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the dark lord is dead, but our fears are still very much alive.
2000 - 2001


[align=center]It is the year 2000, two years after the beginning of a new age for the wizarding world. The Dark Lord suffered defeat at the hands of Harry James Potter in the year 1998, and the magical world has struggled to return - more or less - to normalcy ever since. The uneasiness between magic folk and muggles is on the mend, but it is still ever present. Of course, life goes on.

Ever since the wizarding world's triumph against Lord Voldemort, security has remained a primary issue. Kingsley Shacklebolt, the new Minster of Magic, is taking action to make sure that history will not repeat itself, and so he has amplified security throughout the magical world to a critical extent. Aurors have been hired by the hundreds, patrolling the streets, the shops, and even the schools. Many believe that it is for the best…or is it?

Minerva McGonagall, who has stepped up to serve as Headmistress of Hogwarts for another term, begrudgingly agreed to the Ministry of Magic's decree to station Aurors throughout Hogwarts to safeguard the residents. But what is truly stirring up fear and anxiety throughout Hogwarts is the Lethifold that was sent from Azkaban Prison, to be locked away on the third floor of Hogwarts castle for security purposes, by order of the Ministry.

A Lethifold is a creature of the darkness; nearly 7 feet in height, it glides like a billowing, black cloak along Hogwarts' grounds at night, hunting its prey and keeping the castle safe from uninvited guests. But students are warned: the Lethifold is a cold and pitiless creature, with no regard for human life. Anyone who breaks curfew and ventures outside of the castle after hours will suffer a most unpleasant death, as the Lethifold smothers and digests its prey, leaving behind no trace of them at all.

But what happens when a slew of mysterious attacks throughout the castle leave Hogwarts' residents frightened, and helpless? Worst still, when will this nameless attacker strike again? This term, students and staff will grow mistrustful of each other, unsure of who to call a friend, or foe. What would you do if it was your friend, who was responsible for these heinous crimes? Would you have the heart to turn them in?

Fasten your seatbelts for the mystery-solving adventure of a lifetime! This term, look forward to exciting canon classes, shopping, quidditch, dueling, school clubs, Hogsmeade visits, and much more! Do you have what it takes to survive this term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?[/align]

[align=center]Dare to live out your wildest dreams...at Hogwarts: The Revolution.


"I went to google and I typed in "Harry Potter Role Playing". I checked out a couple other sites, but they didn't capture my dream of living at Hogwarts, but yours really did." – Jordyn Diane, HR

Like Jordyn, I found it so hard to stick around a Harry Potter RPG because I couldn't find one that really had that essence of Hogwarts. And so, I thought…why not make one of my own? And that is what I did.

I've always wanted to take fanatics of Harry Potter into the very heart of J.K. Rowling's fantasy, and that is what I hope to accomplish with Hogwarts: The Revolution.

If you have been searching for the true virtual Harry Potter experience, this is it! This roleplaying game goes far beyond your typical Harry Potter roleplaying game…it brings every last detail of J.K. Rowling's world to you, from the convenience of your computer.

Hogwarts: The Revolution dares to have the short, dumpy students. The buck-tooth geeks. The lanky girl who sits in the back of the classroom with the pimples and broken glasses.

Hogwarts: The Revolution dares to be…normal.

Oh, the irony.