HOI. Over here! HEY! Hey you.. CLICK ME! :'D

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  1. ._.

    I have not much to say..
    I am new to this site.
    I am not new to Roleplaying.~^^

    I posted a Zombie RP somewhere.. >>
    I think I posted it in the wrong place..



    Yep. ^-^

    That's it!


    Also. I want YOU.. to be my friend..

    And.. Uhm.. ALL OF YOU.


    DO THIS!

    Do this and.. >>


    I'll give you chocolate..

    /Pulls up a black van, and slides the door open./


    Ò / / / / Ó
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  2. Heeeeeeey-o!

    You do like vertical, don't you xP
  3. ^ - ^ )/


    Verticle...? O-Oh! Yep. Well, yes. I do like typing and posting this way.

    >_> Looks cool.. And pretty.. And stuff..

    I tend to make breaks and all that jazz. Weirdly, it keeps me more in tune with what I write. :3
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  4. I can hardly tell you're the same person from that Roleplay No offence!

    You can practically see the bubbles flying off those posts. Does that sound weird to anybody else?

    But yeah! Pleased to meet your acquaintance!

    Now is when I stop creepin' here and I make my own thread.
  5. xD


    Thanks, I suppose? :>

    M'm. I like this place.
    I like it very much.
  6. I am highly disappointed. I was hoping that if I clicked on you, that there'd be a big explosion.

    Welcome to the forum. Now I'm going out for some tacos.
  7. No excitement for noobs.

    Sorry, pal.

    Although your disappointment is welcomed.
    VERY much appreciated.
    Gave me a bit of a laugh over here on this side of the screen.


    .___. You do realize that you must share with.. Right?
  8. I was drawn to post here by The mention of Tacos, chocolates, mysterious black vans, verticality, and the phrase 'all that jazz'. Allow me to -properly- welcome you to Iwaku, an land of methodical madness and dysfunctional organization! If you need anything miss Façade of the vertical posting, I always have freshly baked snack pastries and good advice!
  9. What Rory said.
    : )


    Also, unless someone moved your thread already, it seems to be in the right place! I checked for ya!