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  1. [align=center]Hogwarts Magic Realm
    [align=center]A new Era has begun[/align]
    It has been ages since the end of the wizarding war,and in the same time since the Ministry of Magic decided that Hogwarts is no longer safe .After a long time being closed ,not allowing anyone to visit it Anton Devon a member of the Ministry of Magic made the wizards dream become real ,reopening the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Everything is changed now ,a new era has begun .New students, new professors and a totally new magic world Is waiting for you. Even if MoM tries to make us believe that all the dark wizard are dead ,no one can believe it .They can be everywhere ,they can be one of our professors,ministry workers, neighbors or even our close friends. .We will have to discover that on our own.

    Hogwarts Magic Realm was created to become a universal forum not just for people from countries were English is the first language .We want to offer the entire world the chance role play together with us even if you are from Germany ,Italy,China,Hungary,Russia,Brazil,Denmark,Macedonia all of you are more than welcome on HMR.

    Everyday we try to become better and for that together with our very hard working staff we are looking for new ideas that will make youR Rpg experience more entertaining .We offer you the chance to become a non –human character like a centaur ,veela, ghost ,vampire ,were wolves and goblin .Everything is possible on our forum .

    If you think that being a student or professor doesn’t match your character ,don’t worry we have other surprises .We tried (and I think we succeeded) to create a very interesting world far away from Hogwarts .You can be one of the Ministry of Magic workers, work for the St. Mungo's Hospital or even for the Hogsmeade inns. Win galleons and use them to buy different magic items from Diagon Alley or why not buy your own house. A lot many other things are going to be added ,we only want to entertain you .

    [align=center]That’s why we ask all of you to join us in this adventure[/align]
    Take a look at our forum ,we hope you enjoy it.We tried to make it as good looking as possible.

  2. [align=center]Hogwarts Magic Realm
    We finally reached 39 members and everyday we have new users .One of the biggest news is that we are going to add a Dueling Club at the end of this week ,so we are waiting for you to role play and duel with us .In the same time we are waiting for one more user to register on the Herbology Class and we are going to start our first lesson .Don’t forget that we are still looking for professors so if you think you are good enough to take that position just apply . We are waiting for you and your friends.
  3. Hogwarts Magic Realm
    Growing faster and after .We already have 58 active members and looking forward in seeing new ones!Herblology class started and still going on so it's a great way to get points for your house. In the same time we are still looking for new professors that are ready to teach the magic subjects from the Harry Potter Books .Duelling Club is scheduled for release this weekend (we try our best is just that it takes time to create all the system and make sure that it will work great) .So if you want to be part of the Hogwarts Magic Realm Community ,we are waiting for you !Join Us.
  4. Hogwarts Magic Realm
    We managed to reach 62 active members and waiting for new ones to join us .!New professors joined us ,and the Charms class started 2 days ago .Defence Against Dark Art class going to start soon too .Herbology is active for over 1 week ,and the lesson is going to be ended during the next days ,so take your time to post and earn some points for your house. The applications for becoming part of your House Quidditch Team are now available .Join us as a professor and teach to our witches and wizard different things about magic ,or become a student of one of the 4 houses and enjoy your time at Hogwarts .We are waiting for you!.