Hola Como Esta

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  1. Hola! Como Esta? That's good. I'm doing pretty good myself. The name is Sam . . . But you can call me greed. I like you sometimes let the deadly sins take me over for a bit. I do lust for physical pleasure quite alot but . . . I also have a greed, for everything. I want to have everything in the palm of my hand and know that if it exists I have it. For greed is a lust for everything, and not any one thing. You will all bow down before the might of greed one day. That . . . I assure you.

    No but In all seriousness It's nice to be here and I hope to create a lot of fond memories with you all. As For what I'm like . . . well PM me and find out ^__^ We might even RP together . . . See ya in the soon to be! XD

    Outro of, well, darkness darkness and Ooh a cookie!
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  2. Hahah, Hey Greed~

    I'm sure you've seen me in the Everlasting thread so yeah. I hope we can be good friends too. If you haven't you could also read some of our rules and regulations or our community info. ^^

    Nothing too serious really. But anyways, welcome to Iwaku and have a great time plotting. :3
  3. HOLA

    I'm October nice to meet you : )