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  1. The evening sky is pink and spray painted with orange and purple in wide dots across the sky. It's like a beautiful homemade painting that's a wonderful end to the day. It's not exactly dark out, but you can still see the moon gleaming across the sky in the north. It's a pale circular disk matches the scenery. The crow is buzzing still. Even after the concert people are still hanging out by the stage and chatting as they make their way out.

    Leo glances to his left as he's tossed around in the crowd. For someone his size he has't taken up drinking and decided against even buying one. He stands there on his tiptoes trying to see over the crowd of people as his line of sight is filled with the backs and fronts of women and men. He grunts low to himself and drops down to the balls of his feet. The wind is too high to give him any relief. The night has so far been warm and humid. Making the air stink with the sweat of everyone around him. His wrinkles his nose and pushes past some girl as she waves her drink in the air. She glares at him, soft brown eyes dizzy and fuzzy in the sunset. Leo shrinks under her glare and looks down, but continuing his trek through the haze of people.

    It's a wonder why I'm here, he thinks as he apologizes under his breathe for the fifth time this night. His friends deserted him long ago and he'd been waiting for them all day. Unconscionably looking backwards the entire time as the music blared in his ears. So loud he didn't even bother to stop and enjoy the beat.

    Leo sighs as he finally reaches the edge of the clearing. He stops and glances around seeing nothing but the huge throng of people in front of him. It's getting darker, he thinks as he shudders. He has no way of getting home tonight. Unless he finds a taxi that is and even then he still doesn't know where he is.

    He stares at the ground for minutes it seems as the sky gets darker and the stars are lining the sky. He hears a cough next to him, but he ignores it. He hears it again. He looks up and-

    (OOC:Sorry if it's too confusing. First post in a LOOOONG time.)
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  2. The place was full of light and action as Poisiden watched as the humans moved about. It always amazed him that the humans were so ignorant that there was a god walking with them. Yes he took a human forum but well that doesn't happen every day. To him he just liked being in the crowd and feeling the energy of the people enjoying themselves.

    Praise to the gods didn't happen that much anymore. It slightly made him sad to not have anyone praise him with sacrifices of foods and things that seemed to just be slightly from the humans life. To have someone to praise to when they need.

    As the activities ended people started crowding to go to the exit. That was when he noticed a small human male in the crowd. He wasn't polite or said excuse me when he passed people or say sorry. He just plowed through them and they then got it since he was pretty tall. As he reached the male he coughed slightly to get his attention.

    "Do you need help. I would drive you home if you so desired. It looks like your lost and I thought it would be nice to offer." He said and smiled slightly at the male in front of him. "My name is Poisiden, you know like the Greek god. But of course I'm not" he joked slightly even though he was actually the god he was talking about.
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  3. Leo shakes his head, but the words are stuck inside of his throat like spikes. Leo's finely tuned sense of, oh someone's talking to me; make a conversation. Isn't even going off. Out of the corner of his eye he catches the crowd getting thinner and his heart flutters somewhat.

    These nights are rare, Leo thinks. That he actually goes out and does something with his 'friends' (he hesitates to call them that). He's never really been a social butterfly either. So, the fact that someone actually got him out of his bubble is amazing by itself. Also add the fact that he's actually talking (?) to someone who isn't family or close friend. "Yeah," Leo starts his breathe caught in his throat. "I mean yes. Yes, I would like some help. Thank you."

    His back is stiff and his words are eerily polite. Polite enough to make this-this gentlemen think of him as some sort of stuck up snob. He sighs inwardly eyes glancing up to meet this giant of a man, with his kind words and breathy smiles. Poseidon seems nice enough. Even if that means helping out some loser like him.

    It's still, but the air is thrumming with excitement. The crowd is halfway gone and Leo around with a whimper that his friends are almost nowhere in sight. He catches himself and stares shyly at Poseidon. "I'm Leo. Leo Roberts in fact." he states a little proudly. He holds out his hand for a shake. "That's actually a pretty cool name if you ask me..." He almost whispers, but strains his voice loud enough for Poseidon to hear him.

    Leo doesn't say all the words he wants to say like, oh you're so handsome or please take me with you I'm look weird here standing with a stranger. The words are all too far to reach, slipping out of his grasp the moment he thinks he has them. So, instead he goes for polite compliments and words. Words that naturally soothe other people and make them relax. He thinks sometimes he could do better. But most of the time he stays in his little bubble making empty promises to himself and hoping he'll have the courage to say or do them. It's what he does, it's like a tradition. Meet someone inspiring, want to make a change, promise himself something, and never do it. Sad and pathetic yes, but he makes do with what he;s been gifted with.
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  4. A chuckle came from Poisiden as the male spoke. The little male as so short it was so cute to talk to him. He could tell from everyone that this male was something different. "Well since it's clearing up we can go to my car. It's not far from here and I'll either drive you to your house or you can stay at my house for the night." He said.

    "It's very nice to meet you Leo. Let's get out of here. It isn't really fun after it's over and closes." His voice was loud and confident. Of course he was. He was a god what would make him scared. Nothing. He took his hand to walk him to his car.

    The god always had things in the human world and he was rich either way so it won't matter what he did. He walked to his Lamborghini and looked at the human male. "So do u want to go home or do you want to stay at my house." He said smiling slightly.
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  5. Leo's sure he makes this really unattractive face as he's pulled forward by Poseidon.

    "Oh, uh thank you." he stuttered, licking his lips as apprehension settled low into his belly. He has a couple of guesses as to why it settles there. Maybe it's because this giant of man is actually paying attention to a shrimp like him. Maybe it's because somewhere in the pit of his mind he's hoping that Poseidon and him will hit it off. Hit if off? Oh, god...., Leo walks closer pulling his hand away gently from Poseidon gentle grip.

    Not that he doesn't want to hold his hand, no, it's because he's sure his hand is a sweaty mess right now and how weird would that be? Though despite his anxiety his heart quickens as they near a bright red (?) car. Leo's not good with cars actually. But he's not dumb enough to know that this is an expensive car. Like a REALLY expensive car. It kind of reminds him of his best friends cousin. All sweet smiles and gentle touches and the next thing you know he's a fricken millionaire. How odd it was back then that she would still hang out with a poor loser like him. Leo shrugs it off as they stop near the car.

    "Nice car. I don't think I've ever seen a car this nice so close before." he chuckles to Poseidon, he chides himself gently as he realizes how cheesy he must sound right now. How flustered he mus sound to this man who seems three steps up the social ladder than he'll ever be. "I hope I don't intrude, but do you mind if we go to your house? I don't exactly know where I am and my phone died a while back...."

    His hands reach to grip to sides of his pants pocket. Anxiety buzzing in his head.
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  6. The one thing Poisiden couldn't do with this male but everyone else seemed to be fine. He couldn't read this males thoughts and to him that was slightly strange. The thoughts he hears is like a hum and the prayers were well increased volume. He only heard prayers to him but that didn't matter not much people believed in him in this modern time.

    "Well let's get going then. Just an FYI I love going fast on the roads so just if you know. Are you still willing to come with me?" His voice asked hoping he won't say no. He wanted to spend time with this human that seemed so interesting to him.

    Poisiden opened the door and waited for him to enter if he wanted. It was the humans choice to come with him. "Just telling you my family is Greek as you could tell by my name so if that bothers you I don't know what to tell you." He said and hoped that Leo wouldn't mind.
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  7. Waking up was always pretty easy for Leo. Usually it had something to do with the right circumstances which always included a bowl of cereal and a pack of bubblegum to help ease the stress that always seemed to build up. Right now Leo isn't particularly up. It's like watching a movie from a distance, never participating only staring as the handsome man sweeps the young girl off her feet and seems to hold the biggest secret of all. So when Leo 'wakes up' he realizes that he is the girl in the movie. Who's just about to get her feet swept from under her by the handsome man. Only this isn't a movie. It's real. And right now hes going to go on an adventure with a man he's barely met. Someone who's funny, interesting, and seems to care about him. Despite them only known each other for 20 minutes.

    Leo blushes as he's snapped out his thoughts by Poseidon's curious gaze. His eyes are a bright, a mixture of colors that seem to dance in the wind and glow under the darkening sky. He's shocked actually, that this is really happening. "I-I don't mind at all," Leo stutters out, hands clenching his pockets. "I think it's actually pretty cool if you ask me." He smiles, teeth pocking out from under his lips.

    So, Leo climbs into the car his body cold with the sudden temperature drop.

    (OOC: I love how this is going ^^)
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  8. Poseidon smiled and moved slightly as he shut the door for the other male. He was so excited to bring this male to his house. He never got a excitement like this. His footsteps made it to the drivers side door. He sighed and closed his eyes before opening the car and getting into it. He smiled lightly at the male confident and hoping that this male didn't mind his weird history.

    "So what about your family. I have a lot of brothers and sisters. And my mother and father are insane." He said looking at the road shivering at remembering that his father ate him when he was a baby. "Well might as well get to know each other since your stuck with me for the night." He said as he drove fast.
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  9. "My family?" Leo looks at Poseidon. It's...scary to say the least, but a oddly relaxing. To feel the road crumble beneath the tires and the roar of the engine and the press of the air as inertia pulls his body into the seat. He seems relaxed though a glimmer of fear is apparent in his eyes. Leo wonders why for a moment as the stop at a red light. "I'm an only child and my mom is single. I don't know my dad..." Leo almost mumbles the last part. Embarrassment tingling up his spine as he remembers his absent father.

    "How many siblings do you have. Seems like you have a lot." His hands are at his sides, softly gripping the leather seat. He's comfortable almost. Despite traveling to heavens know with this stranger. His voice catches as he fades away softly. Turning his attention back toward the road once more. Letting the quiet seep in through the cracks of the air between them. He's scared despite himself. He doesn't even know this guy and yet he's sealed his fate by climbing into the car with him. His mother's voice comes back to haunt him from when he was a child.

    Don't trust strangers.

    That one phrase always seemed to be branded into his mind everyday since he was a child. One of the foremost things a kid could learn from his parents was to not trust strangers. Especially tall, handsome ones with nice cars and soothing voices. Leo curses himself and quickly prays to his mother for forgiveness. Hoping she'll here him from her place in Iowa.
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  10. Poseidon continued to drive to his house. He felt bad slightly that this male didn't know who his father was. To Poseidon his father was the first one he cringed from even thinking about. "Your lucky. My parents are locked away so no one can see them. They don't deserve death and well making them suffer while alive is better then having them die quickly." He mumbled slightly.

    "How much siblings I have is umm kinda strange. Do you know how many siblings there are in the Greek gods. Well we have the same amount of people in our family." He said and shrugged knowing his family was the gods themselves but he knew the human would panic if he realized Poseidon was the actual god.

    As they drove through the gates his mansion stretched making it look huge and big. It was just that. Older structure but newer material. As he parked into the garage he got out and opened the door for the male. "Welcome to my Greek home." He said smiling slightly as he held his hand out to the male.
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  11. By the time Leo's being driven up to Poseidons house, he's already memorized almost every detail about the place. It's the little things that stick out to him first: the rich tang of sea water, the pureness of the marble columns, and the pristine whiteness that makes up the house. The architecture is new, but something in the back of his mind tells him it's far older than it should be. There are all kinds of flowers in the little garden Poseidon has and Leo wonder briefly if he does it himself. It's dark outside and that only makes it all the brighter and cleaner. His breathe catches in his throat as he takes in the view. It's wonderful, Leo manages.

    "You seem to really like all things Greek. Did you use to live there? In Greece I mean..."

    (OOC: sorry it's so short. I'm really tired...i'll post better tomorrow)
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  12. Poseidon looked at his house and smiled slightly as he thought of Greece. "As people say you can never take the place someone was born and raised away from the person even if you move the person somewhere else." His voice mumbled as he thought about where he was suppose to live. But well he was more interested in the human world. "I think we should head inside. I don't think my brothers or sisters came here but I'm not sure. They are really sneaky and well something's you just want to look away from them and say there not your family." He chuckled slightly and smiled.

    He took the males hand and started off to the class. He smiled and showed them the house. Everything in it was modern but the walls and paintings were ancient. There was even some paintings from Atlantis but he just hoped that the male didn't know where it was found or then he would have to lie and he was trying to keep the lying to a minimum.
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  13. (OOC: sorry it took me so long to reply. I was busy yesterday.)

    IC: It was nice, he wasn't going to lie. With the large windows and ancient paintings it was a wonderful change from what he was used to. The walls where pure white with seashells lining the walls at every angle. The floor was polished and new and the ceiling was so far up Leo had to squint to look at it from below. It had a sea like smell that Leo had already grown to love and before he knew what he was doing he was running his fingers along the side of couch. The leather soft beneath his fingers and air warm cool and light. A nice change from the outside.

    "This is amazing. Where do you work at?" Leo glanced back at Poseidon. Eyes softening as he realized that he must have watched him the whole time with an amused smile upon his face. Leo turned his gaze downwards toward the gleaming floor. To his surprise it little seashells were also embedded in the floor.
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  14. Poseidon forgot the smells of his home sometimes because well he was the water god and it was a scent that he always smelled not just at home but everywhere. He would assume his true scent would be something dealing with the ocean two. He was happy he could tell that the male didn't know what the paintings were and where they where from.

    Now Poseidon wondered what this male wanted to do with his life. He smiled when the male was done and started bringing him to a guest room. All his rooms were something like the ocean smell and stuff like that. It fit Poseidon best to have it like that. "Well here is a guest room. I'll be glad to get you anything you want. There is a hot tub in the bathroom along with a shower. There are cloths in the closet of every size and yeah I pick it out in case someone decides to visit me." He said smiling happily.
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  15. Leo glanced back at Poseidon and walked towards the queen sized bed. It's sheets were coral blue and the pillows looked like it was made of the softest material. "Do you get guests often?" Leo's eyes wandered around the entirety of the room. It was nice, he had to admit.

    He smiled back at him, lips soft and swollen after biting them so much during the car ride. Truthfully he wanted to know more about the man who had welcomed him with open arms. "I don't want to go to bed yet. Can we stay up?" Leo hoped it wasn't took much to ask since they just came back from a three hour long concert. "If you want to I mean." he added quickly despite himself.

    He didn't want to sound ungrateful. After all he WAS the guest.
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  16. Poseidon looked at the male with interest as the male observed the room he had been shown. The god seemed to always like the reactions that seemed to come from this little guy. He never felt that with anyone else. Walking over to the male he sat down onto the bed. "If you want to talk for a while we can. Let's start off with an easy question. What is your favorite color." He said smiling.

    Twenty questions was what he was trying to play. He sometimes gets things wrong in the human world like some things the humans play he really didn't get it. And when he read Percy Jackson the lightning thief he was confused slightly and he really didn't like that they just assumed that all the gods are sex crazed. Yes some of them like having affairs and stuff but to him he never really beds with people he didn't actually like.
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  17. Leo could barely contain his laugh of surprise. "My favorite color?" he raised an eyebrow playfully as he sat down next to Poseidon. "I like green." slipping off his shoes onto the floor and digging his toes into the the carpet he relished in the softness and the warmth of the room. Being around this man was...exciting. He brought things out of Leo that he had no idea he even knew of. He sighed and fell on the bed stomach facing upwards.

    "How old are you?" Poseidon looked old, but not old enough that Leo should feel uncomfortable with. He watched the man with head tilted up his arms on his belly. "You can't be that old?" he trailed off suddenly self conscious. He sat up and crossed his legs.
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  18. The god of water/sea looked down at his lap uncomfortable. He didn't want to lie but he didn't know what he should say. He never though he would be asked how old he was. "I'm uncomfortable with my age. It's not because of anything you say. I'm just very uncomfortable telling people how old I am." He said shifting slightly before looking back up to the male.

    "Green? That's an amazing color. It's the color of grass, seaweed, mold, leaves. Green is a pretty color no doubt." He said smiling slightly. "I would say my favorite color would be blue. The color of the sky, water, my eyes, and blueberries" he said smiling as he named off what color things were.
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  19. Leo blinked in apology. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pried." Leo frowned and glanced down at his feet. The floor suddenly interesting to him as he shook away the awkwardness. "Do you have any pets?" He glanced hopefully at Poseidon and clasped his hand. His smaller one gentle hugging Poseidon's larger one. The pit in his belly fluttered at the contact and he almost swooned despite him already sitting down.
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  20. Poseidon smiled slightly and shrugged a bit. "It's not a big deal for other people but I wouldn't feel comfortable saying my age." Which was true because Poseidon was as old as dirt pretty much. He felt slightly scared that the male would regent him if he told the male he was a god.

    "I have some pets in other mansions and well yeah. I would have brought me here but I didn't want them to be too far away from the water. One of my pets is a dolphin. I have a big fish tank in my room of this mansion that I feed everyday." He said smiling as he thought of his fishes.
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