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Okay so basically I've been bored and yea. Just post one or more characters you will be rping, impovise on the story line. Post at least once a day. Looking for more than one rp partner. Here are my characters:

Name - June Filton

Nationality - American

Age - 11-17

Birthday - July 28

Personality - June is a wild crazy american who loves reading and writing. June's flirty but, also kind and caring. She has a major fear of heights and rats but, likes cats.

Ambiton - Becoming a potions master

House - Ravenclaw

Blood status - Muggleborn

Name - April Filton

Nationality - American

Age - 11 -17

Birthday - July 28

Personality - April is a shy, quiet, and sensitive girl who love's learning about the Zodiacs as well as small creature. April is June's twin but unlike her she fears storms.

Ambition - Become a medic

House - Ravenclaw

Blood status - Muggleborn​
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