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  1. Daniel Heartshire would never admit it, but he was nervous. Standing on platform 9 3/4 for the second time at the beginning of the new school year, you'd think he'd be less anxious about it. He had gone through the routine before, after all.
    He wasn't.
    The thirteen year old bounced nervously on his heels, glancing around. His suitcase, along with a new broom and a cage containing his cat, Tom, were in the cart beside him. He'd insisted that his mother let him board the train alone, but Daniel was beginning to regret that decision. She was the one that had supplied the wizard in his bloodline, as she was a pureblood. His father was a Muggle, and a businessman.
    The kid, himself, was short. Skinny, too. His hair was an intense black, smoothed back with hair gel. Dark brown eyes appraised the almost empty station, as it was merely ten minutes to ten and the train wasn't due to arrive for another forty minutes. He was dressed in his uniform, the colors marking him as a Ravenclaw.
    Swallowing, he steered the cart over to an empty bench and sat down.
    His cat meowed softly, as if sensing the boy's distress. Daniel smiled softly, reaching into the cage and petting the midnight black animal. Tom purred softly in response, rubbing against the offered hand.
    "This will be a good year, right, Tom?" he asked quietly, more to reassure himself than to ask the cat's opinion.
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    Hecate Trivia was incredibly excited for the school year. Sure, she was going to deal with a bunch of bourgeois idiots, but the fact that she would be hanging out with some incredibly awesome people made up for it. Mostly.

    Her parents had dropped her off in front of Platform 9 ¾, exchanged heartfelt goodbyes with her, and she had entered the platform, suitcase in tow. She had decided to change into her robes once she boarded the Hogwarts Express, so for now her attire consisted of a white collared blouse, a black pencil skirt, tights, and black flats. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes.

    As she made her way onto the platform, she quickly noticed another student sitting next to a black cat. As she approached him with a spring in her step, Hecate realized that they were a Ravenclaw. She couldn’t recall ever speaking to him, but she thought she recognized the face. “Hello!” Hecate shouted louder than she probably should have, but barely anyone else was around so it didn’t really matter. Once she finally reached him, she quickly sat down on the bench next to him. “I’m Hecate Trivia. It’s nice to meet you!”
  3. Whoa. That was random.
    It was like the girl had appeared out of nowhere. Which she did, technically, but it was still surprising.
    "Hey," Daniel responded, smiling. His nervousness was chased away, for the most part, by the fact that he now had someone besides his cat to talk to. "I'm Danny." He nods seriously, then offered a hand to her. "Nice to meet you."
  4. Hecate quickly noted the absence of a British, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh accent. He certainly wasn’t from the U.K. but he wasn’t American either. That only left Canada. Well, Canada and many other countries, but she was willing to bet he was a Canadian ex-pat.

    Hecate returned his smile and shook his hand energetically. “It’s nice to meet a fellow Ravenclaw and ex-pat, although I’m ninety-five percent confident that you aren’t American.”
  5. "Nope, I'm Mexican."
    The expression on Daniel's face was extremely serious. Serious enough to be comical. He managed a serious tone, as well. Not even a hint of sarcasm.
    After a moment, he allowed his smile to show. "I'm Canadian. Born in Churchill, Manitoba. Little town right on the shore of the Hudson."
    He paused for a moment, then asked, "Are you from the USA?"
  6. Hecate burst out laughing at Daniel’s reply. She could tell they were going to get along just fine. “Oh, of course! I should have known!” she said, shaking her head as if she couldn’t believe her own foolishness.

    She would have made a joke similar to the one he had made, but he had already beaten her to it. Instead, she opted for an exaggerated gasp. “How could you tell?” Hecate asked raising her eyebrows in feigned surprise. “I’m from Boston, to be specific. Technically, I’m not a Bostonian because I was just born there and we lived outside of Greater Boston, but that doesn’t really matter.”

    (I have no idea why this took this long.)
  7. (( It's okay. c: I'm patient. ))
    "Your accent, pretty much." There wasn't much difference between the Canadian accent and the American one, but it was the way certain vowels were said that made each distinct. Plus, you know, 'eh'.
    Daniel looked at her, lifting an eyebrow. "Never gone to Boston. Went to Montana, once, but that was to visit family. And there's England, but I'm living here. My family doesn't really travel much."
    Well, she seemed pretty cool. Why hadn't he met her last year?