Hogwarts time!(not as trashy as you think)

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  1. Okay as someone who adores the world of Harry Potter but found the plot... lacking I've always wanted to do an HP roleplay. So here's my pitch: it's mostly a slice of life of the lives of the students at Hogwarts because in my opinion there will be enough magic and adventures without the who "Boy Who Lived" plot.

    I also want to deal with a lot of the of the criticisms of HP as a world, unanswered question, so on and so forth. The big one is the houses you are assigned when you first arrive. Due to wanting to over-think and put way too much realism into a book about magic eleven-year-olds I feel as though there would probably be stereotypes that the movies show as there. Slytherins are considered evil, Hufflepuffs are wimps, RavenClaws are stuck-up(?), and Gryffindors are hot-shots.

    However I want some help in making it and fleshing it out.
  2. This is honestly a really good idea so far and I'm a major lover of the books and movies for sure. I would so love to see this happen and if you needed anything I'd be willing to give my input.
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  3. The big thing is that if I did it I would like a co-runner to help me because I've never lead a group rp before
  4. I'd be more than willing to help , I've lead several rp's and Co GM quite a bit if your really wishing to do this.
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  5. That would be awesome actually yeah
  6. Great :) Feel free to PM with whatever else you have in mind and we can work on something.
  7. I'm interested in this, if you're still looking for people.
  8. we very much are
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  9. I love Harry Potter and would love to join this roleplay.
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  10. If this is still open I'd love to join... I think this could be really interesting. I love the HP world, and I've noticed my fair share of plot and world holes.
  11. Awesome and it is quite open
  12. Wonderful! I look forward to it.
  13. alright I will post the link to the OOC/Sign-ups when they are ready here so just keep an eye out for now
  14. I'm also really interested if you are still looking for more people! ^-^
  15. Of course you may join
  16. Good to hear, I just want to know how quickly you're expecting the rp to move. I usually can only post every other day because of my job. If that's a problem then I don't want to slow everyone else down! D:
  17. Okay I just wanna do a vague headcount and you guys can change your mind later but I want an idea of characters we are getting. I just want people to put what kind of characters you want to fo i.e. house, if you want to be a teacher, and how many characters you want
  18. Well I think I want a twice a week at the least at the moment. If that changes or I'm worried about people's post speed I will declare the change and PM anyone I need to talk to about that
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  19. Put me down as a definite maybe? School is taking up more time than I thought it would but this looks good.
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  20. ... Hufflepuffs aren't whimps. They're special snowflakes. ; 3 ; Hufflepuff is literarily the house anyone not quite fitting into any of the other categories are thrown into. Doesn't make them whimps. They're just the ADHD/ADD kids of the bunch. <3

    Besides that I might be interested, though. ^^
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