Hold on tight and don't look back ((Gay romance need parnter))

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  1. My Character: Daemon Clearwater or Dae for short.

    It had been the worst possible summer imaginable but is was painful more than anything. I was hurting all summer for my best friend Theo. The wreck was not only hard on the Lawrence family but the entire community, Jaylynn was possibly the greatest influence on the entire town and she definitely was in Theo's life, but the death of his sister did not hurt me nearly as much as the image of him being dead in the wreck did. I got a call minutes after it happened and was informed that they had both been killed, some idiot kids from school had been informed wrong but I still believed it, I dropped my phone and fell to my knees in my bedroom and began to cry. Later of course, I was informed that Theo had survived the wreck. In the days and weeks that followed, I made attempt after attempt to visit him but Mrs. Lawrence turned every time away. One time I stormed past her as she told me Theo would not see me, I walked to his door and tried to talk to him, but the door was locked and he refused to answer...that hurt the most. So you can imagine why I was looking forward to school, I knew that was the one place his parents would force him to go to and he would comply.

    It was the first day back after the dreadful summer, finally I would get to see Theo again since before the wreck. I dressed in my usual hoody, fall out boy t-shirt, tight jeans, and my rugged black converse, my messy black hair was combed in it is usual emo fashion. I had been sitting in my Dodge Charger (A birthday present from mom and dad over the summer holidays.) patiently waiting to see him, finally I spotted him walking towards the entrance, and suddenly I realized, 'what could I say?’ I scrambled out of the car and hurried to catch up to him. He went into the office and I followed. "Well if it isn't Theo Lawrence." I said a smile on my face as I spoke, all the while thinking to myself 'damn I’ve missed you.'

    Theo Lawrence." I said a smile on my face as I spoke, all the while thinking to myself 'damn i've missed you.'