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  1. I'm interested in a Harry Potter RP just not Next Generation.

  2. I'm interested in a Harry Potter: Next Generation RP but I want to play JK Rowling's characters.

  3. I like it!

  4. Harry Potter is stupid! *WARNING this option may get you smited by our great overlord JK herself!*

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  5. I'm just here to pick up chicks. *Starts clucking to attract barn yard poultry*

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  1. [​IMG]

    A storm is brewing at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A seemingly eternal peace is about to be broken and long dead secrets are about to be revived. Is Hogwarts really a safe place for our children? What dark forces are at work here? And what do they want with the future of the Wizarding World- the students of Hogwarts?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    According to popular search results the epilogue in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows takes place in 2017. Our story will take place starting September 1st 2015 (and yes I know it's on a Tuesday this year but we're going to pretend it's a Sunday to keep with tradition). All of our characters will be the OCs, however they can be the children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces etc... of Rowling's non-main characters (i.e. Death Eaters that aren't Draco, teachers that aren't Dumbledore or McGonagall etc...). The time in which our RP will take place may have a few of the Next Generation characters from the Epilogue so I'll include the names and ages of Rowling characters that'll be at school with us. Also, our characters should be in the 5th or 6th year so keep that in mind.

    I've also got a few surprises to further the RP once character development happens a little. If you have other suggestions then you can post them in the OOC thread and then as a group we can discuss it to see who likes or doesn't like it and majority will rule (unless in conflicts with an idea I have already planned).

    Anyone interested?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I've bolded the ones that will be at Hogwarts at the same time as us.
    Bill Weasly and Fleur Delacour-Weasly
    • Victoire- 15
    • Dominique- 13
    • Louis- 11
    George Weasly and Angelina Johnson-Weasly
    • Fred II- 10
    • Roxanne- 7
    Percy Weasly and Audrey Weasly
    • Molly II- 11
    • Lucy- 7
    Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger-Weasly
    • Rose- 9
    • Hugo- 7
    Ginny Weasly-Potter and Harry Potter
    • James- 10
    • Albus- 9
    • Lily- 7
    Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy
    • Scorpius- 9
    Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin
    • Teddy- 17
    Luna Lovegood-Scamander and Rolf Scamander
    • Lorcan- ~2
    • Lysander- ~2

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Character Sheet (For Future Reference)
    Full Name
    Blood Status
    Astrological Sign
    Sexual Orientation



    Family Line of Work

    Best Core Class
    Worst Core Class

    - Length
    - Wood
    - Core
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  2. *peeks in* Eyyyy I'm just poking my head in to say I'd be really interested in partaking in this~
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  3. I would also be very interested in being involved with this~ ^^
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  4. OMG YES This seems great, count me in.
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  5. I may be interested in this... quick question, though - so we're all OCs, what is the role of the canon fodder? NPCs, available NPCs, simply referential, or GM minion status?
  6. Count me in!
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  7. I'm not entirely sure what you meant by "canon fodder" so I googled it and it said "derogatory term for soldiers that are expendable in war" and I'm still not sure what that means in context to the RP other than maybe just another term for NPC(?) But NPCs will be all JK Rowling characters (so the kids at school with us are all NPCs and all teachers are NPCs). And depending on how big the RP gets depends on if I pick a Co-GM
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  8. lol, yeah, the canon characters. How often would they be appearing and in what context. Whether you plan on involving them or you're just letting everyone know the timeline so they can use them as reference points for their characters (Victoire's greatest fan, Molly's BFF, Louis's nemesis, dating Teddy, Scorpius's older sibling, Locan and Lysander's twice removed third cousin by marriage maternally to a narwhal-esgue grendlkin, etc) or... what? lol.

    "Non-Player" has different definitions for everyone. That's why I like to know.
  9. Oh hahaha ok- Well I don't care if you're BFFs with the Next Generation Kids, but Scorpius's older brother (and other such relations) are out bc that'd make you Draco's child and Draco is a main character. We'd be going to class with them and have them as possible roomies and such. But I want all our characters to be friends (otherwise it affects the surprises I have in store for us).

    Does that answer your question? :)
  10. Here is my character sheet- just so you know who you'll be playing with :)

    Full Name: Cassandra Adele Lestrange

    Age: 16 years old
    Nationality: British
    Blood Status: Pure Blood
    Astrological Sign: Capricorn
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Past/Biography: Cassandra's parentage is a bit wonky- although she knows her mother is: the niece of Professor Trelawney and the owner of a Divination Shop in Diagon Alley. Her mother had an affair in early April of 1998 with both of the Lestrange brothers. Thus she doesn't know who her father is. They both died in the Battle at Hogwarts and she was raised by her mother.

    Personality: Anda is a friendly, adventure loving girl. She's protective of her friends. While she can see others' futures she can't see her own and this scares her sometimes.
    -Trying to Create New Spells


    -What Her Future Holds
    -The Dark

    -Future Predictions

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 135lbs

    Father: Rabastan Lestrange/Rodolphus Lestrange

    Mother: Dayanara Trelawney
    Siblings: None
    Relatives: Great-Aunt- Professor Sybill Trelawney, Great-Great-Great-Grandmother- Cassandra Trelawney
    Family Line of Work: Death Eaters/ Divination Shop Keepers

    House: Hufflepuff

    Best Core Class: Divination and Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Worst Core Class: Transfiguration
    Quidditch: Hufflepuff Beater


    • Length- 9 3/4"
    • Wood- Mahogany
    • Core- Unicorn Hair and Dragon Heartstring
    Pets: Lesser Sooty Owl named Sable
    Boggart: The dead bodies of her friends and she and her father (or rather both Lestrange men) standing over them laughing.

    Animagus/Patronus: Fox
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  11. Basics
    Full Name: Theodore "Teddy" Gaius Dubhghlas
    Age: Sixteen
    Nationality: Scottish
    Blood Status: Half-blood
    Astrological Sign: Virgo
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual

    Past/Biography: He was born to Eleanor Dubhghlas - a pureblood, as well as a Hogwarts graduate. His life began in a remote house in Scotland, where he lived with his mother in seclusion before his letter arrived. His father, according to Eleanor, died at the start of her pregnancy. Eleanor said that Theodore's father, not unlike her, was a pureblood as well as a Hogwarts graduate. She often told stories of how the two met and fell in love. Yet, before Theodore left for Hogwarts, his mother confessed that her husband is a muggle. He dragged her out to the muggle world, where they lived together, before in rage she chased him away and moved into a solitary house in the countryside, where she would later raise Theodore. This idea did not sit well with him, and after he left, he decided to cut most contact with his mother.
    Personality: Theodore has the talent of being completely unremarkable. He tends to blend in with the background and drift through his surroundings unnoticed, not unlike a chameleon. He's generally reluctant to start up conversation - most of his free time he spends studying or enjoying some solitary hobby. Theodore has a fear of others getting to know him, leading the boy to become very secretive about his intentions and thoughts. He often studies people from afar, trying to understand how they work on the inside by observing the outside, which has become a hobby for him.
    Hobbies: Card games (he has a spectacular poker face), reading, studying others.
    Fears: Getting close to people, small spaces, talking to his mother again.
    Talents: Card games, memorizing useless information, blending in with the background.

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 155 lbs

    Father: Unknown
    Mother: Eleanor Isabel Dubhghlas
    Siblings: None
    Relatives: Unknown
    Family Line of Work: Unknown as well. Mother spent most time in the muggle world caring for Theodore herself. Her line of work is unknown.

    House: Ravenclaw
    Best Core Class: Herbology
    Worst Core Class: Potions
    Quidditch: n/a

    - Length: 10"
    - Wood: Laurel
    - Core: Dragon heartstring
    Pets: Eastern spadefoot toad named Balloon
    Boggart: Being surrounded by a group of people who are pressing him from every side.
    Animagus/Patronus: Hare
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  12. Alrighty! Accepted!

    Also! since our group is supposed to be a group of close friends, if you have suggestions for how certain characters met that aren't obvious (same Quidditch team, same house, related, neighbors, etc...) then please suggest! It can be simple like "bobby stood up for sally when somebody was bullying them on the train second year or both were late to class and ended up sitting next to each other in potions third year)
  13. Basics

    Full Name:
    Iris Griffin

    15 years old


    Blood Status:

    Astrological Sign:


    Sexual Orientation:


    Iris grew up in a pretty isolated village where a few people knew her family being wizards and all. Iris began practicing wand movements at a young age along with her older brothers. She received her very own wand from her father just before the journey to Hogwarts. It is now her fourth year at Hogwarts, she's doing fairly well and even made a couple of friends.

    Iris is a major introvert that likes to spend a lot of time thinking(sometimes overthinking) alone. She's friendly at school and has a couple close friends, but she's too nice and a major pushover, having trouble standing up for herself. Iris is often sarcastic, she can't really control her mouth once it is opened.

    Taking care of the creatures
    Horse riding


    Fast Learner
    Photographic Memory


    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 48 kg


    Peter Griffin

    Helen Griffin (née Dawlish)

    Sam Griffin and Peyton Griffin (twins)

    Great Uncle - John Dawlish
    Unnamed aunt

    Family Line of Work:



    Best Core Class:
    Care for Magical Creatures

    Worst Core Class:

    Ravenclaw Seeker


    - Length: 13"
    -Wood: Cherry Wooden
    - Core: Unicorn Hair


    A female Granian winged horse called "Grace"
    A black puffskein named "Henry"

    Boggart: being trapped in a room fully of snakes and spiders

    Animagus/Patronus: Owl​
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  14. Basics
    Full Name: Kilee Jones
    Age: 16
    Nationality: British
    Blood Status: Muggle-born
    Astrological Sign: Libra
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Past/Biography: Kilee was born in Nottingham to a family of muggles. She had 7 brothers and 4 sisters, all of which were muggles. As a child, she never had many friends, but her large family made up for that. Ever since she was three, her siblings knew she wasn't normal, but they never bullied her because of it - instead they praised her for it. When she got her letter, the family were oh-so-proud, and couldn't believe what had happened. She went of the school, coming back every holiday to see how her family was doing. She has been in the school ever since.
    Personality: Kilee is the shy girl at the back of the classroom. Despite being Ravenclaw, she never speaks in class, even if she knows the answer. She is extremely intelligent and knows alot about the wizarding world, even though her family know nothing about it. She can be your best friend, because she is generally kind, but you must remember how quiet she is.
    Hobbies: Reading and writing stories
    Fears: Spiders and waking up to find out magic isn't real.
    Talents: Writing stories and charms.

    Height: 5"1'
    Weight: 5st 3lb
    Father: Finn Jones
    Mother: Julie Jones
    Brothers: Tom (21), Finn (19), Jake (17, Jack's twin), Jack (17, Jake's twin), Fred (15), Joe (10) and Timmy (1).
    Sisters: Alisha (18), Agatha (13), Joline (8) and Julina (5).
    Relatives: N/A
    Family Line of Work: They Jones family run a small business called 'Jones's Wonderful Cupcakes' which, you guessed it, sells cupcakes.
    House: Ravenclaw
    Best Core Class: Charms
    Worst Core Class: Divination
    Quidditch: N/A
    - 11 inches
    - Oak
    - Unicorn Tail Hair
    Pets: N/A
    Boggart: Someone telling her magic isn't real
    Animagus/Patronus: Bunny

    Full Name: Drake Hullin
    Age: 16
    Nationality: British
    Blood Status: Pure-blood
    Astrological Sign: Capricorn
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Past/Biography: Drake was born as an only-child in a family of purebloods. As a kid, he used to play out with the people down his street, despite his parents not exactly liking muggles. He always knew he was a wizard, and he watched his parents use magic every day. Of course, he never told his friends, but it was extremely tempting.
    Personality: Drake is an overly kind person, even if he is in Slytherin. He believes that people should not be judged on their house, and everybody is equal. Still, being a Slytherin, he is quite a sore-loser and will do anything to gain victory.
    Hobbies: Quidditch and making potions
    Fears: Dolls (don't ask why, they just creep him out)
    Talents: Quidditch and making potions

    Height: 6"2'
    Weight: 6st
    Father: Ducki Hullin
    Mother: Diana Hullin
    Siblings: N/A
    Relatives: N/A
    Family Line of Work: Potion making
    House: Slytherin
    Best Core Class: Potions
    Worst Core Class: Charms
    Quidditch: Slytherin Seeker
    - 8 inches
    - Birch
    - Dragon Heart-string
    Pets: A barn owl called Huddli
    Boggart: A doll
    Animagus/Patronus: Fox
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  15. @Lexlotus just to clarify her winged horse can't be at school with her and I'm drawing a blank as to what a puffskein is. Let me know when your sheet is finished (i.e. The blank past/biography section and the bogart, patronus/animagus etc...)

    Otherwise I really like it!
  16. @amybri18 i like both your sheets a lot- very thorough! But 7feet 8inches tall is a bit much (the average female is 5'5" and the average male is about 5'10") so you've got almost a whole yard on our other players. I'm also not sure what "st" is a measurement of (you don't have to change it I'm just curious).

    Also (just bc I have a little OCD) when you put it in the actual character sheet thread can you put it in the elongated format, please? :)
  17. I have filled in Boggart and animagus/patronus.
    You'll find information on Puffskein here: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Puffskein
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  18. Ok, I'll change the height for ya! Oh, and 'st' means stone. Sure, I'll change it lol
  19. Alrighty all three sheets are accepted
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