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    The long draping crushed velvet cloak caressed the porcelain cheeks of her face. The light blush kept in her cheeks from the use of Blood Energy, known as 'Vitae' was continuous throughout her walks through the city. Every night her fragile appearance bouncing off the gazes of those around her up to the vicious, cold night sky. Her hair peeked out from the sides of her Alice hood, and the ribbons which held her corset shut around her chest were escaping the thin opening down the center of the cloak on her body. Although most of her was concealed, the woman was never one to keep out of attention. For years her body had walked this streets, and she was always considered a phantom, a ghost, a repetition of one's imagination coming to life. She had grown familiar with this small farm-village, on the coast of France. She adorned many names, although only one really stuck. Eve.

    Considered to be the first female that wandered the earth, and toiled around with the hands of God in his play with her and Adam. Like a perverted father, forcing his children to bond into the acts of love. Many recognise the punishment of Eve, was to bare a child. However, this was very much the opposite. She was cursed, cursed to walk the night, cursed to observe the ones she cared most for fall. Cursed to be unable to recognise what daylight looks like again, not to die, and most of all, cursed with beauty. She would reel them in, one by one. Children, women, men, pregnant women, sick men, sick children. One by one they'd fall to her own hand, and she was entirely unaware of it.

    As the years passed by, when the ground was once grass. The 1920's pathways were once attired in nothing but the earth's surface. She just walks, walks and waits for any sign of something new.
  2. The quiet breeze of the night rubbed against his pale cheeks exposed from his hood. His animalistic eyes stared down from the top of chapel, hiding amonst the gargoyles. Down below were the people of small town, near France but far from the city of Paris. The outlining of his cloak swayed slowly in the wind of a nearing thunderstorm, with small drops of rain tipped on his head.

    For nearly the begining of time he has lived on. Taking on thousands of roles and maing new persona's through gossip of the people. The dark Knight, Black Horseman, El Diablo, and one most famous, Dracula. But he stays by the name he was given, Novack . Once born a normal human being during the days God made Adam and Eve. It years after man's creation, but centuries since Adam and Eve's cast out. He remembered the day he met Adam, oh yes that day. How it became such a curse and a burden upon him. Adam had become lost along years, corrupted by what he had become from a curse. He stumbled on Adam by accident and caught him feeding off a small child. Naked and soaked in her blood with a savage look on his eyes. He became a beast and then jumped Novack to feed off him, in reaction Novack struggled under the bite but stabbed him with a nearby wooden stake. Adam had fallen, but passed on his curse to him.

    Now he could never return to his people in the mornings, never taste normal food, feel the caress of the sun, nor feel human again. But that wouldn't not hault his nature for travel, his desire to be. He may have become something... more than human. But he would use it to serve him, with every purpose to the world.

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  3. Eve's light face lifted to the moonlit sky she closed her eyes, and imagined the moon as the sun, and the stars as the clouds. It was this moment when she picked up an unusual scent, her face lifted and eyes widened as her pupils shaped down into pin pricks. Spinning her head around, there, was the local hospital. Not as advanced as what Eve could see the future would be holding, however still containing those sachets which kept her from savaging the people of this picturesque village. This place was the only thing keeping her sane, and if anybody were to intrude it, it would be like harming her own.

    She wandered off into the institute, judging by the groggy smell that she was right in thinking that another one of the wounded had come in. Eve held her hand over her mouth and nose to keep away the only scent which was forcing her to step closer into her beast-like nature. The man was wounded, by what they're saying a 'beast.' Was it one of the wolves in the local forest? A rabid dog? Or was it Eve, without realisation? No, it couldn't have been. She was observing the man, squirming, twitching, shaking. Instantly removing herself from the scene of the crime she made way to the abandoned cupboards which held the small sacks of blood. Their types written on the front of it, she was not fussy. She grabbed several AB-'s, B+'s.. many more. Then rushing with the aid of her Vitae, her body was a blur and those who were in the passageways at the time, were holding their heads and shaking dizzily from the radiating energy as she ran by.

    Leaving the institute her eyes scanned the area, and she tucked the prepared blood into her cloak, continuing to walk down the long street in a circle, before coming back around it for the 3rd time, and thinking it now time to return home..
  4. Novack placed his forearm amongst his right knee, leaning forward to see further along the streets. People were scrambling off to their homes to avoid the storm, while others were sheltering at a bar. Either to become drunk until solber isn't a word, or to hide from rain. Most likely it was to drown themselves in the liquor. Something in the air was stretched through the air however, it stuck against his nose like fresh blood. In fact, it was blood, dead... and alive.

    Novack shut his eyes, then opened them back a second later. His iris took on a coloration of gold, like a tiger's. Being a vampire was a burden, yes, but its advantages was a bonus nonetheless. The houses appeared white a grey like a child's drawing book, while the skeletal structure and hearts of humans revealed themselves to his sight. People were turning corners to find one man that was wounded, said to be by a beast. Really it was Novack who left that man wounded in the street, he was able to control his feeding but only barely. This man was a stroke of luck that Novack didn't finish him off completely. His skeleton's color turned black as well as his heart beat, the man had died from blood loss. The people through a tarp over his body and started loading him into an ambulance, for what he knew he was going to the morgue. Novack knew that he would have to confirm the death by his own hands, humans did not believe in vampires, nor knew their rules.

    He leaped down from his ledge with the blow of the wind lfting up his cape. Revealing his leather sleeveless vest, leather leggings, and boots. For the last 200 years Novack has been buried in the cemetary a mile away from the town. He could still remember the number of locks placed on hiscoffin to prison him inside. Twenty feet deep under the earth, all to prevent him from arising again. Because of his imprisonment, he didn't have time to switch his clothing. All he has from this century is his cloak and the knowledge he's gained from drinkng blood. When he landed on the ground he made the surface crack a little, before drawing attention he fled in a blur. Novack chased after the ambulance, but saw something out the corner of his eye. A woman sneaking a pack of blood in her corset. Time slowed down as he passed her bye and he took his time to witness her appearance. Soon things sped back up and he was after the ambulance again.
  5. When exiting the place, and feeling like she'd made it un-seen, the woman made a light sigh of relief and leant her head against a nearby gas-light. It wasn't a moment later that she was walking away. She could feel dawn approaching, and forgot that she had been out as long as she had. She knew that she should speed up, but wondering what the affects of daylight actually were she slowed tentivley. She doesn't remember the last time this theory was tested, or how badly it went down.

    Vampires are walking corpses, run by the control of 'Vitae', they have no need for organs, or even real blood around their body. This is obvious through the tempreture of the Vampire's skin. As well as that, their skin is naturally dry, because they have no use for moisture. Their skin being dry, means their skin being flammable. When in direct contact with sunlight, or flame, the body will charr and burn, like acid on a human's skin. Vitae is a substance which allows the vampires to control their own body, it's known that when a young blood has recently been sired, it is like being born, all over again. Their sight is blurred, their hearing is muffled and they aren't able to shape their tongue around words. However, Eve has never sired, and never had the chance to see this taking place... So what's with the rumour that there is more than her? Vitae is also used to shape Vampire Magicks, which is unusual too for a Vampire as they do have access to fire alike. Elements such as lightning, air, earth, water, ice, plant, fire, shadow, poison, acid, valour, blood, necromancy, and bone magicks are all something which Vampires have the capability of manipulating to their own free will.

    Maybe this was Eve's way of trying to escape this cursed life. She had forgotten what happens to those who step out in the bright star-light. Forgotten the scar, which has faded over the years, which was left right across her spine because of it. But, just a little longer she spent taking in the sunlight on the step of her door. She looked at the shadow of the night beginning to fade backwards over towards her feet, and then lifted up her head to the sun shining down on her face. Closing her eyes, she felt nothing...

    Then a second later there was a burning heat surging through her skin, she let out a hiss turned and ran into the cottage which lived further out of the village followed by a cobble path to the town center. Her hands held over her cheek and she ran to the bathroom with a yelp, removing her hand from her face and observing herself in the mirror she caught a glance of the sizzling gash on the side of her face..
  6. The ambulance soon drove directly passed the hospital and out of town, on to a road leading out of town. The two drivers inside had come upon Novack's perseption and gave it their all to flee him. But as many have said before, you can never escape death's dealers. It being the 1920s, cars weren't really built for professional speed, let alone ran on the best fuel. He had no problem catching up the the vehicle and latching on the side. One of the men turned to see Novack, but couldn't make him out, for they were entering a thick fog. ANd now the true terror began.....

    Novack clawed his way into the back with the corpse, then drove his hands into it's chest. The man leaned up and shreaked in pain, then burned and reduced to dust. The comotion alerted the drivers and they panic in the fron. Novack curled his body and hovered from the back of the truck. In the dismay, the driver ended up hitting the brakes to hard and flung the ambulance on its back, sliding into a tree. He watched the two pieces of prey from the high tops of a dead oak tree. Looking around, everything here seemed to be dead. From the leaves, the bushes, and the weeds. The only wildlife here seemed to be crows and ravens. This now became the vampire's game, the humans were sitting ducks. One man, a constaple, pulled himself together and drew his pistol. But he wasn't focused, infact he was shaking trying to hold his pistol. The other was a surgen, probably the one to handle the body. He was cursing in french and jittering. They were yards apart, which made killing them easier.

    Novavk went for the armed man first, he would cause the other to scatter. He dashed past the man and tackled him, quickly sining his fangs into his throat. The man yelled in pain and fear, making it echo in the mist. The doctor faced the direction it came from in panic, nearly soiling himself in fright.

    "Officer..." he said quietly.

    The officers pistol was soon tossed towards him, a spatter of blood lying on it's barrel. He looked down at the gun, then slowly back up at where it was thrown from. He saw Novack's eyes glaring at him and turned; as soon as he turned he was cut off by him. The doctor let out a scream, but Novack was at his throat and made him scream louder...... After finishing his work with which he caused, he looked around at where he was. The road they had taken was made of cobble stone. And with the stone came a familiar smell as well, that woman...
  7. Her hand held against her stinging cheek and she gave out another cry and yelp of pain before bending her knee's and gritting her teeth. Using her Vitae she manipulated her blood energy to surge away from the nerve endings in her body. The pain began easing away, but the wound was still there scorching away at her skin on her cheek. Her hand flamboyantly waved in the air underneath the sink, and hauled the moisture up from the pipes into a formation of a small puddle in her hand. Keeping it there, she held it on her cheek and gave a slight wince, out of habit expecting the pain. She sat down, and let out an un-necessary breathe to herself. The windows of the cottage had been covered with layers of cement and wood to keep any shaft of light from entering, she was grateful for it. Before she knew it, her skin had healed up in seconds and was scarring over to a disorientated patch of skin on her cheek.

    Her body picked itself up from the floor leaning against the wall, and she began to make her way to the candle lit dining room. Seating herself at the table in front of the large book in front of her, her hands scrolled along the paper. Being used to the form of a quill and ink it took some getting used to using pens, so she just stuck to what she knew. Taking a grasp of the elegant feather which reached up to the length of her arm, scrolling down her findings of the day. She pulled out the sachets of blood and counted them one by one, entering the numbers down, and estimating the time it will last her before she will need to feed again.

    Dead blood was never as exhilarating as fresh rich blood. However, it was the only thing she could suffice on if she were to be protecting the village from dismay. She liked walking through the village, enjoyed seeing the people around it on a night beginning to pack away their market stalls and small shops on the skirts of the town. Eve was very fond of the people who she lived by and the way that their nature was to just survive, Eve would give anything for that. Dead blood however, did not keep her going for very long. A human could help her hold out for around a week. She would need to be feeding off one of these sachets every day, and she only had 4.

    Times were hard, and if she did not feed.. The inner beast would take over her body and she would be in a state of furor, destroying everything in her path. Including her so precious village which keeps her company and calm at night. She really didn't have much choice but to steal from the local hospital, it was inevitable. Her head slightly tilted to the side, and then she caught it, that unfamiliar smell. She was confused at first, and just thought that it was her own Vitae leaking from her face... But there it was clear as day, and she was healed.. A scent unlike a humans. It was another one of her own.. Her eyes widened to the possibility that she was in fact NOT alone..

    "It's daylight outside, how can he possibly be..." She thought...​
  8. Not to his attention, daylight was slowly creeping upon Novack's position. He was so caught up in the smell his focus was thrown elsewhere. But why not give the scent attention; it smelled exactly like that woman he saw at the accident. She stole the spare blood from the barrels and ran off, she was obviously a creature like him. But her game was much more organized than his, yet still similar, at least from what he believes.

    Taking one step towards the road, he sinjes his foot and pulls back immediately. There was no burn, but it stung like acid. The familiar pain of the sun was his first experience as a vampire. This was nearly the tenth time it'd touched him. He walked backwards from the boundry of light and shadow, then dashed away in a blur deeper into the forest. From savlvaging fresh blood from the two men, he was faster and stronger for the time being. Out running the sun was a difficult task if one was not prepared. Novack dashed past the trees trying to take cover, but the mist soon began to disapate from the area. Things were quickly become critical, the sun was only and inch away from his back and was burning him already. As a last resort move, he turned and charged his way through the sun and back to the cottage. His skin quickly felt like it was on fire, he let out a scream and charged to the back of the cottage. He saw a door that lead into the basement of the place. It was boarded shut, but he could get through easily. He came to the doors and started ripping off the boards. Quickly he opened the dorr and dove in, shutting the entrance behind him. He was in the dark once more...

    He laid the in the shadows of the basement, sizziling and smoking lightly. He appeared as if he'd just been through Hell's flames themselves. The Vitae in his body was low and he needed blood, badly this time. It is essential for a vampire to keep their Vitae in shape; without it their weak and useless to themselves. He clawed at the floor trying his hardest to move, only to no avail... If his heart was still beating, it'd would be slow as a snail.... Slowly... He was dying again..
  9. The smell had faded, and she was left standing at the door expecting it to re-appear. Her head lowered and she was lost in a thought of possibility, confused by the moment. It couldn't be possible that another one of her kind was to be lurking the Earth like she was. Did God punish another? For she had not betrothed this curse on anybody in her knowledge. For many years she had been alone, not felt the warmth of a childs love. The touch of a man's lust. Not even the caressing stroke of a domain house cat. Her hands rubbed their way over her elbows and shoulders and she looks through the gaps in the window revealing the light still shining through. She figured it was time for rest, and when the moon began to rise in the midnight sky, she would rise along with it and her temptation of finding this being which she so recognised to be the same as her

    Her hands once again untied the clasp around her cloak, and it fell lightly to the side of her body, revealing ribbons wrapped tightly around her corset, adorned with leather and a cravat. She wore a petty-coat over the rogue armour which protected her torso. Tight high waist pants which were embroided with blood red velvet coursed it's way down to her ankles which were covered by the knee high tight boots with the 8" heel to give her legs the muscle in the calf which added to her flawless beauty. Long hair fell in ringlets down her back, and her head came to a rise and she lightly clicked it to the left before approaching the bed in the back of the room with a gentle sigh

    Yes, Vampires did have mundane beds, and not coffins. Her mind ran wild with thought of what tomorrow would bring, and if she would make a companion in these very harsh times. She could feel her thoughts churning in her head. Eve unfortunately had the gift to see others futures, but not her own. However, there was an interferance with a path assosiated with herself. She felt the daunting overwhelming rush of fear laying down flat on her back looking at the damp cieling crumbling in places with it's brittle plaster. Something was coming, something threatening her life which she had no knowledge of. For there were more of her, and her kind. In match with this, there were more of those who hunt them. Slayers as they were known... Was it possible that the path crossing hers was this one she smelt earlier? Was he being chased... What if he lead them to her. She'd kept so quiet to herself in this village.. However, she cannot predict what she cannot know. Her eyes fell shut as the birds sung their morning song outside of the cracks in the wooden blocked off windows.
  10. What was left of his Vitae started regenerating most of his burned face. First his muscle tissue, then the skin, but it stopped at that leaving the wound. It wasn't enough to kill him quickly, but it was effective. In a state of weakness, a vampire will come to feeding off anything near it. Whether be huuman.. Or not. The scent he stole to his nostrils was nearby, closer than last before. Like a kamodo chasing biten food, he tracked the scent up a stair case. Keeping low to the ground and close to the wall, steps paced five inches apart.

    A door stod in his way as he creeped it open slowly to peek out the crack. It led into a corridor decorated with velvet to blood red colors. A rug of velvet coloration trailed up the floor of the hall. To the wall on his right was a picture of a woman. She had jet-black hair that trailed to her shoulder and past her breasts, rose red lips of an angel, and golden eyes of a hawk. Seeing such beauty lessened the pain, but not the hunger. It grew so aggitating until it made his fangs bare themselves, 3 inch fangs readied for a scuffle. Moving on down the hall, he heard the soft sound of clothing hit the floor, as well as sense the smell growing larger. It was now intense once he reached around the end of the hall... and there he saw her.. the woman.

    She appeared to be stripping down, preparing for bed probably. Her scent was glorius to the monster inside him, especially sensing she bled earlier. Novack was hidden deep inside his own mind, for now it was the beast in control. When she took leave to her room, Novack followed behind. He waited for her to take her place in the bed, then stood beside her bed. In the corner of the window sat a bird, cloaked by the cement in the windows but still it sang.

    He stared blanky upon the woman's throat as she slept. Her smell was of vampire decent, but the hunger saw her as a target and nothing more. He circled around to knee in front of her. Novack inhaled a deep breath of her smell, then snarled to himslef. He quickly pinned her hands and burried his fangs into her throat... And the taste.. Was sweeter than a human's blood.
  11. Once her mind had fallen into it's state of sleep, her body was taken over by the continuous dream or should I say, nightmare..

    She was stood in a pool of light, her body stripped bare and the lashings of the whip have struck her every patch of flesh leaving the blood to be dripping down. Clutching at her stomach she weeps, left crying up at the source of light beaming down upon her in this dark and empty place. She begs for her baby to be saved, pleads for it to be taken out of her. Nobody is helping her. Faces appear around her and they're laughing at her, then they're all having their turns. Throwing strips of leather against her skin which grinds it's way past her flesh and into her body. She feels a man's hands grasp around her neck .. This was different. The sharp length of his claws coursed their way into the side of her cheek and down into her neck.

    Her eyes immedietly shot wide open and she saw the figure standing over her, feeling the pain surging through her neck. He WAS one of her kind, and he WAS about to do something very, very stupid. Her feet rose up, and with a force like no other she threw him from her body and shot up to her feet to hold him by the back of the neck. Her voice rose up to a growl as she yelled, "Spit it out! Spit it out or you'll die! Do you hear me? Spit it out!" She kept shouting and waiting for him to flush the red luquid taken in from her. Stepping back leaving him to it she shook her head and held her hands on her hips. "Aren't you aware, another Vampires blood is poisonous."

    She realised he was hungry, and walked over to the table where one of her sachets lived. She knew that this was risky, but tossed him it anyway. "Here, take this... It's possibly not what you're familiar or comfortable with, but it will ease the hunger for a day." She rose her hands to the two pinprick holes on her neck and winced a little bit, preparing to use her vitae to control the nerves in her skin, as she did with the 'sun-burn'...
  12. His fangs planted into her throat, Novack saw into his food's memories. Her age went back ages the same as his; almost reaching the same amount of ancient times as he but older. Her blood slowly leaked into his mouth and pricked his taste buds, but this sweet taste only lasted for a moment before he was forced away. She had awakened from his intervention, and not in the gentlist of moods either..

    Quickly her grip was about his neck, keeping him from swallowing his substinance. He pried at her arm, but was too weak to try, the poisonous liquid wasn't helping his situation. The beast within resisted but he spat it up anyways, splashing her fluid against her walls. Novack broke out into a serious of coughs and chokes as he fell to his knees. He placed his hands around his throat to try and ease himself. The inside of his neck was dry however and he still hungered. How mch did he feel karma was striking at his mind. Or maybe it was common sense stranggled into him. How could he forget the most important thing about vampires: Never feed off one another. The blood is poisonous and kills usually faster than sunlight. Had he swallowed her blood, it wouldn't have mattered whether he spat the rest up.

    His mouth soon became clear and his breathing steadied, back to a more gentle pace. His breathing was still deep though, he was aching for satisfaction. Then to his feet came a pack of blood. Not what he was use to, but it was blood nonetheless. Without question or hesitation Novack brought the pack to his lips and tore it open. He tipped it up to his mouth and let it fall into his mouth. He licked around his laws like a savage, at this point he was, and clawed into the floor. His body was pleased and the monster was satisfied.

    "Eve... Your name is... Eve..." he muttered.
  13. She watched him retch on the ground and savage the small sachet which laid in his hands, and was being drained by his mouth. Hearing her name when he raised his head from his meger meal she nodded elegantly and then looked down upon him her expression still a stubborn frown. She could have let him die, and let his life slip away. However, she had never met another one of her own, and this could be her loneliness sinking into the epitome of decease. "That is my name.." Had he been looking for her? How did he already know her name without introduction?

    She became aware of the letters lying around the house, and he WAS in fact in her house... "Were you snooping when you broke in here? Or is it just by chance you guessed my name?" Her voice was melodic, and sung through the small dark room only lit by candle light. There was a pause for a moment as she awaited his reply. She let him compose himself and walked to the cabinet to the back of the room where she let her hands run to the draws to see if her letters were still in their rightful place. They were, untouched and unscathed by any foreign hands to her surprise.

    Bringing her head back around to look down at him knelt on the ground from the pressure of her kick. She rolls her eyes and then combed her lengthy black hair back from her face, offering him her hand to allow him to get up from the mahogany wooden floors adorned by velvet and cotton tapestry lined rugs. "What's your name?.." she asked, thinking it necessary that she now finally learnt who he was. He seemed to already know about her, she wondered what else he may know about her as well.
  14. He wiped the dropplets of blood from his lips, rising to his feet. Novack looked to her and held a paused facial expression. He remembered the picture in the hall, how radiant it looked. Seeing the same woman in person was a more stunning sight than the sun itself. If it were appropiate timing, he would have basked in her beauty. But for now, she was owed an apology and answers. What was owed first was her apology.

    "You have my sincerest apologise, Night Sister. My savagery consumed me for the time being." he announced politely as he took her hand, placing a soft kiss on her knuckles. How curious how he'd be stunned by her gaze, yet had motion enough to kiss her hand. Novack gently released her hand and held his arms close to his torso, crossing them togethr. His cloak shrouded his arms and closed the front of his body. The fact that he was standing again meant his Vitae had returned to him. Possibly for a short while, or little amount. Either way he was restored enough to speak. "I learned your name from the taste of your blood. I may not have had time to feed off it, but taste alone gives you one's memories." Novack learned of his race's special ability by accident. He remembered it clearly from the blood he drank.

    It was an old night of mist and rain, Novack was recently turned that years, three months before. A girl he knew as a childhood friend was out in the forests; picking berries for her home. Novack was wearing stolen knights armor from his time of the 1600s. In those days, he was The Dark Knight. Describe in pitch black armor, with piercing red eyes. He was loose in the forest while she was filling her basket, then he stumbled upon her.... and the best took over... The next day, the memories in her blood jogged his memory of what he did to her. But this only happens when they feed straight from the person.. Locking the thoughts into his blood and his mind, as constant reminders of what he's done.

    In truth... that seems more like a vampire's curse.
  15. Her eyes grazed down to him taking her hand and kissing upon her knuckles. At first she was confused, but then the soft touch of his cold skin against her own was quite soothing to her. She shook her head and allowed the thought to escape her mind completely. She could see he was staring at her, and wondered what he thought when looking at her. He was quite an attractive, handsome young man. There was a moment where her eyebrows raised up on top of her brow and her mouth slightly opened, in human habit, as if she'd want to gasp for a little bit of air. The expression immediately returned to an impassive one soon after that. She spoke back to him after his sincere apologies "Ah, yes, I forgot about that. I haven't fed off a human for centuries now... Although it's not exactly satisfying, I try to escape the beast within us." ​

    In her conversation she was completely lost, the thoughts all ran back through her head about how she isn't the only one, and she wanted answers. "How have I not seen you before? Where have you been lurking? Do you know any more of our kind? I cannot tell you how strange this is for me, since the dawn of time I've been lead to believe that I was the only one on this Earth. Then you just stumble along and well.." She got a little frustrated at the confusion and frustration, and not to mention, the stress of it all. It got a little much for her, and she began pacing backwards and forwards, as if to be accusing this man of something which clearly wasn't his fault.

    Her hands ran through her lengthy black curls and over her face before giving a sharp swift turn of her head to the sound of people outside of her house. Her eyes turned to the side of the man, and then came to a narrow slightly, then her head spun back around to the door which she could hear the voices of young adults lurking around. She cursed once or twice and looked around for something, anything to lead them away. Turning her head she whispered to the man next to her, "You lead them here, didn't you? God dammit... Was it you who attacked that male? The one in the hospital?" She looked a little more angry and brought her hands to the sides of her hips stroking down them repeatedly and nervously. "I don't think you understand the seriousness of this situation.. I've been living in hiding and peacefulness, I caused no stir in the village. Their threats to kill me were a little overwhelming.. You may sit there and think.." She put on a male tone of voice, "We're Vampires, we have magic, we can out-do them." Her original voice returned, "Well that's not the case, they're here as hunters now... They have their runes, which is THEIR magic.. It may not be on parr with strength against ours, but it's faster. Come on." She leant forward and grabbed him by the hand looking around nervously. Grabbing the sachets and certain tools along with her barbed thorn whip which lay by her bedside, and ran towards the back of the house where he first came in...

    The basement.
  16. She seemed like the affable type, easy to converce with and whatnot. But she formed herself into a false human, at least from his perspective. He understood keeping one's face in order, but not your natural vampiric features. But he was only hiding here, not living here, if feeding off the people doesn't count. He also understood controlling obe's hunger. To set it free would mean suicide.

    "I understand, but don't limit yourself to their level... We're are human anymore."

    After a few minutes, she came back with more questions. Some were harder than most to answer, but he had a debt to pay. "I've been a vampire almost as long as you. But I was locked away for centuries. How I was caught, I don't remember. But for now I live again with a thirst still strong as steel. This town has been my sanctuary for the past thirty years now. I've stuck close to the shadows, holding suspicion to a low amount." he said with a sturn look as he walked around the room. He was admiring how she was holding a roof over her head, it spoke a human vibe, but said vampire to the keen eye. "As for you, ma'dam. I already know all I need of you from your blood. Memory by memory.

    Just as he finished speaking, he heard camosion coming from the front of the cottage. He moved in a blurr to peak and saw a group of hunters. Novack had incountered them before, they were fairly easy in his experience. Just as they arrived, Eve started throwing a fit at him. He only flinched at the right time and glared at her. Sure, these men may have followed him, but he could handle them easy. If the runes didn't get to him first that is.

    "If you wish to be rid of them, say the word.." he spoke with a sense of hunt.
  17. She kept her clutch on his arm and dragged him down the stairs to the stony area which she referred to as the most dim and dull place in her abode. "I prefer to keep it that way. This place has grown on me, and vampire or not, we still have emotions and this town causes lots of them for me." Her voice was almost a growl to him, she was so frustrated and confused that she just couldn't quite come to terms with what was going on. Now she was even more wound up due to the fact that he led them here after she lived so long in peace without hassle from them. In releasing him, her hands were brought around the wooden door and she shut it to immediately. Bringing her hand flamboyantly to her side in the dark she used the aid of her vitae to conjure up a flame hovering a distance away from her skin, or she would be burnt to ash. In lighting the area, she grabbed an old torch down there, and lit it up. Not long after extinguishing the fire in her palm she glanced around directing the flame to her direction of sight, and found the door in the basement.

    "Over here." She beckoned her hand over to him, and leant down to open the rather smaller hatch door. Stepping into it she kept her back on an arch. "Close it behind you.." She ordered him. Not long after he did her spare hand waved, not holding the torch, and used the vitae on the other side of the door to haul down stone in front of it, hiding it from view of the hunters. She let out a sigh as she continued to follow the passage underneath her house which would eventually lead them out to the forest not far out from the village. "Getting rid of them? Are you stupid?" She sighed and shook her head continuing to walk. "Listen, I don't even care anymore.. When we're out of here, I'll show you the way to go to find the next village that I'm not so fond of.. Then you can be on your way and we can part ways." She thought of how she would be lonely again, but right now all this male had brought to her was hassle and that's not something she wished to live with for however many centuries they would know each other, no matter how attractive he was. ​

  18. Be the situation as it may, Novack wasn't one for retreating from a fight. But he had little choice in the matter. The sun was shining bright and he barely had the normal amount of blood he usually had consumed. It almost made him feel pitiful, but he was thankful to have been sustained either way. As she lead him down the path, secret to any outsider, he trailed his fingers along the stone walls. The halls of this pathway smelled and felt of hundreds of years. This had not been the first time she had used this, in fact it may have been the hundreth time. It confounded him slightly how she would rather flee humans instead of fight back. She had the means to do it, the magic, the ability. But to refuse it as it it never happened is cowardly to him.

    "You would flee humans, instead of facing them? Pardon me while I am confused to this gesture." Being a vampire for so long, he'd finally come to terms that he'll never be human again. So he deprives himself of any other human quality, all except his emotions. Now a vampire at heart, Novack passed Eve up and took the lead, taking the torch and lowering it to where it wouldn't shine. "Open your eyes." he said as he closed his. He focused closely to a natural ability vampires had, night eye. It allowed them to hunt perfectly in the dark. They could spot heartbeats, skeletal structures, and tainted blood. It also iluminated their surroundings around them to show them objects and pathways. "Like my father once told me: "Forge your curse into your gift.""

    Novack handed her back her torch, then proceeded on without her. He didn't limit himself to human standards any longer, that would be sad and weak. For one to try and live like a human, knowing they are not is sickening to him. He believed if you were strong, you would embrace what you are, come to terms with it. And if you limit yourself, then so be it, but remember who and what you are. Soon he met the end of the tunnel, tangled in vines and boarded up from the inside. Eve must have planned this for years now, but must have never reached the end of the tunnel.
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