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  1. Hi! i'm Pub, a user on this site who wants to RP with somebody. I am okay with most stuff and will listen to any plots you have to offer, and there's a 99% chance I will be 100% okay with it! I have no preference on my character's gender (as far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter the character's gender by tmi), nor yours, and the only filter I may have is libertine because frankly I don't write to be sexual I write to have a good family friendly time and to meet people. My average posts are around 2 paragraphs assuming you give me stuff to work with but I can adapt up and down depending on what you're okay with. I only post a few times a day (6pm - 10pm on week days) but weekends like the time of me posting this should be a-okay for me to post multiple times a day.

    I can make up a plot in the PMs should you want me to make something up, I mean, this is me looking for a partner, but I would prefer if you brought something to the table. Don't be shy to hmu about whatever plots you might wanna do, both original and existing characters accepted!
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  2. I would be interested in Rping with you.
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  3. Eh, why not?

    Whatcha got in terms of fandoms/genres?
  4. Hi! I'd love to start something with you, if you're willing!!
  5. I got some ideas that you may like.
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