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  1. It was 5 minutes before the train at 9 and 3/4 Platform at King's Cross Train Station. The Hogwarts Express was already being filled by wizards and witches, some new and some returning. The whistle blew and people were being pushed around by the large crowd.

    Areiz Gattier stood outside of the place where Platform 9 3/4 was supposed to be. She couldn't find it. "Well where is it?" she mumbled under her breath, walking towards the wall. Watching a nearby group of people with flaming red hair, she watched all of them walk straight through the wall. That's it! She thought to herself and ran behind him, closing her eyes as she went through. As she stepped in she bumped into someone, dropping her bag and rubbing her head. A boy with jet black hair and green eyes. "S-s-sorry.." Areiz stuttered, picking up her bag.
    The boy picked up the cage and handed it to her. "It's okay." He said.
    She smiled sheepishly. "I-I-I'm Areiz..Gattier..this is my first time here."
    "Same." He said. "I'm Harry. Harry Potter."
    Areiz nodded. "N-nice to meet you." Then, she ducked away, climbing on the train and sitting in the very back in an empty compartment, looking out the window and wondering why the boy sounded familiar.
  2. Raven was in the platform giving the guys her bags "dont hurt my bags there fagile" she said wth a smile and flips her hair. she slowlys starts to walk to the tairn of the new kids. "i can not belive my mother and father was a wized and witch amazing" she aid to her self. she looked down at her mood ring wich wa black wich ment she was neveroves. dear god i cant do this." she said to herslf again and turned around to bump into a boy. "sorry um my nam is Raven raven night wood" she said in her briths actsent "ron nice to meet you" the boy said and moved past her. she sighs and starts to find a place to sit down. she slowly find one wich was epty so she sat inside
  3. Areiz fiddled with her hair after a moment, pulling it back out of her eyes. Her navy t-shirt and black jeans where the only regular clothing she brought, the rest was her wizardry stuff. How can I be a wizard? I never met my parents... She shook the thought from her mind. She knew her parents gave her to their friends because they didn't have the time..they where too sick. She glanced at the door, which had just opened.
    "Oh, there's someone in here." A cold voice sneered. She looked up at a pale boy with blonde hair. He gave Areiz a dirty look and slammed the door, walking away.
    Areiz leaned back and sighed. I'll never fit in..
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  4. Raven left the room she didnt like to be alone. she never did. she looked around for someone who was alone like her. she soon found a girl siting alone she opend the door and slides in. "you dont mind do you i just hate to be alone" she said with a smile and sits in frount of her. "by the way Im Raven Nightwood" she said in her briths actsent and raised her hand for a shake. Raven was waering a black tant top with a blackmriped jean.
  5. Areiz looked up as the door opened again. She felt relieved that someone new was there. "I don't mind. I'm Areiz Gattier, first year." she said, smiling a little. Her owl hooted and she put a hand on the cage. "This is Shadow, she's a Soot Owl."

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  6. my friend is somewhere i dont keep her in a cage but its a ____" she said with a smile looking out of the window then looks at her with a smie "but Nice to meet someone thats a first year may I?" she nodds at the cage.
    (what animals are alowed forgot)
  7. (raven ok becus ron had a rat i want a raven X3)
    Raven looked at the owl and smiled "its amazing" she pats the owl. she looks at Areiz and smild "want to be friends?" she said with a black face. she was still peting the owl
  8. Areiz nodded. "That'd be great! Oh, what House do you want to be sorted in?" She asked as Shadow took a few hops forward, hooting excitedly and rubbing against her. Areiz moved the cage as Shadow stepped out of the cage. "My parents were in Gryffindor, from what I was told, but I want to be Ravenclaw." She said smiling, sitting up proudly.
  9. I hope to be in Ravenclaw" she said with and smile "well my mother was from Ravenclaw then my father was from some Griffindor" she looked out the window to meck sure Night was not coming and hits the window.
  10. Areiz smiled. "Maybe we could both be in Ravenclaw!" She said happily. She glanced out the window too. "Maybe we should put our school robes on? I don't know how far from the school we are."
  11. ok and if we are in the same house we have to be bffs what ever thoughs mugles uses." she got up and pulled out her small bag and rech in side to pull out her robe "alright." she said with a smile and puts it on she saw the sun going down "we sould be there very shortly"
  12. Areiz nodded in agreement, changing into her own robes. She tucked her new wand in her pocket. "Mr. Ollivander said my wand was made of Ash, 14 inches, with a Phoenix feather core. Light and..I think he said flimsy, but I don't know." she said, smiling brightly. "What about your wand? what's it like?" She asked.
  13. its umm its...... i dont know i forget" she giggles and pulls out her wand wich was 13 inches. "it may have dark light amd dragon haert some thing like that." she sighs then notice a raven flying to them "oh dear help me open the window" she trys to open the windpw.
  14. Areiz glanced over at the window. "I could open it for you.." She said. She didn't reach for the window, she wanted to make sure she was allowed to intervene before she did.
  15. yes please before Night hits the window." she was scared that her frend would hit the window. night was flying much closer she hade something in her claws. "something from Anty lula" Raven said with a smile moving out of Areiz way
  16. Areiz jumped up, messing with the lock until it finally clicked open. She pushed the window up and smiled. "Tada." she said. Shadow stretched her wings before zooming out the window, twirling and spinning in the air. Areiz seemed to be sparking with laughter, even though she wasn't laughing. "So, Night is yours?"
  17. "are you ok?" looking at her with a wird look on her face then droping it and ponits at the raven come and that landed inside the train. "thank you Night. and yes this think is mine. she he one who hates cages. i let all my animals free. but not my lions we dont want them eating gust now do we"
  18. Areiz gave her a little funny look, then nodded. "Okay then, and I guess not..lions though?" The train seemed to be approaching a dark, looming figure outside the window.
  19. she witha black face "bears too" once the tunle came she was supper happy"Omg were here Night sholder" she said with a smile. and with that Night landed on her sholder
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