Hogwarts: The Next Generation

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  1. Elizabeth Le Fey walked confidently between her parents as they walked toward platform 9 and 3/4. She had been waiting for this day for what seemed like forever. Her parents had been preparing her ever since her first powerful bout of accidental magic. They had even moved from France to England so she could attend Hogwarts - the place that had educated the mighty Harry Potter and talented Hermione Granger - instead of Beauxbatons - after the war of course. She had been studying the textbooks and practicing the movements - even without a wand - under the watchful eye of her parents since it was possible. She knew she would still have to work hard when she was practicing real magic with her new surprisingly swishy Phoenix feather and Elder wood wand, but she also knew she'd have a heads up on everyone else. Even with potions - she'd been helping her parents prepare their potions since she was old enough.

    She was detirmined to be the best - to utilise her advantage as much as she could, and get in with the right people to make a name for herself. SHe would make her parents proud, by any means needed.
  2. Amethyst Rogers was on her way to a magic school, an honest to god schools for witchcraft and wizardry. Eleven years of being constantly compared to her smarter brother and more athletic sister by various family members and their friends, over looked for not being good enough to be paraded around like a trophy to some snooty neighbour, but now she had her niche, and it was awesome.</SPAN>

    Her dad was very supportive considering how sudden the announcement was, her mother though not so much. Coming from a very religious background and was very uneasy about it and had barely spoke two words to her since the letter, hadn’t even accompanied her to diagon ally where she got a rather bendy wand of willow wood with a core of unicorn hair, the rest of her supplies, and extra cloak a nice crimson red colour complimenting her hair which was so pale it was easily confused for white and a small kitten with short fur deep royal purple colour she had instantly been attached to the male tom cat was happily named grape.
    And now here she was on her own as her parents still had work and could only drop her off at the front of the station, A loving kiss to the forehead from dad and a vague “bye and be good” from mum. Now walking towards a solid brick wall like professor Flitwick who introduced her to magic told her too, after one surprisingly confident jog into a seemingly solid brick wall Amethyst heard the trains whistle sounding so decided to move a bit faster she hoped she made some friends.</SPAN>
  3. Tossing her brunette locks over her shoulder, Elizabeth and her parents went through the barrier more confidently than some of the other first years. Elizabeth was quite impressed some of the clearly muggle born students dared go through at all, but soon figured out that they must have had it explained, and then her impressed-ness died down quite a bit. It wasn't so brave if you'd had it explained to, even if you weren't used to magic she decided.

    The train whistle sounded, and both of her parents kissed both of her cheeks, helping her with her trunk and then - out of nowhere - her daddy produced a beautiful tawny owl,"Zo you can write to us, oui?" he said, and Elizabeth joyfully agreed, taking the bird-cage and owl gleefully, kissing her parents again gratefully and receiving their goodbyes with the same attention she gave everything, sure that it would be a fond recollection if she got lonely at school. Not that she thought she would, she was quite happy to have her own company so long as no-one was mean to her. And if anyone was mean then she'd hex them - as soon as she knew how.

    Climbing aboard the great scarlet train, she was immediately struck by the noise. There were so many people! Pulling her stuff with her, she hunted about until she found an empty compartment and was able to settle, not wanting to introduce herself to anyone just yet. It was the first time she'd really been away from her parents, and she was struck by nerves suddenly. What if all her practice was for nothing? What if she disappointed her parents? No! She had to be brilliant, had to be! Mentally shaking herself, she started silently reciting the ingredients for a simple boil remedy in an attempt to distract herself from fears of failure.
  4. The whole train was packed to the brim, and finding a compartment to sit in was turning out to be a much harder job then Amethyst first thought it would be.<o:p></o:p>
    Her first choice of sitting at the front of the train to see if a magic train had conductors, what fuel it used and other such questions fell through mere seconds after opening the door, and was send off after a stern lecture from a particular snobby looking wizard about how it was reserved for the high and mighty prefects.<o:p></o:p>
    After that me and Grape, who had decided to take up residence on my head using my long hair as a nest repeatingly kneading it in to shape, made it our mission to check each compartment in turn hoping to find at least one friend.

    The first few had only older students which I didn’t feel like I could relate to, also I was hoping to make friends with my own year. After the age group (which seemed to descend with how far I went down the train) thinned out to other first years I tried again, but this time the compartments were nearly all full and the only one with space I entered got me kicked out for a second time something wrong with my blood apparently.

    I was nearing the end of the train and was getting desperate, Grape had long since gotten my hair to a comfortable level and was fast asleep softly snoring, and I was beginning to think my only option would be to camp out in the hall. Still no use giving up, so I wearily leaned over the window of one of the final compartment to see this one wasn’t full either, it only had one girl in it she seemed to be a first year like myself who seemed to be in light concentration her face scrunched up slightly. “Well Grape” I stated to my still sleeping kitten “Here goes nothing” with that I tapped on the window gently.<o:p></o:p>
  5. Elizabeth's concentration was broken by someone knocking on the window, and she scowled. She'd just been going through the final stages of making a forgetfulness potion in her head, and now it was all spoiled. Rolling her shoulders she reminded herself that whoever had knocked probably hadn't realized the complexity of what was going on in her mind - especially because she was a first year. They probably didn't realize how important mental recitation was, or that she did know and was practicing it. Remembering a conversation she'd had with her parents before they'd left the house, about trying not to isolate herself too much, she decided she would be forgiving, and carefully schooled her face into what she hoped was a pleasantly neutral face.

    Standing up, she went to the door, opening it wide - and only just stopping herself in time from recoiling. What a strange girl standing in front of her - extremely light hair with a purple cat in it. Briefly she wondered if this person were a relative of the infamously loopy Lovegoods - who were in charge of the vastly popular Quibbler - and that immediately made her adjust herself. This person may or may not be important, and Elizabeth had to take the chance to be...nice just in case. Forcing herself to smile in a manner suitable to someone who wants to be friends, and mentally went swiftly through the exercises that would help her appear more relaxed.

    "Ah, 'ello zere" she said, addressing the girl simply, "Do you need zomewhere to sit per'aps?" she asked, looking for the girl's truck as she backed up to let the girl in. She couldn't see a name on the truck, and she really hoped that if this person wasn't related to the Lovegood's, then she'd at least be useful in some other was, have connections or something. All this pleasant smiling and nicety was giving Elizabeth a slight headache, "If you do, zen please, come in, for I am all alone in 'ere and zere is plenty of room for ze both of us."
  6. When the compartment door opened it showed the girl from before, now wearing a very slightly annoyed frown, but I guess that could have been my fault she could have been thinking of something important and not just in some vague daydream as I first thought.</SPAN></SPAN>
    As she looked at me she seemed to be startled, that was about when I realised as much as I loved Grape having a cat on your head properly wasn’t the best way to make friends, though Grape might explain the startled look I had no idea about the suspicious look that followed, it only shown for a second till she schooled her features into a pleasant welcoming look and invited me in.</SPAN></SPAN>
    That had me tense slightly, I might no be a psychologist but my farther works for the government as the defence minister and burned into the minds of me and my sibling’s heads about paying attention to the people around you.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Her voice I had to say was very inviting, the accent showed she was French in origin.</SPAN></SPAN>
    It was true when they say that the French tongue was the most beautiful to listen.</SPAN></SPAN>

    I figured I was being paranoid for no reason, it was highly unlikely she knew who my farther was she didn’t even know my name so I just thanked her and walked in as she invited me to, just in case though I pushed my trunk over head quickly with the name tag away, no harm taking chances is there.</SPAN></SPAN>
    I sat down in the seat opposite her and decided to keep it simple saying “Hello my name’s Amethyst what’s yours?” while holding out my hand remembering a small etiquette tip from the one’s my mum used to teach me I was younger. ‘One shake shows you don’t want to be there, two shakes shows some reluctance and distrust and four show overbearing and clinginess, three is perfect number when trying to introduce yourself’</SPAN></SPAN>
  7. The girl came in, and Elizabeth didn't miss how quickly she put her trunk up - or the fact the name tag was hidden. So probably not a Lovegood, but likely, someone important somewhere. This relieved Elizabeth greatly, she was much better at being friendly to people who could be useful. Her parents kept telling her she should try and relax with people even if they weren't connected, because they hadn't been raising her to be a snob....but she couldn't help herself. Friendliness to useless people always felt like a waste of energy.

    But enough of her own thoughts! The girl was speaking, introducing herself, and was now expecting a response, "I am Elizabeth, my parents 'ad ze fondness for ze Inglish names. Zat is good for me now non?" she said with a carefully measured self-depreciating laugh, taking the other girl's hand and shaking it a firm three times - the perfect amount according to her parents, before relaxing back in her seat, "'Ave you looked through ze books yet Mademoiselle Amethyst?" she asked, knowing she should probably keep the conversation going, and not having as many topics to be comfortable about as she would have liked.

    She hoped all this payed off, and she wan't wrong n her observations - or she might just explode with it all.
  8. Listening to the now named Elizabeth as she introduces herself, it took me a moment to figure out everything she said around her thick accent.</SPAN>

    First she was saying that her parents had a fondness for English names and how it was now coming in use, she then asked if I had looked through the books calling me. ‘</SPAN>Mademoiselle Amethyst.’ I was pretty sure that mademoiselle was just another way of saying miss or madam, still the way she said it word flowing of her tongue made my blush ever so slightly, I had never heard my named said so sophisticatedly.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Still I wanted to be polite so answered her promptly. “Yes I would imagine if you had a French name you would go insane listening to everyone over here butcher it horribly, and yes as soon as I got my books I tried to learn as much as I could so I would be at an advantage.” </SPAN>Elizabeth seemed like the type who didn’t socialise much so I figured I should try to keep the conversation rolling. “This is my kitten grape by the way.” I mentioned pointing to my still sleeping cat on my head “I’m not sure how truthful the salesman was but apparently when he grows up he will be as big as a lion, any idea what species he is?”</SPAN>
  9. Elizabeth watched as Amethyst blushed - wondering what an earth had caused it, but being too polite to actually ask. Instead she continued to listen as the English girl spoke, becoming pleasantly surprised when she heard that her carriage mate had also studied before coming to Hogwarts. Surely, not nearly as much as Elizabeth, but still - it showed that the blonde did indeed have potential. Anyone who wanted to get ahead - and worked for it - would likely be in a possition to be useful as time went on. Perhaps Elizabeth would frequent this Amethyst's company even if she wasn't anyone special - because she was beginning to look like she could become special.

    But yes, pulling herself from her thoughts she took note of the girl's last question - the species of her pet. That almost made Elizabeth re-consider Amethyst entirely - who brought a pet without knowing what the hell it was? - but then she reminded herself that they were both eleven and most people her age didn't thik so much - and this girl had studied...so yes...what species was the cat?

    Looking at its strange colouring she realised straight away it couldn't be a pure-bred anything, "Eet's a 'ybrid," she murmured, thinking aloud as she looked closer. Carefully easing the cat's mouth open, she saw at least three rows of teeth, which mean, "Manticore," and then, thinking of any other feline that could help make this colour and make the cat grow so big, and keep the cat looking...cattish, she carefully poked at the cat's fur, for her finger to be stopped well before reaching the skin, "and Nemean lion," she concluded in a thick thoughtful accent, before sitting back in her seat looking positively awestruck.

    "I...a Manticore/Nemean lion 'ybrid. I 'ave no idea 'ow they could've been bred, or why on earth eet's so tame seeming, but eet's incredible," she admitted, now staring more at the 'cat' than at the strange girl it was sitting on. Maybe no so strange - if a creature like that chose to sit on you it might just be stupid to move it.
  10. I watched as Elizabeth </SPAN>moved towards grape, obviously to get a better look I lowered my head slightly so it was easier for her, leaving me with little to do as she cautiously examined my pet I didn’t want to know what anyone looking in would of thought.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

    Scanning the compartment I saw in the corner the girls trunk spending my time reading her full name ‘</SPAN></SPAN>Elizabeth Le Fey’ </SPAN>even as a muggle born that name was one I recognized, morgana le fey the mortal enemy of merlin was she a descendant, was it a coincidence were the muggle stories even correct.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

    For all I knew they were lovers or merlin was the evil one, and who was I to judge her descendant even if morgana was evil, Elizabeth spoke up breaking me from my musings apparently Grape was both very rare, and from what little I knew from both creatures she mentioned had the potential to be very dangerous.</SPAN></SPAN>

    I decided to keep this one from the teachers I spoke up remarking. “Your very good knowledge about animals, I don’t even think the salesman knew what it was exactly he just wanted to get rid of Grape for as much money as possible.”</SPAN></SPAN>

    I pick grape up from my head and place him in my lap stroking him lightly. “Umm do you think you could keep this between us, I doubt any competent teacher would let grape here, or even let him live if they knew the truth.”</SPAN></SPAN>
  11. Elizabeth tilted her head to the side, thinking carefully. If her deductions were correct, then Amethyst's pet could become very dangerous. Could injure people. In that sense, she had a duty to inform the teachers about the creature's existence as soon as she could. However...the teachers should be able to figure it out on their own - they're meant to be the smart ones - and was it Elizabeth's place to tell them what they should already notice? It might make her look pretentious...and the if they didn't realise...it would mean that Amethyst owed Elizabeth big time for her silence.

    That thought on its own decided the matter for the French girl. If Amethyst already owed her this early in their school career, then it'd give Elizabeth more leverage if she needed something later on. Depending on how important Amethyst turned out to become, Elizabeth could have gained a massive advantage, just by keeping her mouth shut. Considering she wasn't particularly talkative, it wouldn't be a huge issue - and it also meant she wouldn't be implicated if something did go horribly wrong - who'd expect a first year to know anything like that?

    "Of courze I won't tell anyone Mademoiselle Amethyst," she said smoothly, her thought process being so rapid there was hardly any lag in her replying, "Eet will be a secret, and ze kitty will be safe oui?" she continued, trying to make her voice sound as sympathetic as possible. After all, someone who cares is someone to trust - and if she could pull off that appearance then it'd make things easier in the long run.
  12. Hearing the answer made me very thankful that it was Elizabeth I had this conversation with, I owed her one if she did keep quiet about it, she seemed to generally care about the situation even though we had just met, a little voice in the back of my head was telling me not to trust her fully yet but I told that voice to go cry in a corner somewhere, smiling towards Elizabeth already deciding to try and stay as her friend no matter what during the year.</SPAN>

    I spent most of the trip then on trying to get Elizabeth to open up a bit, asking some slightly personal questions about her family, what she could already do magic wise, how much she knew about Hogwarts, after the varied levels of information I got from them I went to trying to get important information that might be common knowledge to wizards but not muggle born, but mostly I sat in a comfortable silence, warmed by the knowledge that I had someone I could call a friend.</SPAN>

    It wasn’t long before the sweet trolley came round to are compartment, the old lady pushing it knocked on the door asking if we wanted anything, I had a few coins in my pocket so had a look what they had, there was a strange selection I decided against the chocolate frogs, as for I knew they were actual chocolate covered frogs, eventually I settled for a single sugar quill and a packet of Bertie Botts every flavour bean.</SPAN>

    I chose a small amount as I didn’t want to fill myself, I guessed there would be dinner at the school as the train only left at 11:00 AM, most students wouldn’t of had lunch yet let alone dinner, settling back into my chair I popped a bean in my mouth, (Horse chestnut) a sun beam lazily shining through the window onto my face and relaxed for the first time in along time till I lightly dozed off a small smile on my face.</SPAN>