time. He was scolding himself because of his weakness, until his logical part of his brain took over.

    The omega was almost asleep beside House in the car. He held his leather jacket, that Cameron had fetched him along with his satchel, in a lose grip. His messenger bag was thrown somewhere in the backseat. He didn't feel well, but he didn't want to tell House how badly he was feeling. All he wanted was to get home. This fever was really draining him of his energy. Chase had been close to fall asleep when House wheeled him to the car. He looked so pale and sluggish. It was scary how much Chase looked like a patient.

    He didn't react when the car stopped. The Omega looked quite cute when he was leaning his head against the wall with his light flush, hugging his jacket as he breath slowly. He was shaking a little, the Aussie had always preferred heat over the cold. This time he was freezing because of the fever.
  11. House was extremely glad that Chase swallowed his pride and asked for a wheel chair because there was no way he would of been able to get him out to the car with his damn leg. "Alright i'll be right back." he gently squeezed his lovers shoulder before turning on his heels and heading out of the private room to find him a wheel chair. There was one sitting outside of the room next to them so House simply took that one, figuring whoever was using it could get another. "Alright come on." he helped the smaller male into the wheel chair then wheeled him out to his car, where he watched warily as he hauled himself into the passenger seat before he folded up the wheel chair and put it in the back seat before hopping into the drivers side.
    A silence fell between them that was a result of House being in deep thought over what could be wrong with his Omega, and Chase being too exhausted to speak. When they reached Houses apartment building, he glanced over to see his flushed Aussie leaning against the window. "Alright we are home..." House said gently as he got out and got the wheel chair. "Come on, you need some rest." he was not one to show his true emotions but right now the worry was evident in his blue eyes. He wanted to take Chase back to the hospital and run some proper tests but he wanted Chase to be comfortable and if that meant having him at home.. then that is what he could do.
  12. Chase snapped back to reality when he heard his Alpha's voice, somewhere in the distance. His nose moved again, this time picking up a comfortable scent, the scent of his car, and his Alpha. The alpha pheromones were of course dominating the car for the moment, but it still smelt highly of himself. The secure feeling almost lulled him back to sleep.

    It took the blond a while before he could open his eyes. They looked sleepy, like he wanted to go back to dream land then and there. The face of the omega told once again a story of distress, how ever not because of his discomfort. He was feeling insecure, which was very rare for the normally confident Aussie. It didn't suit him.

    "Rest...? Won't we try again tonight?" The small omega asked as he snuggled up to the alpha who was trying to help him out of the car. Nuzzling his face to the other's ribcage. He could barely stay awake.
    This weren't normal Chase behavior at all. He could act like this after sex when they cuddled or when they were snuggling in the sofa, but this was odd. His omega traits became stronger when he was tired. Some urges and behaviors were suppressed when he was awake, now he couldn't keep them in. And they were trying to convince House's alpha to mate with him, even if the omega wouldn't be able to take it.
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  13. House sighed softly as Chase began to nuzzle him and asked if they were going to try again tonight. As incredibly tempting as that was, House knew that that would not be a very wise decision when his Omega was clearly very sick.
    "Not tonight Chase." he said firmly as he helped him into the wheel chair. It was easy to tell that the fatigue and fever was making him act this way. Normally Chase never acted like the cliche needy Omega, except maybe after sex and on very rare occasions and while this would normally turn on an Alpha, it was actually doing nothing for House but make him feel frustrated and upset.

    "What you are going to do is rest, drink some fluids and eat." he explained as he wheeled the other into the apartment building and into the elevator. If Chase wouldn't listen to him then House would one hundred percent take advantage of this needy omega side by letting some of his own Alpha instincts come out and begin to order the other around. Once they reached their floor House pushed Chase to his apartment and fiddled with the lock before pushing the door open. It wasn't a huge apartment but it worked for the two of them, when and if Chase ever got pregnant then they would have to move but for now it was home.
    "alright lets get you into bed." House sighed as he wheeled Chase into their room.
  14. Chase looked a bit upset for the moment, his hormones were getting the best of him, as if he was close to a heat. Only that he had his heat last month, and he wouldn't have his next until the next month. He weren't even this clingy during one of his heats. This behavior was a bit odd for him, even though he was an omega.

    He wanted sex, even if he barley could keep his eyes open. Somewhere In the blond omega mind he understood that he wasn't going to get what he wanted if he acted like this. He was getting desperate, his mind telling him that his alpha would leave him if he weren't able to serve House sexually. He did something low, and dirty. Something House would love in any other situation than this one. He filled the room with his omega pheromones, a scent that would get any alpha turned on (unless they were asexual), a scent his bounded alpha couldn't resist. Chase was basically setting off one of House's ruts. Like an alpha would trigger a mocking heat on a omega if necessary.
    Alphas had their way to get an Omega to notice them, omegas had their own. Both ways were dirty, but omegas rarely felt the need to use their, that was why it weren't as known. It was a sure way to get his mate to mate with him, the alpha's hormones would be too strong to fight off.

    Chase had never pulled something like that, and he wouldn't be proud of himself if he was aware of what he was doing. The little omega was almost asleep in the wheelchair, and he was still forcing himself to mate with his alpha. He was pushing himself too hard.
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