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    • June and April hugged there mom and dad goodbye and entered the train. Holding hands so not to loss each other they looked for an empty seat only to find a lot of them full. June grew impatient while April grew nervous as they stumbled upon a empty room. June immediately plopped on a seat while April gently sat down.

      "Hey April, what house do you think you'll be sorted into?" June asked.

      "I don't know maybe Ravenclaw or Huffepuff." April answered gently. "What about you?"

      "Maybe Slytherin or Griffindor." June said pulling out her History of Magic book, "We should start reading, don't want to look like idiots when classes start."

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  1. Eric had gotten onto the platform with His friend shawn, a 5th year griffendour with messy black hair that was down to hsi neck and bright blue eyes. "another year huh" he said, they were both 3rd years though unlike shawn, eric had an aptitude for reading up on dark spells, he was odd for a raven claw as most were focused on studies, he however read up on dark magic as he said that no spell is dark but its only how it was used...and using some of these spells would come in handy at catching death eaters or other wizerding criminals. Eric walked into the compartment and sat down on the compartment bench in the ravenclaw compartments coach

    sakon also got onto the train without a word. hsi friend Ukon and Tiashi were also with him, his own little gang, he walked trhough teh corridors until he reached thee slytherin compartments and sat down in the back laughing with his friends as they made fun of the mud bloods
  2. "Apriiilll! I'm bored! Lets do something fun!" June exclaimed Jumping up out her seat and staring at her twin.

    "Like what?" April asked confused. There was really nothing to do. First years weren't aloud to wander the train. "Your not thinking of pranking someone are you?" April hated her sisters pranks cause she always took the blame.

    "You know it sista!" June said a devilish grin appearing on her face. With that June began to explain her devious plan. "So? What do you think?"

    "I think your crazy. You'll get caught!" April practically yelled jumping out of her seat. "Pranking the Slytherins was a big mistake. I heard there the meanest house!"

    "Calm down we wont get caught," June responded walking out the compartment to begin her plan. She had heard there were two people that had pranking items and needed some for her prank, they were called the Weasly twins. Aparently they are the master of pranking or so she heard.

    It took some time but, she finally found them, two red heads with freckles talking to some random person."Excuse me but are you two the Weasly twins?" June asked as April hid behind her.

    "Who's asking?" the male one said.

    "I am duh. Any way I need your help with a prank on the Slytherins. You in or out?" June stated putting a hand on her hip. Looking at each other a grin appeared on the weasly's faces. "We're in" They said in unison, "I'm Luke and this is Jaden."

    "I'm June and this is my twin April." She answered motioning to April. With introductions done the went to the Slytherins car, on the way June explained the plan. Somehow finding a paint can of red and gold, they placed it on the Slytherins compartment door and waited for there victim.
  3. as eric read from a dark spell book he had managed to get brom borgen and burks, he heard yelling, h elooked up, his dark blue eyes locked on 2 passing girls. he sighed to himself knowing they were heading to the slytherin compartments, the one behind the ravenclaw ones "this cant end well." he said as shawn sghook his head "no it wont, the slytherins tend to be the crulest...i doutr they will take it well" eh said as eric emerged back into his book "i guess theyll learn wont they" he said with a sigh

    in thge slytherin compartment sakon was talking to ukon and tiashi "can you believe this train is packed with blood trators and mud bloods? none of them better get sorted into slytherin house...i swear ill pitch the lot of them off the astronomy tower myself" he said as tiash and ukon both laughed
  4. "Shhh April someone's coming!" June whispered once again cutting off her sister who kept saying how it wont work. The four of them watched as the paint fell on the poor Slytherin who opened the door. It was a man with black hair and grey eyes that shown with fury. June, Jaden, and Luke all fell to the floor in laughter as the Slytherian looked for the culprit.

    "Who did it?!" The Slytherin shouted cracking his knuckles. No one answered as the Slytherins eye's feel on June who was still laughing like a manic. "Was it you?" He asked in a deadly tone.

    "No...But i'd like to...meet who....did it!" June managed to say through her laughter. The Slytherin glared at her seeing through the lie as he pulled back his fist ready to punch her.
  5. the slytherins all looked around seeing the paint all over, some were annoyed and others were mad, they decided to let her get punched. sakon, ukon and tiashi stood up looking at the scene "filthy little nags" tiashi said "aggreed" ukon added as they both pulled there wands out as welll as sakon "i think its time we kill this little mouse" he said watching teh scene drawing closer to the fight.
    eric sighed hearing the commotion as he set the book down again "why is it so hard to just relax and enjoy the ride" he asked shawn who shrugged "i don't know" he said to him as he stood up and walked outside to see what was going on
  6. Just as June stopped laughing the Slytherins fist contacted with her face causing her to fall to the ground groaning in pain.

    "Hey that's my sister you just punched. She didn't do anything!" April yelled before going to comfort her sister. The twins were now no wear to be seen. June sat up glaring at the Slytherin only to see more come out behind him.
  7. by the time shawn had gotten outside and looked the gathering had blocked them from view in the cart. He scratched his head before pulling his wand from his pocket and watched the scene thougfh he couldnt see anything.
    on the way over to the sight were sakon and teh other two people who tagged along with him "you think its funny to dump pain on us? its clear your a filthy little mud blood, not realizing teh elegance of this house" he said sneering at them like they were lower then dirt
  8. June just stared at the Slytherin in front of her. Did they really think less of her.

    "You're not better than anyone here," June practically shouted noting the crowd around them. Looking at April she noticed she was crying, that was a big mistake. June launched her self at the Slytherin, tackling him to the ground she began to repeatedly punch him.
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